Steve Winwood - Spy In The House Of Love Lyrics

There was a time, you had it made
Everything was going your way
So many guys hanging on a string
You just wanted to play

Like a spy in the house of love
Searching for a clue in the dark
Spy in the house of love
Someone put a spell on your heart
Spy in the house of love
Searching for a clue in the dark
Spy in the house of love
Someone's got a hold of your heart
Spy, baby, in the house of love
Spy, baby, in the house of love

Out on the street, you were the queen
Playing games with jokers and fools
Then out of the night there comes the king
Now he's changing the rules

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Steve Winwood Spy In The House Of Love Comments
  1. Werner Bluhm

    Steve ist immer Super!

  2. Brian Szekely

    I love steve winwood he is the best I saw him his tour back in 1997 I love it

  3. Theron Hayden

    GOOD JAM! One of my favs from him.

  4. Carlos Alomar

    This man is fantastic!....


    The most soulful and jazzy of british 1960's bluesmen wave!...

  6. Archie Leech

    Classic Steve winwood

  7. carolloveskiwis

    If you don't love Stevie Winwood, you ain't got no soul.  That is all.

    Sean Sherrod


  8. Thomas Georgantas

    Huge Artist with a capital "Alpha"

  9. AnnHattieAnn

    Mmmmmhmmmmmm...... yes.


    I always dance to this, whenever I hear it.  Inside my head.  With my beloved.  Who no longer lives in this world.  It's one small way of being with him.

  10. Manuel Martinez Tello

    I saw him When he came to Mexico in 1998, great concert.

  11. Parkesc78

    So underrated

  12. Luis Duarte

    very nice song and clip...

  13. torgo714

    Great album. One of my favories. Always picks me up when I'm feeling down

  14. Louisa Morgance

    class soloing and grooves!

  15. Louisa Morgance

    @Djrealign top comment friend!


    the second verse gives me chills everytime i hear it, great production! this is a great song!

  17. إسماعيل W

    All time good songs from SW...great beats good rhytmn...i love alw good moving mood...thanks alot 4 upload... :-)

  18. AnnHattieAnn

    Lord, please make years fade away and put me on that dance floor ... just for, say, 4 minutes and 18 seconds or so .... amen.

  19. AnnHattieAnn

    @dsbtreker Me too! In fact, I'm flabbergasted. This is one of my absolute favorites ever ... not just out of his stuff, but up there in my all-time favorites list. Peace, AHA

  20. Drew Beyer

    LOVE THIS SONG . . . NEVER understood why this was not a MONSTER hit for him!

  21. torgo714

    Love this song. Just bought this CD a few days ago because of this song and it is a great CD. Very soulful and a few sexy song. I couldn't help but dance around as I did my house work. Love the dancers in this video. I would love to go to a club like this and listen to great music. Thanks for posting this video

  22. george gonzalez

    Awesome, this is what music is all about.

  23. TheJellybaby1988

    Not seen this video for years, Thanks so much for uploading it, Brilliant tune!!!

  24. jason buonocore

    Real Music!!

  25. newsiemen4u

    yes he is a very underated guitarist, all his music you can just chill at home or jam with ya friends and they cant help but get into it! one of my all time favorite artists!

  26. Ben1238

    Amen to that!

  27. Ron Behro

    Yes, I totally agree! "Junction Seven" is a brilliant disc and very underrated!!! This disc reminds me so much of feel of "Back In The High Life" from 1986.

  28. Ron Behro

    Hi There,

    After are very long search for more videos of the "Junction Seven" CD, I was not able to find a single one.

  29. Ron Behro

    Hello Andy,

    In response to your comment. Yes, the song Spy In The House of Love was from 1997 on the CD called "Junction Seven". This CD is a very underrated and less known disc for Steve Winwood. Now, 1987 was the year after Steve released his CD called "Back In The High Life" which was a totally amazing disc from 1986.

  30. Ron Behro

    This is the first time I have ever seen the video for this song! Thanks so much for posting it. I have the CD in my collection and it is excellent!

  31. Claus Eberhart

    Just type ""In 1997, Steve Winwood released a tune" into google, it got me right there! :o))

  32. Claus Eberhart

    ah, nah, I just had found it! It just won't let me type the link here, the entry is deleted right away then ...

    Mike Davis

    Claus Everhart

  33. Claus Eberhart

    Well sure, although: google, Sir! But here it is:
    - oh ok, can't seem to be able to put links into here! - just type the phrase into google, but also says in that place: "[citation needed]"

  34. Claus Eberhart

    I hope you're not Steve, or are you? :o))

  35. Claus Eberhart

    He stole it. Here's what wikipedia says:
    "In 1997, Steve Winwood released a tune which borrowed not just the title of Was (Not Was)'s single "Spy in the House of Love" but also the bass line and other elements. However, no lawsuits ensued (or were settled out of court)."

  36. sauermusicDE

    No, it's not.

  37. JosCR66

    Love this song!!!!

  38. Divvadoll

    Plenty Love. Junction Seven

  39. Davemonzon

    Great tune. Thanks so much for uploading this one

  40. J. Howard

    Ditto!! Good song to dance to. Anyone got a jazzy song Steve sang? Can't find. HELP!!