Steve Winwood - One And Only Man Lyrics

Every time I see you, girl, it makes me feel so sad
Knowing you've been seeing some other guy that treats you bad
Did you know I'm burning deep inside for you?
Just give me the chance now and we can see it through
If you'll be my woman, I'll be your one and only man

Gonna take you with me far away from hearts of stone
We'll live in the country and raise some children of our own
I will be your lover, I will be your friend
I'll give you my loving, on that you can depend
If you'll be my woman, I'll be your one and only man

And there'll be no more crying, I'll make your dreams come true
You know I'll never turn my back on you

Take you to the city, girl, we're gonna buy some clothes
Dress you up so pretty and then we'll take in all the shows
Find a place that's jumping, where the music's tight
And we'll keep on dancing 'til the morning light

If you'll be my woman, I'll be your one and only man, oh yeah
If you'll be my woman, I'll be your man
Know I'm gonna give you everything I can
If you'll be my woman, I'll be your man,
There'll be no more running, gonna make a stand

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Steve Winwood One And Only Man Comments
  1. dEnNiS WaLkEr

    Last Billboard hot 100 song for Steve. Hit # 18 in winter of late 1990.

  2. Markus Wolf

    Bought LP day it came out in stores..

  3. Leo Delgado


  4. Raul Green

    Got some Blues & R/B to this song

  5. Jim Honeywell

    Awesome song

  6. Tom Bozza

    The need to hear good, forgotten music from the early 90s brought me here!

  7. Jack B

    Great song. They don't make music like this anymore.

  8. traci m

    sounds like Forever Man the beat from Eric Clapton i love it you go Steve the man just plays his heart out to his best

  9. Robbie Stewart

    What a lot of people don't know is this song was what caused Traffic to reunite and release the comeback album "Far From Home" in 1994, since Jim Capaldi played drums on this track.

  10. ArseneWenger

    The voice. The percussion. His best


    No shit

  11. kev smith

    Great song, great synth.

  12. Marc Chamberlain

    One of the best songs that no one knew about

    Juan34123 Peres

    great song Man your rigth

    Tim Hilliard

    I was jamming this 20 years ago


    This Top 20 crossover hit topped the Billboard Album Rock Singles chart back in the day.

    Scot Fodi

    Had the tape in college. I’d play this every night walking back from studies to my apt. You’re right. A very unknown album/song.