Steven Curtis Chapman - Live Out Loud Lyrics

Imagine this... I get a phone call from Regis
He says, "Do you want to be a millionaire?"
They put me on the show and I win with two lifelines to spare
Now picture this... I act like nothin' ever happened
And carry all my money in a coffee can
Well, I've been given more than Regis ever gave away
I was a dead man who was called to come out of my grave
And I think it's time for makin' some noise

Wake the neighbors, get the word out
Come on... crank up the music... climb a mountain and shout
This is life we've been given meant to be lived out
So la la la la live out loud, yeah
Live out loud, yeah, yeah

Think about this... try to keep a bird from singing
After it's soared up in the sky
Give the sun a cloudless day and tell it not to shine
Now think about this... if we really have been given
The gift of a life that will never end
And if we have been filled with living hope we're gonna overflow
And if God's love is burning in our hearts we're gonna glow
There's just no way to keep it in


La la la... la la la la
La la la live out loud
I want to hear everybody sing
La la la... la la la la
La la la live out loud, loud loud

Every corner of creation is a living declaration
Come join the song we were made to sing


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Steven Curtis Chapman Live Out Loud Comments
  1. TheCrimsonFire

    For the love of fuck, I have been trying to find this music video for legit 3 years. Thank you god for randomly popping his name in my head at 1:26am

  2. Ay Osh

    If we could only wake the neighbors!
    We'd have to get out of bed to do that I guess?!?!

  3. callylizzard


  4. Jacob Hill

    I remember listening to this on a dvd full of Christian music videos. wow! I forgot about it!

  5. Alexandre Marques


  6. Richard Brinda

    The Best LiFE
    IS HiS LiFE
    LiVed OUT Loud
    ShiNe Bright ToDaY

  7. Rebecca Lynn TenBrink

    This was the theme one year at church camp. Forever rocks my soul!!! ❤️

  8. andrew behm

    please wear your seat belt

  9. Blue Skies

    I love you and you're family. Maybe we'll meet and become good friends. My children are grown adults now. 1 is working for dentist. She's going as high as she can with her education. My son needs enquiring by Jesus to get the most education he can get to be able to take care of his son. Thank-you brother and all who pray for Daniel and his gang. Much love to all who pray and believe in prayer. I love and thank you all for you're prayers for all of us. God bless all of you forever.!

  10. Blue Skies

    I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter. Please except my exdollencess

  11. Blue Skies

    I need prayer to be healed from lupus.

  12. Fancy Face

    This is still one of my favorite to blast in the car in the morning heading to work.. It sets a "high" energy day ahead.

  13. Ironwolf

    It's a cool song and all...but I don't think you're supposed to bother someone actively driving a car

  14. James Thilberg

    Woke up this morning with this song in my head lol not sure why? Haven’t heard it in many years. Maybe God is trying to tell me something! 2019

  15. Elwood Blues

    Filmed in my area, the Sonoma countryside and San Francisco, and SCC sings to The City from Marin County. Some of the least evangelized and most anti-Christ parts of the USA. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest that His Remnant here would Live Out Loud!

    Elwood Blues

    A friend of mine is a long-time worship leader and is now in house church circles in the Bay Area. She's *somewhere* in the SF part, probably the scene where the breakdancer is.

  16. Athan Abendschon

    And this song is in D Flat major and D Sharp major.

  17. Russell Soneja

    2018 m3n

  18. Turtletom

    Such a fun song to watch, love it

  19. John Russell

    For me as an idealistic child of the 90s, this was Christianity's happy progressive anthem! This was the religion I signed up for.

    Then came the dread of the Left Behind series, the stupefying sights of 9/11, the idiotic patriotism of the Iraq War, the toxic social effect of conservative politics, the knowledge that my young-earth creationist upbringing had corrupted my understandings of the world. As Christianity wilted and died in my mind, I wondered for a good long while what about it had appealed to me in the first place, then this song's vibe seems to drive those things home: positivity, gratitude, welcomeness, wanting to help others, happy integration with the world around you.

    Those were the things I actually cared about, the Jesus death-cult-damnation-repression-hatred stuff was just incidental....that realization is so damn funny to me.

  20. Kris Kiritsis

    Jesus Saves!!! 💜😇🙏

  21. Eleni Happy Sunshine Motivation

    Let's share God's love everyday in little ways we can share his love and shine light and glorify God 💛💛👍🌻 GOD CHANGES OUR LIVES

  22. K M

    When I first heard this song I was 11 years old, on a confirmation class retreat with my parents church, and rebelling and hating Christians as much as I possibly could. But they played this song and even though I couldn't understand the words I really liked this one song. God planned it so I didn't put my faith and trust in Him until I was 23, but He protected me from dying, going to jail, and all kinds of other harm from stupid decisions when I was wandering far from Him trying to find all the answers for myself. And I discovered that He is the answer above all answers. 5 years later, I'm still learning to live out loud with the amazing news of God's love in Jesus, and grow, and He's still healing all my broken places and helping me in all my struggles. He's so good. And He's good to everyone. ❤ Thank You, Jesus for giving us life when we had none and didn't know it and couldn't make our own!

  23. s.M. c

    I'm really diggin' Chapman's vibes, he's a musical, wanderlust guy that seems to live life to the fullest. Live on, man!😊✌

  24. kari mcnay

    Holy wave of Sunday school nostalgia, Batman. All us Christian kids jammed out to this weekly hahaha

  25. ryuuou07

    GCF brought me here.

  26. helghan21

    so 90’s lol i love it

  27. Elizabeth Joslin

    LOve all of his songs and the videos.

  28. BJ C

    -Love this song !!!!!

  29. Free Spaghetti

    We played this at my Christian summer camp

    Free Spaghetti

    We even made a ridiculous dance to along with it.

  30. Max Warren


  31. Max Warren


  32. Max Warren


  33. Max Warren


  34. Max Warren


  35. Max Warren

    NO KIDDING?????

  36. Angie Cost

    Wake the neighborbor!! Get the word out!! 😀😀😀

  37. C H

    I'm a Christian, but everyone who says that people that don't believe in God aren't "good" people is horrible and stupid. If you believe that, go on some crazy religious website.

  38. brigittmontanez

    Such a fun song!

  39. sophie poyser

    Jesus Christ how cheesy is this video?!

    Bob Cat

    What's wrong with that?

    sophie poyser

    I didn't say it was a bad thing it just took me by surprise

  40. Liliana Roberts

    My parents love SCC, but if I imitated this music video, they would kill me xD

  41. Rodrigo Rocha Coutinho

    Great man of GOD, Steven Curtis Chapman! I like all his songs since in the beginning! God keep blessing you brother Steve!

  42. Eve

    01:34  "..And if Gods love is burning in our hearts were gonna glow.." i prefer "Blow"
    cause there's so much power in His love :)

    Gabe hahahahah

    Obviously you don't get it he's talking about when Moses came down from the mountain after 40 days talking to God and he came down and his face was glowing

    Jesus Contreras

    I also prefer "blow" 😉 Grettings from México!

  43. xPlanex Official

    this is awesomely cool!

  44. lurch321

    33 people are living too quietly.

    Rick Clark

    66 now.

  45. ehrldawg

    Cool tune and video. I got the disc in my truck right now !!

  46. Tim Rogers

    who's regis?


    +Tim Rogers regis Philbert, the original host of who wants to be a millionaire

  47. Tim Rogers

    cool song. not my fave but its okay.

  48. holyonfire

    Such good memories!

  49. AntiSlice

    Did this song in puppets back in high school. Cannot listen to it without trying to remember all the sign choreography.

  50. Caleb Schultz

    Whoever played the drums in this song rules face off.


    +Caleb Schultz I just heard him do this song in concert with his band this past week! It rocked and the drummer is a beast; don't know if it's the same on on the album though

  51. sean pitman

    Whenever I am faced with hardship in life, this is always a song that i come to. He has made more then this that are devotionals, but this to me is one of the most powerful ones he has made. It came out when I was maybe in the 5th grade and I still can't get enough of it.

  52. marceline dash

    keep up the good comments and the tumbs up 

  53. ComicFizz

    One of the best songs ever

    Daniel Lagaly

    You are RIGHT

  54. Roger Plummer

    I love this song!  Live you life and your faith OUT LOUD!!  That doesn't mean screamin' at folks that they're going to Hell, it means "Let your light so SHINE before men, that they may see YOUR good works, and glorify your Father, which is heaven."--Matthew 5:16 KJV

    Jeevun Vethanayagam

    Matthew 10:16 - Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.
    Without discernment, we will fall away to the Antichrist system, the spirit of Antichrist which is already among us.

    Michele Willoughby

    The meaning of praise in the Hebrew Language is to boast to shout, thus to be clamorously foolish` if ya godda move to it! Don't hold back, you'll quinch the spirit is all, cool right! Kind of like, taking off the roof😁

  55. Tina Rose

    love this song.

  56. Ty S

    I think it's time for making some noise. WAKE UP YOUR NEIGHBORS PEOPLE!

  57. IMTony245

    This song shows how us Christians should spread God's word and share it to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. IMTony245

    This life we've been given, SO WE SHOULD GET THE WORD OUT AND LIVE OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Christopher de Vidal

    When I first started listening to Christian music this was on all the time. I came from secular classic rock to -- THIS!! I was in heaven. I was crankin' it up yessir. Since then there haven't been as many exciting Christian songs like this, meant to be played at full blast. Glory days.

    Max Warren


    Max Warren


    Max Warren


    Katie Slater

    I'm not sure I get all the Max replies....but anyways I disagree! This is an epic song to be sure, but there have been a LOT of awesome songs since this! If you are a rock fan especially (my favorite genre) then there are epic songs from Skillet, Disciple, Random Hero, As We Ascend, The Protest, Lacey Sturm, Zhana, GFM, Seventh Day Slumber, Decyfer Down....I could go on and on. But if you want something lighter but still with a kick, For King and Country is a very talented, upbeat Christian band. So is Toby Mac. (from DC Talk days till all his solo stuff) Newsboys (both then and now!). Matthew West too! Just sooooo many great stuff!


    The CD that came out BEFORE the first Narnia movie came out the Christian bands came out with a CD called Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia... it took me a while but I love EVERY song on the CD! Something to check out. Love the Turkish Delight song is really good... and has a good message to boot. Waiting for the World to Fall is a favorite too! It mentions events in many of the books.

  60. DashtaElizabeth19

    dude!!! I think it'd be good for some ppl to lose their religion and get Christ Jesus!!! works won't get you to heaven, but once you're saved ... you'll WANT to do good works!!!!!! (Even if it's just sweeping the floor without being asked....on a regular basis, or comforting a friend when they're down) 


    no longer living for ourselves....


     "north american society is built on greed (gaining possessions by debt) and always trying to 'keep up with the joneses' . Pride, greed, and lust. that is what north america is built on in this modern 'more civilized' age. Not that you don't find that on the other continents.... but there it is.  And JUSTICE???!!! WHAT justice? Bring back the death penalty for violent offenders (Murderers, Rapists, Child Molesters) and you'll have less of a burden on the taxpayers, not to mention the country's coffers. But no, we give them 'life in prison' which translates to, in reality, free room and board. They hurt themselves AND society, and yet we PAY to keep them warm, alive, and fed? Am I the ONLY one who sees that there is something fundamentally WRONG with this?  If they embezzle or steal in any large amounts (not just to keep themselves fed) Their hands should be cut off. THAT is justice. And the Courts should be the ones to carry this out, or we risk becoming just as bad as them.  No lynch mobs here, thanks. More importantly, If we'd get back to GOD, and do what HE said should be done in the BIBLE, we wouldn't have as big of a mess as we've got now. Oh, we'd still have a mess, it just wouldn't be AS bad. Anywhere there are humans, there's BOUND to be a Mess. God help us. We think we're more civilized because people have endeavored to kick God out and have taken the Bible and prayer out of schools.... and they think that makes them a better, more accepting society? yeah, sure. better? no. WORSE! more accepting? yes, but of the WRONG things! More accepting of sin, and intolerant to anyone that would point that out to them. Ah, But God warned of this in His word, so who's surprised here?  But let's be real, and open our eyes. This is a real problem. SOMEONE's got to stand up and cry out against the wrongs!  And just because I may be part of the few against the many doesn't mean I'm wrong. Just look at Noah and His family... they were 8 against the entire world. I ask you, who was right, and who was wrong in that instance? We need to stop assuming that the crowd is always right.That many people CAN be, and a lot of times, ARE, WRONG! Look at Hitler's Germany! we have many historical evidences that majority does not denote correctness, and yet we STILL haven't learned the lesson!!  Here's what i know: The 'minority' that stands on GOD's side of the fence.... is the REAL majority. The 'majority' without God is a pitiful band of poor, blind, naked, filthy vagabonds, who would do better to quit shaking their fists at a God they claim to not believe in at all, and Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and so be saved.  (From themselves, sin, and hell.) " - Anonymous

  61. DashtaElizabeth19

    wait... There are people who think atheists are good people and have done nothing wrong? wow. They've done the ULTIMATE wrong.... and God says that there is no such thing as a good person! Nice people, yes, but Good? Only God is Good, and Only Christ was the perfect human, but He was also fully God whilst he walked this earth.That said, I do Hope they realize their Error and Become God's children also.  As long as they are alive, there is still hope. "Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ , and Ye shall be saved."  Repent is for Those who are saved already.

  62. Island Styles

    Why aren't they wearing seat belts? Breaking the law... tisk tisk...


    it's a closed 'set' ... normal laws would not apply, me thinks.

    Brandon Chitwood

    Late 50s early 60s vw bus did not have seatbelts from the factory


    Absent from the body. Present with the LORD! ;)

    Katie Slater

    What the others said....But by the way, depending upon the state, only front seat adults have to wear seatbelts. Adults in the backseat do not.

  63. Sir Laughsalot

    Ok, everyone shut your mouths please. I am a believer. This person is an atheist. The beliefs of us is that this person won't experience the good things we will because of their choice. But this person is still a human being with a free will. They chose to be atheist. Even though they are not like us, they have done nothing wrong and are not a horrible human being. So everyone should just be quiet, and enjoy the song.

  64. Victoria Davis

    I love this song now, on Sunday's our youth group study is called LOL or Live Out Loud!

  65. bleh meh

    why are we arguing about this, this song is made to praise god not made for fighting.

  66. Sarah Romano

    Your mom's not very good at this.

  67. Jaies Svantey

    My favorite song growing up as a kid

  68. KanSirKing

    You're not very good at this.

  69. KanSirKing

    You're judgmental. Calling me bitter and then saying I'm, "not very good at this." That's pretty offensive stuff there, man! I think you're a mediocre human being! Take that tongue lashing and shoving up your fart box! Am I getting better at this? I aim to please.

  70. Sarah Romano

    . . . You're not very good at this.

  71. KanSirKing

    You know me surprisingly well. Did god tell you I was bitter or are you just making shit up?

  72. adorablyTWISTED

    we are suggesting you lack God (kinda what being an atheist is) and yeah we are pretty damn happy about having him thus why we want to live out loud, whats strange is that instead of being happy for other people and their happiness you want to drag us back down to your level of bitterness (no i'm not talking about all atheists i'm talking about you in particular.)

  73. adorablyTWISTED

    that's the point, You live out loud and people can see the tangible effects of what having God in your life is like and begin to search for him by going to church, why you don't want people to be saved is beyond me.

  74. Trey Holland

    Good song

  75. KanSirKing

    That's awesome! Good for you!

  76. Sarah Romano

    I'm not trying to argue with you.

  77. KanSirKing

    It must be nice to not actually have to think about your counter argument. Just pull some shit out of your ass and call the other person bitter.

  78. Sarah Romano

    Actually, the rest of what I got out of that was that you basically just illustrated the OP's point. And that you're bitter.

  79. Lauren's Hairtyles And Tutorials

    La la la la live out looooud!! :D

  80. Matthew Schooley

    thats see the glory

  81. The Fool

    just got back from my gr 7 grad and we used this song for the vid

  82. Chloe Petersen

    omg i love this song because it was my 5th grade culmination dong and i remember me being the only one doing a dance to this song in front of everyone and i got 20 bucks. good day ~

  83. Denise Rancour

    I love this song! Way to go Steven!

  84. Autumn PhoenixRisingGM

    I'm not a church goer...I'm not much of a Christian follower or any of that jazz...but I LOVE this song and I LOVE Steven Curtis Chapman. It's all about his voice and his passion for the music he puts out that I love. Religion aside...his music is awesome.

  85. Cameron Morin

    To all the atheist or non-believers out there coming here to hate on this song I have one thing to say, I am a believer and I know I'm going to be rewarded when i die. BUT I want to stress one thing to you, I may not know you. You may not know me, but I love you and I will not judge you for your decision to be a non-believer. I respect and care for you. So before you go to another song spreading hate or post another hateful comment just think about who you are affecting thank you

  86. Laura Barr

    You know what I love? An atheist journalist was given the assignment to prove if Jesus was the Son of God or not. When he was done with it (which he later turned into a book) he was a christian. if you really search the facts,there is no way you can deny it,unless you really really really want to. oh,the book is A Case For Christ,and the author is Lee Str

  87. Lord Nadner

    great song :D

  88. Sandy Sarmaputra

    This was my walk-out graduation song... <33 this song

  89. KanSirKing

    Is that really all you got out of that?

  90. Sarah Romano

    If growing up means turning away from God, I hope to be a kid for the rest of my life ^^

  91. Garth Harris

    Live out loud(: nobody gets it but one day they'll see the glory of God(:

  92. KanSirKing

    Who said I was watching and intently listening to it?

  93. KanSirKing

    I grew up in a christian family and went to church every time the doors were open... and I'm an Atheist. Your "living out loud" is not going to change that.

  94. KanSirKing

    You people live is a very strange world where you think people are jealous of what you have. You are the opposite of humble and modest. You seem to be suggesting that others lack something good that you don't. We are fine, thank you. There is a reason why we are non-christian, non-believers, and atheists. We grew up!