Steven Curtis Chapman - Heaven In The Real World Lyrics

I saw it again today
int he face of a little child
looking through eyes of fear and uncertainty
it echoed in a cry for freedom
across the street and across the miles
cries from the heart
to find the missing part

Where is the hope
where is the peace
that will make this life complete
for every man, woman, boy, and girl
looking for heaven in the real world

Stand in the pouring rain
and believe the sun will shine again
to know that the grade is not the end
to feel the embrace of grace
across the line your real life beings
you know in your heart
you found the missing part

There is a hope
there is a peace
that will make this life complete
for every man, woman, boy, and girl
looking for heaven in the real world

Heaven in the real world

Happened one night
with the tiny baby's birth
God of creation crying
he sent heaven to earth

He is the hope he is the peace
that will make this life complete
for every man, woman, boy, and girl
looking for heaven in the real world [2X]

Heaven has come to the real world
heaven has come
come to the real world

He is the hope
he is the peace
jesus is heaven
heaven in the real world

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Steven Curtis Chapman Heaven In The Real World Comments
  1. Maximus Reed

    I no longer believe in a god but damn this song is good. Still love it, the music is awesome.

  2. Mirabel Lebarim

    This video came out before the movie GLADIATOR ...when that movie came out reminded me of this video and the little boy dressed as a soldier and the door...when Maximus Was dying same visual left me like 😲...great video here great movie too

  3. Josiah Solberg

    Who gave this a thumbs down? This is an anthem

  4. themoviewatcher

    Fuck yes, I need jesus (pronounced hey-Zeus )

  5. U Law


  6. Acousticstrings

    I loved this song as a kid.

  7. Kari Iamba

    King of acoustic Christian rock music. Let heaven rule in our hearts. Amen

  8. David Marley

    "God heard creation crying, so He sent heaven to earth"

    Wise Man

    My favorite verse of the song. Always loved this one from SCC

  9. Kimberly Kline

    It takes faith to know this. Jesus Christ is always there for you

  10. Kimberly Gould

    SCC was my introduction to contemporary Christian him until this day!

  11. Cynthia Stryker

    Wow! This is the coolest!

  12. Harvey Witt

    He is our Hope, our feelings, Jesus is Lord and our friend, and our King

    Kimberly Kline

    Harvey Witt Amen to that.

  13. Harvey Witt

    I love this song

  14. Elizabeth Joslin

    Love this song and all of the others he sings.


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    Woah take me back to high school!!!

  29. Madison Dahlager

    My mom’s favorite song ❤️

  30. Jesuspraiser31

    YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Back to the glory days of the early 90's and part my childhood! :)

    Matthew McCombs

    Part of my childhood too... Love it...

  31. SusantheRestorer

    3:02 Chapman's kids when they were little:)

  32. David Oakes

    Oh how I long to live as this song suggest. Showing God's love and mercy to all those around. I have always tried to be a person who saw the good in others. Today that seems much more challenging. I do pray and trust the Lord but stil, well sure many can relate. Today I simply reach out when I can with a knd word or action and trust God for the rest

  33. Adam Kaczanowski

    Great Song <3

  34. XRPBuccaneer

    Great song. Makes your soul feel good. I guess it's kinda, soul food.

  35. Chris Capasse

    I remember watching this on VHS back in the day. Still proving to be true for 2016. Our freedom is found only in Christ!

  36. donkey boy

    Jessica Rab's. then I guess you believe in the gays and lesbians and abortion. because you can't straddle the fence. and be 2 things at once. you're either with god or you're with Satan. its your life not mine

  37. Saber Wolves

    7 people did not find Heaven in the real world

  38. Jesse Overton

    BLESS YOU, MY DEAR BROTHER, STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN! You've never let the passionate, raging flame of the Love of GOD be extinguished in your heart!!! You've kept spreading wildfires of GOD's grace wherever you go!!! THANK YOU for honoring GOD the way you have!!!

  39. carlos zapalino

    Que lindo tema. Recuerdos de mi juventud.

  40. Hunter Womack

    I guess i never really realized how old this song was until i watched this video

  41. Marcus Dallas

    While evil is trying hard to create a hell on earth, through Jesus the Christ, there is the only real connection to hope, to restoration, to beauty - and to love. Let's let Jesus live in and through us to bring Heaven to Earth in practical and tangible ways. We are alive to make a difference - but that only most fully happens through the Strength and Goodness of Jesus through us.

  42. diannerbannaner

    I was completely thinking these thoughts today. I was even crying over the sadness of hell and wondering why God allows it. I was hysterically upset, but my mom calmed me down and told me that I can't carry all of that sadness on my shoulders and that I need to bring it to Jesus, to the cross to let Him carry it for me. Instantly I became more calm, not because it was just like 'poof' off my mind, but because I saw the heartbreak He had for us. His heart breaks everytime we hurt ourselves.

  43. je23508

    Remember that loving parents do not not allow their child to roam long without consequences for negative behaviors. The same is true of God. We can not do everything that "feels" right.

  44. je23508

    April, you sounded very let down, but understand it is not because of God. It has been others that don't always reflect the teachings and examples of God's son, Jesus. Will pray that one day you won't be so angry and seek God through his word (the Bible) and not some feel-good teachings.

  45. je23508

    Wesley, thank you for the commentary regarding April. To April, I am so sorry that you were let down by others that are followers of Christ. We should not base our belief in God on how others act, but on the Word of God. Believe or don't.

    For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.
    2 Timothy 4:2-4 NIV

  46. Jessica Chambers

    see, thats what i like about MY religion...there IS no Hell so there isnt any "obedience" to a god....and dont give me that shit. really....I was a christian for 14 yrs and saw more corruption and thievery and adulterous relationships then i have in the current religion im in now...and then the church would talk about thou shalt nots and people would CRY they were scared of going to hell...REALLY?!?! MY Goddess doesn't judge her children. She loves and accepts us for who and what and how we are.

  47. W. James Wright

    Well if you are the Creator then you get to make the rules. He does not send anyone to hell for "making mistakes." If you know what He expects then you will make the choice to be obedient or not. He has said He will judge us whether we like it or not BUT we know it is coming

  48. Jessica Chambers

    which is hysterical and one reason why i changed religions...How can some"thing" say that it is faithful and loving but then judge people an send them to "hell" for making mistakes in life???? its ridiculous to me...Parents dont do that in life, why would someone thats supposed to love unconditionally enough to send HIS son to (supposedly) die for said mistakes that we apparently make....

  49. W. James Wright

    When someone says they are not a "christian" that is not necessarily a bad thing. The early Believers were not Christians either. In fact it was a derogatory term used against them. I like to say I am a "follower of the way" which is what the first church was.

    I do agree that you cannot be wiccan and Christian Our God is a jealous God and wont accept that

  50. Lisa K

    Oh I see. I just prefer to agree to disagree when it comes to persons with another faith. :) I dont deny my own but I also wont shove it or push it on someone else. Have a good day ok? :)

  51. Jessica Chambers

    well yes, it was necessary because he insulted me and assumed that just because im not a Christian that I "STRAYED"...Im WICCAN, I am devoted faithful and loyal to my Goddess and God...I am not in anyway "astrayed" to MY gods....

  52. Jessica Chambers

    i am NOT "astrayed" makes me WICCAN...

  53. Lisa K

    There's no need to be rude. He asked a simple question. No need to get all defensive. :)

  54. Lisa K

    Oh no. Hes much better looking than that punk Beiber!

  55. MiniLad Fan

    I have this song on my phone and i personally lime this song it is on repeat as well.

  56. sn00piedog

    how when all he is speaking abot is Jesus Christ

  57. angel deaton

    i love is song it is hav fait in

  58. Hannah Love


  59. mrm64

    Nope, 1994.

  60. Hannah Love

    Didn't this song come out in 1996?

  61. wreesink

    Mijn favoriet, de hemel is echt, ook in deze wereld is een hemel, thanks Steven

  62. Wycked_Vempyre

    I ask one thing and you turn it into an argument. stuck up

  63. Jessica Chambers

    its really none of your business.

  64. Wycked_Vempyre

    you say you're not a Christian what that make you then? That say a lot when you say I use to be. Means you're astrayed.

  65. Jessica Chambers

    im not a christian anymore but what makes you think that im not in "gods arms"? respectfully, i implore you to not make judgement calls on someone you dont know.

  66. Wycked_Vempyre

    Why you stop? Come back in God's Arms

  67. Jessica Chambers

    while Im not a Christian anymore, when I was, SCC was my favorite Christian singer and I just rediscovered him...hes an awesome artist. :)

  68. countrywillneverdie

    This song made his career but the Great Adventure MADE HIM A STAR!!!!

  69. Giuseppe Yañez

    love this song too...I got thru college listening to Steven's songs and I still listen to his songs til now..ur such an inspiration Steven.

  70. truthsintheword

    @shparks No not at all. It is about reaching out and helping others

  71. Shawn Parks

    Does this song imply that Heaven is not real?

  72. Alyssa Fix

    I was born the year this came out!

  73. AaronStabbert

    This song came from the first SCC album I bought. I was 6 or 7. I saw him in concert. The album came on cassette tape. This was back in 1994.

  74. Sharon H

    This song could be considered a Christmas song. But then, Christmas should be every day.

  75. mjkj2


  76. cinemax3

    Thanks for posting EMI, all the best