Steve Winwood - Voodoo Chile Lyrics

Well, I'm a voodoo chile
Lord I'm a voodoo chile

Well, the night I was born
Lord I swear the moon turned a fire red
The night I was born
I swear the moon turned a fire red
Well my poor mother cried out lord, the gypsy was right!
And I seen her fell down right dead
(Have mercy)

Well, mountain lions found me there waitin
And set me on a eagles back
Well, mountain lions found me there,
And set me on a eagles wing
(its the eagles wing, baby, what did I say)
He took me past to the outskirts of infinity,
And when he brought me back,
He gave me a venus witchs ring
And he said fly on, fly on
Because I'm a voodoo chile, baby, voodoo chile

Well, I make love to you,
And lord knows you'll feel no pain
Say, I make love to you in your sleep,
And lord knows you felt no pain
(Have mercy)
Cause I'm a million miles away
And at the same time I'm right here in your picture frame
(Yeah! what did I say now)
Cause I'm a voodoo chile
Lord knows I'm a voodoo chile

Well my arrows are made of desire
From far away as jupiters sulphur mines
Say my arrows are made of desire, desire
From far away as jupiters sulphur mines
(Way down by the methabe sea, yeah)
I have a humming bird and it hums so loud,
You think you were losing your mind, hmmm...

Well I float in liquid gardens
And arizona new red sand
I float in liquid gardens
Way down in arizona red sand

Well, I taste the honey from a flower named blue,
Way down in california
And the n new york drowns as we hold hands

'Cause I'm a voodoo chile
Lord knows I'm a voodoo chile

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Steve Winwood Voodoo Chile Comments
  1. con.bombadil

    I want a backing track for this so bad. Please Santa??

  2. Van D13m0n

    I've never been a fan of Clapton. He sure did a great job of this song though

  3. John Colvin

    Love this absolutely love this!!!! Jimi smiling down on them! True friends giving respect to their friend

  4. Larry Green

    Jimi and Stevie Ray own this song .

  5. Leo Lopez

    Jimi Hendrix occasionally used different names and spellings for some of his songs. In his handwritten lyrics, he used "Voodoo Chile" for the longer song, while he used both "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" and "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" for the following one recorded with the Experience. Great song tho, no matter the name. I saw this tour dammit!!

  6. hotrock51

    I’ll never understand why people just don’t appreciate Clapton,he is without a doubt a great guitarist

  7. Jimi Hendrix

    Clapton was jellice. Thats motiv.

  8. Uncle Andy Guitar Herbst

    I seriously love this video. Rock on. Superb download, this one is. Wow!!!!

  9. Roger H Werner

    I'd bet not one critic in 10 ever say Hendrix live. What you've heard on albums is amazing but... you'll never really know. So enjoy this amazing performance because it's as close as you'll ever get to the real Hendrix. Sorry kids.

  10. Mark Gaither

    Sounds like a Robin Trower song instead of real deal
    Total FAIL

  11. Marc Wagenknecht

    Oh Eric, du kannst spielen wie du willst, an Jimmy kommst du leider nie heran.

  12. bɪsəs

    To have been at that concert would have been as good as it gets and the fuckheads that are anti this version have opinions that are not worth two knobs of goat shit.

  13. Carlos Navarro

    Dos maestros vivientes.

  14. Darth Twelve

    It July 16th 2019 at 2:10am and 36 people are screwed up in the head!!!!

  15. Andre Banville

    Clapton is God. 🐕

  16. The Rhythm

    He looks like somebody’s aunt who shreds on the Strat.

  17. aglaiya

    I could die for

  18. Teri Pettit

    Thank you for the Music!
    God Bless

  19. Jordi Sanabra Valle

    Clapton is God!!!.....

  20. Ruth Johnson

    Clapton and Winwood slowed Voodoo Chile down. Stevie Ray Vaughn sped it up. Both are pretty amazing. This is just a great song.

  21. Carlos

    My Favorite Jimi Hendrix song!!!

  22. steve paul

    I remember sitting in the Loge with my wife facing these guys from a direct side view. When Clapton started jamming on this song with Winwood, I rose to my feet and dropped my mouth open in astonishment. Wow!

  23. Mike D

    Jimi covered Sunshine of Your Love back in the 60s, and he saw Clapton as God. So cool to see Clapton play this and other Hendrix' songs.

  24. Mark Coluzzi

    Wow....Blind Faith much?? Timeless.

  25. Daniel Lentinelo

    Amazing cool versión revisited

  26. Thomas Shook

    Incorrect title. Voodoo Chile.

  27. david farmer


  28. Maximilian Silva

    Masterpiece version

  29. Ator rents


  30. CRicaTrees

    Fine audio mix thanks

  31. Adam Cichowicz

    Świetna gra na organach Hammonda.

  32. Adam Cichowicz

    Błąd w tytule pod oknem filmu: powinno być: Chile zamiast Child.

  33. Roy Rutherford

    Completely fantastic! Music like this can touch your soul.

  34. morphinlounge101

    Jimi and Eric, Prophets at large.

  35. Subhrajit Mukherjee

    Absolutely superb version. Hendrix will always be the best rock/blues guitar player in my book, but Clapton has paid him a fitting tribute. His timing on certain parts of this performance is quite stunning.

  36. Billy M

    Amazing version. I’ll like listing to both this and the Hendrix versions.

  37. Golfman

    Way down by the methane sea... heh.

  38. Richard Shumway

    This version of "voodoo Chile Blues" will never grow old to me.I love it!

  39. Paradis Jr

    I'm in my 50's now, I've heard all the Greatest, most technically sound, rip it Rockers, and some Lay it Down Blues Players ... I feel very fortunate that I Lived in a Era, to be able to watch, able to Listen, able to think that how Incredibly powerful an instrument like the guitar and a Player that tames it to do it's bidding ... there aren't many of THEM ... and for a lot of other reasons I have always understand Eric, He tells us a story of how it feels to hurt, how it feels to suffer, how you can be inspired to just do better, an' on an' on an' on ... his sound is not duplicated. He is My Favorite guitarist and will be so till I leave this Realm. I am so mentally receptive to Eric's sound . . . again, my Favorite of em all !


    If I was Hendrix @s a ghost and  this is a tribute I would CRY as a mark of Respect Hendrix in his own way Respect /

  41. Biff Starr

    very cool Steve and Eric and band..took a while to type this lol

  42. mustafa taştekin

    not child, chile

  43. pjones8404

    Killer performance from everyone. My only other comment is that I wish that Eric used a tone more like this when he did the Royal Albert Hall shows with Cream. This is a much more aggressive and powerful tone than what he used on those shows. In my humble opinion.

  44. Sylvie Pelletier

    J’étais là. Mémorable

  45. Andy Gascon

    All good for me! Awesome 🤟🏻❤️🎶🎼

  46. Greg Pineda

    The guitar extra---ordinaire Eric Clapton is a true Guitar Hero and the "Edward Van Halen" of his day/days specially during the 1960's to 1970's decades.He and the great,amazing and incredible lead guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin shared their love for blues---rock music which is very,very and very evident in this classic Jimi Hendrix hit song.Keep writing new blues---rock compositions,Eric and Steve because blues---rock music never gets old and they get better everyday!!!

  47. Ed Stone

    I saw this live!

  48. Peter Wingate

    Windwood on the original 'live studio track with Hendrix, and still doing it proud, and good to see Clapton getting excited!!

  49. mixville2

    Want hear what Clapton did? Listen to rock in roll guitar leads on records from 1964 . . . they're all thin sounding, reworked Chuck Berry licks (who was brilliant in his own right), some bending but very little feel, human voice or nuance. Then listen to lead guitars on records from 1969/1970. Thick, beautiful nuance and finger vibrato. Great voicing. Rock n Roll guitar was transformed completely. That is majorly due to the influence of Clapton. Others like Beck certainly had influence . . . and Hendrix was a genius of massive proportions, but he was so completely unique that most rock solos by other artists don't reflect him. Page wasn't really influential until Zeppelin. It was Clapton's vision and influence between 1966 and 1969 (Mayall, Cream, Blind Faith) that was the biggest driver of that change. Yes, he got dorky and poppy later. Like many of the great artists of the late 60s/early 70s (Stones, Rod Stewart, Elton John, The Who, even McCartney & Lennon), they hit a real creative lull in the mid/late 70s. It was time to make way for others. But Clapton's influence lives on. Look at this video. Right off the top, he shows that beautiful feel and nuance that sets him apart. He may have stopped innovating  after Layla . . . his natural peak was passed.No one is an innovator forever.  But this video shows- he still has IT. And Winwood? Super musical genius without the flash and ego. Brilliant, brilliant man and another unique talent.


    Totally agree with that analysis. I was a teenager during the 1960’s and recall the change in guitar sound you refer to. Cream remains my favourite band to this day.


    Couldn’t agree more than this. Just for a little bit of clarify: Clapton laided the foundations for the new rock guitar era already in 65, within Mayall band. Already during that year, there wasn’t none who played like Clapton, and I mean literally none. He’s been “the first”.

  50. Richard Douglas

    So many great artists now and past for everyone

  51. 23theseeker

    Don't understand anybody knocking this version they are amazing together just maestro's enjoy them they are wonderful musician's and English THE CREAM.

  52. Fabrizio Fantin

    E' la più' bella versione. 2 amici che ricordano nel migliore dei modi Jimi

  53. Federico Piersigilli

    This is VOODOO CHILE, not Voodoo Child.

  54. Stephen Waldeck

    Took this guy awhile to learn this 50 years......... Stevie Ray Vaughn could have done it in 20...........! Nobody is "Hendrix".......... Nobody....... !!!!! Don't be Pretenders......

    Stephen Waldeck

    Hey this guy could be as good as Eddie Van Halen in 30 more years........ With a little more practice.........

    Lansley Boy

    More people would rather listen to Eric Clapton

    Ethan Smith

    I would suggest that you don't comment on things until you figure out how to use your brain, what little of it you might have left.

    Ethan Smith

    Stephen Waldeck

  55. majorgeeek

    CRAP - not even remotely close to Jimi or Stevie

  56. bcsorensenman

    Stevie Ray Vaughn said that when he finally figured out how to play this song he felt like then he knew how to play a guitar. Woooooooooooeeeeee.

    Marian Bret

    And we Can Say srv really know how to play guitar

    John Colvin

    bcsorensenman amen!!!!

  57. jeandel

    Let people talk!I just find this coming from the heart!Little Wing by Eric was very different from Jimi's version but who cares,maybe morons.You can make a well felt tribute to a person you knew without silly persons comparing,giving advices and I wonder if they're even able to play a single note!Again,I Love this performance.That's All,It Goes Staight To My Heart.Thanks if you read my comment...

  58. Thomas Huteson

    I have listened to ALOT of people do this. These two do it best of anyone alive. I'm 66 and have been listening to these 2 my entire life. They are great together.

  59. Brad Spelling

    Nice. I always liked Oink floyd. My French Bulldog is called Flloyd- with 2 ll. I so much liked the Vaughan cover. I don't have a music ear though.

  60. Marek Niezgoda

    What a masterpiece. Mr Clapton u r a true virtuoso!!! God bless you, your music is one in a billion

  61. Richard Bamsey

    just thought I might mention this is not an Eric solo this is a couple of equal players riffling with the best, whoo this give me ghoose bumps, by the way I saw Hendricks a few times two

  62. Richard Bamsey

    Stuff me chums this is bleeding awesome, dirty, dirty dirty, going to be a long time to bust this version, as I say might be just me

  63. Howard Acquistapace

    La, la lala ?? Or blah blah blah

  64. Richard Bamsey

    I guess its a time thing, some of us are voodoo children and some are not, I'm in chums, be rude not too, what a noise

  65. callyharley

    The organ verily how doth it swell. 7:22 Anyway anyone hearing "Jupiter's fiery old sulphur mines" in the lyric? I mean it won't be the first time but Windwood is singing some very trippy lyrics or maybe I need to see a doctor :-)

  66. Richard Bamsey

    Sad but true we are all going to the same place and sadly we don't all possess the same talent, wish I did but I don't. we can however love the paintings and listen to all the music. And against all odds keep trying, not so bad?

  67. Richard Bamsey

    steve, dirty Hammond, great voice, stuff me I don't have to defend this. Just read Steve has a new set of LPs coming out, live recordings. Might be just me but that voice and a dirty Hammond, Erics not so bad either

  68. CompleteCretin

    Love this! EC's Leslie tone is fantastic.

  69. Arnaldo Bianchini

    i am the 500th like!

  70. Bob Robert

    The fact that anyone would even attempt shows great courage. Everybody wants you to be just like them or their opinions (smile).

  71. rosa maria padilla rodriguez

    esto eS musicA cabrones entiendan y sientan dejense de su putada de la banda esa es corrupcion no vale madre mejor que voltien a vet el reprecentativo que es mexico con respeto para mundo vargas y santsna igualalo de donde jalisco mexico al qud le duela vivaaa mexico cabroneso

  72. Larry Sherman

    Shitskin @shiverly, what can u say aboutClapton; Truley a legend.

  73. Alisson Cristovao Da Cruz

    Caraco que máximo. ...

  74. george rusch

    Eric had just bought Jimi a nice Strat, but wasn't able to give it to him before he died. Maybe it was buried with him?

    Subhrajit Mukherjee

    Yes... a left hander strat....

    Subhrajit Mukherjee

    Jimi used to play a right hander's strat upside down.

  75. rob morrison

    Amazing how many no talent wannabe players,are jealous of EC. Everyone of the players you mention as "better" than EC, had to go through him to get to any level they obtained. Clapton set the bar for all electric blues and rock players to aspire to become. Not only is EC the most influential and copied player of his generation, his vocals are top notch. Of all the great blues and rock guitarists if the last 50 years, none have his combined vocal and guitar skill level. The fact that EC has survived to become extremely wealthy, happy and successful in his career and personal life only makes you haters mire angry! You should be thanking him for paving the way to excellence in skill and execution that all others after him want to emulate. Thanks EC for a lifetime of excellence and surviving, to come out on top!

    Richard Bamsey

    He plays way beyond what I can as do many others, never jealous me, if you don't try to play you are just a critic, I don't mean Rob he gets it


    We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Musicians are no different. Your point is valid, Clapton and Hendrix are two of the most influential rock musicians in history and both borrowed from those greats that came before them.

    Thomas Huteson

    Right on "and" Steve also.

    Fred Robinson

    rob morrison He got it from Jimi.

    slow hand

    Fred Robinson Hendrix got from him you mean

  76. qascarface

    How weird it must be to cover a song your friend made 50 years ago

    Ron Carpenter

    qascarface Winwood had already covered it years earlier, I believe with Traffic--maybe more.

    Dwayne Wladyka

    Ron Carpenter Steve Winwood played as a guest on Jimi Hendrix's studio version.

  77. Rock Blue

    music doesnt get much better than this ...

  78. Leonard Steele

    not bad but gimme original any day forever jimi

  79. ouadie el ouahabi

    that great feat by mister eric clapton and steve winwood ... basiclly the sound of ''voodoo child '' played on E major ...


    What a great performance. In this video, the song is actually in the key of D minor. Clapton tuned his guitar down 2 semi-tones and played it in the E fingering.

  80. Keiran Bradley

    Jimi would be proud seeing his two friends play an awesome version of his classic, Peace.


    Mahdo1........It's not? How do you figure? Buy the electric ladyland album you cheapskate....

    Carole Donald

    Couldn't agree more. Too many folk like to dissect each performance. I think we're so lucky to still hear that talent which won't be around for long. The kids of today couldn't reach those heights of skill and passion. A great tribute to their old mate Jimi

    Carole Donald

    Rob Phillips

    Jeffrey Cranston

    @mahdo1 I really like this version and thanks for posting and Stevie Ray Vaughn's. I did see that Jimi was inspired by Rollin Stone by Muddy Waters to create his version, but who cares? Muddy offers a basic blues song and Jimi gives a hard rock blues version. Again, all worthy in their own rite.

    FCC Webmeister

    Ummmm, Electric Ladyland? Man if you had the vinyl you'd see on the label spinning around in the middle Winwood  & Hendrix are  credited as writer of this piece. So here we have a definitive version with a reasonable substitute on Guitar.    8>)

  81. Kyle Smith

    Hooked on this. Is Clapton tuned down 1/2 step ?


    The original is tuned down a whole step


    Good eye, I caught it too, haha. It's actually a whole step, but I didn't realize it til I started jamming along with it. Then I looked closer and saw that Steve is actually playing in D minor.

    Patrick Foster

    Kyle Smith Tuned down a whole step to Dm like the original.

  82. spudcustardx1

    This is the land for old men, Im one I know

  83. Green River

    Stop playing with the drawbars and play the keys, do a solo!!


    +Green River just listen

  84. Ron Chapman

    The bass player is lookin like a serial killer

    Jack Holland

    serial lmao

    Ron Chapman

    +Jack Holland He could be out to kill cheerios right? lol. Thanks for catchin that

  85. Snezana Trifunovic

    voodoo chile not voodoo child


    @SetszawA right on!!

    Charlie Brown

    No! They are both Chile. It was a misprint on the American Electric Ladyland cover. It is a common misconception but I have evidence to prove it.

    Christian Burroughs

    Charlie Brown Lol okay

    Charlie Brown

    What's so funny. It's true. It is voodoo Chile and Voodoo Chile (slight return)

    Lansley Boy

    @Christian Burroughs Charlie is right.... I find its funny when people like you think they know shit

  86. Simon Mclennan

    For me Clapton singing these words is pretty absurd. He is a very good player of course. When Clapton rightly tried to get Buddy Guy the recognition he so deserved, he somehow made Buddy Guy into this thing he isn't - a British blues player, out of the rock fraternity. He messed up his tone in doing so. Of course I can't ever be someone else's experience of music, but I can point out subtleties and ironies within the music scene. Hey ho

    Andy Thomas

    @Simon Mclennan I loved Buddy Guy's work as a Chess gunslinger! I loved his later work too.I saw him at Hammersmith on 'The Real Deal' tour with GE Smith and it was a stunning night out! I told him so backstage after the gig! Your implication that he was somehow 'bent out of shape' by white English guitar players is ridiculous. And by the way, he's not Just a guitar player you know! Listen to his version of Marvin Gaye's 'Trouble Man'. He makes it his own. His vocal is extraordinary. You sound like one of those elitist 'white' blues guys that think you have to be black to play 'real' blues! It Don't Matter What Colour You Are. If You Got Ten Fingers You Can Play The Blues! Buddy Guy said that!

    Simon Mclennan

    Ah, no, you perhaps misunderstand me - of course you are right, anyone can play the blues regardless of background etc. It was the latter tone that Guy had that I didn't personally like. If you like it - no problem for me.

    Carole Donald

    Strange. Eric isn't singing the words. It's Stevie singing ,you prat.

  87. Ron Chapman

    And it's child not chile



    Ron Chapman

    @diegodewendu Google it


    @Ron Chapman Jimi said everybody can call this song the way they want. Both versions.

    Nida Cadacio

    Its Voodoo Chilè. You never hear them say child with d. Its voodoo Chilè

  88. Ignatius Harling

    ...classic, a great song, originally on electric ladyland....the original also featured the legendary stevie winwood on hammond organ....he must have been very young at the time...Jimi was very special....electric blues...won't see the like of him again...this performance is electrifying....a great tribute...

    Andy Thomas

    @Ignatius Harling Either Winwood was young then or he's older now. I'm not sure! It's hard to tell!

    Tim Vanschoonbeek

    Thans true, this is the original song. The "famous" is voodoo child slicht return

  89. vincent fusco

    Clapton sets fire to his guitar without lighter fluid....Thought it might explode.....

    Stephen Waldeck

    It might have exploded with a stick of dynomite up his ass........... such a disappointment......

  90. veli can özer


  91. Ron Chapman

    He's a god

  92. asombro prods

    Fuckin´Fantastic !!!

  93. tedfio1tedfio1

    Seen them twice at MSG within 15-20 rows and Clapton jams the roof off on this Hendrix classic. Slowhand was so great he woke Mr. Jimi up!

  94. petiauk7

    Clapton. The man who gave us the riffs from Layla, Sunshine of your love, White Room and many others. Yet even still this doesn't prevent the idiot fraternity voicing their disdain. Simply put, he is amongst the greatest musicians in history and will be remembered as such, long after the opinionated keyboard warriors have been boxed up and buried.

    Cherry Tree

    Andy Thomas That’s comparing apples and oranges. It makes no sense.

    He Is Hephaestion

    @Andy Thomas so you are a foolish older person..clapton is one of the greatest the vast majority will disagree with you about Clapton contribution to music

    Andy Thomas

    @He Is Hephaestion That's Right! And whatever the Vast Majority say is 'Right' is it? What does that say about Taylor Swift...............or Oasis? Get real, the vast majority have little or no listening experience outside of their own limited noise of choice! Despite free access to anything they care to punch in to You Tube!

    He Is Hephaestion

    @Andy Thomas ah, you're one of those. just so you know, if 100 people think you're an asshole but you think you it's them chances are it's time for you to look in the mirror. there is truth in majority opinion. your mistake is assuming Taylor swift and everything played in the pop charts is loved by the vast majority. reality isnt

    Andy Thomas

    @He Is Hephaestion Quiet!

  95. TJ Colatrella

    That's what I'm talkin about...!

  96. Josefina Bas

    Increible el dios blanco!! Y se da el lujo de tocar con tres dedos

  97. Charles Fick

    Very awesome version!!!!