Steve Winwood - Angel Of Mercy Lyrics

Every little thing that can go wrong
Don't you know I realize
All the trouble that goes on so long
Restoration of it seems so wise
But when the hope and the love has gone
You're the one the world is searching for
Hold on for the way gets clear
For your love, for our love
That's what I'm saying

Angel of mercy,
Won't you stay with me, won't you stay with me?

Take a little water to cool you down
Reach out to your furthest dream
If you find that you've been turned around
Get back up and try again

Though your future's not plain
Your effort's not in vain
For we are in need of
Your sweet touch - please be near us

When the sun turns to rain
Then our loss can be gain
If you could reach out
Take my hand, yeah

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Steve Winwood Angel Of Mercy Comments
  1. capitaljazzfan

    One of my favorites!😁😁

  2. Kajar Kadajas

    Classic Winwood song!

  3. Arrigo Tonelli

    Winwood, an artist linked to great memories .....

  4. Arrigo Tonelli

    Non vuoi stare con me???

  5. Denise Smith

    beautiful song

  6. Uncle Gary

    This Has To Be His Main Cut!Serious Joint!

  7. acwzywabit

    Awesome & great quality!