Steve Perry - October In New York Lyrics

My dear, you should know, though we are apart
I can't let you go when you're right here, here in my heart
And now that you're gone, I swear again
I will remember October in New York

After all those things we promised
Will you be there?

And here we are, so close, yet, so far
I still hear your voice, in the night, calling my name
I sing for you dear, right here, right now and forever
Oh, I remember October in New York

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Steve Perry October In New York Comments
  1. Donna Lazzaro

    I love this, I can't listen enough to this song.

  2. Sherry T.

    I can't get enough of this lovely song. 🥰

  3. Denise Hedden

    🥀Beautiful Sad Love Song and my heart breaks for the word's he sings. I know the feeling of loosing your soulmate it's hard but we have to go on with life even if it's through music. I love this song🥀☝️🥀

  4. Sandra Kinney

    This is so beautiful, what a beautiful tribute to Kellie, it really touches my heart.

  5. French Pizza

    Nothing could have prepared me for Your come back. You are so loved ❤️💙. Your voice and this music style. Sky World ❤️ Honor

  6. Donna Lazzaro


  7. Jane McMinn

    Have been listening to Traces and it is so sincere and the emotion comes through. I am so sorry for your loss and pain. GoD Bless.

  8. Gigi Sabat

    So much feeling, beautiful, this touched my heart

  9. Debbie Blaylock

    A beautiful song ❤️💜

  10. Tami Correll

    such a beautiful song written for his Kellie, so glad they found each other when they did, shame she left far too soon, RIP Kellie, thank you for bringing love & happiness back into Steves heart.

  11. Margie Rogers

    It is a perfect love song to Kellie !

    Deborah Minton

    @Margie Rogers ... I agree 100% ... so touching after the 8 months they spent together in NY, his precious memories of those times with her ... 💜

  12. Pam Christensen


  13. free tob

    Wow!!! this is proof right here that we can bring back beautiful music from days past. Mr. Steve Perry is not and was not afraid to release this timeless, classical beautiful music. LOVE


    Yes it is possible, but this trashy world won't accept it. Maybe 500,000 copies will be sold? At best around a million. Good music will always be around, but the demand is so low it'll be extremely hard to find.

  14. free tob

    So Classic and Classical. Lovely Man, Lovely Voice, Lovely Lyrics. JUST SO LOVELY

  15. lea Holland

    Tear Drops, 10/8 my birthday so beautiful song, an album. was in New York 1974- 1977 good memories back in the day.

  16. Cynthia VanVoorhis

    True love gone to soon.

  17. Dan massey

    Simply breathtaking.

  18. Gabby Sojourner

    A Beautiful Love Story that moves us all. A profound Gift of Song to the Love of his Life.... we are honored to be touched by the eloquence of the Gift.

  19. UNbowed62

    ~Ah! Beauty in its Splendor, Heartfelt notes from The One & The Only! 🙏🏽 🥰🎶❤️

  20. 14lucas100

    I’m amazed with Steve’s ability to connect with the fans through his music. He will or is probably the greatest of all times. He floats like a butterfly and his music stings like a bee

  21. margot ling

    It's a tear jerker

  22. SJ SMITH

    I hope I can find a copy that has bonus tracks ! I'm 69 too and find myself waking up to hearing Steve Perry "no more cryin " in my head!

  23. Ms Creek

    I feel your pain. My goodness I've never had a song affect me this much.

  24. 33carpntr

    Calm cool and fantastic!

  25. Vince Champion

    One of the best. I love the strings. It’s like listening to Sinatra or Bennet. Just a beautiful song

  26. Drewsfoodreviews

    Love this song it's so beautiful Steve at his best such beautiful vocals on this one steve is the man

  27. Theron Hayden


  28. Sarah Harman

    How on this earth can you listen to this song and not wonder why this album was not nominated for something. y You can just feel the emotion ooze thru the screen, his voice has even more texture and richness than it ever has and if you listen to the album without the videos you realize his voice is going higher and doing more than it ever has. The critics are idiots and all I can say is we are blessed to be in the presence of just greatness thank you for sharing your heart with us I know opening your heart to critizimims can be hard so thank you so very much!!!!!!!!

  29. ChristianFreeman

    Damn! Steve wrote this... Wow! Sounds like a Cole Porter song!

    Donna Lazzaro

    Yep. He's the man.

  30. legasiguy

    Wow, just wow!!! Steve is better than ever, is showing that he's matured his sound and can sing as good as anyone in music history!!

  31. Maw Zilla

    Dammit! Wheres the kleenex box!

    Tricia 77

    I know😭😭😭😭🤧

  32. Karla Garcia

    A beautiful song! Full of emotion , it really makes you feel the song. I love it!❤

  33. john violette

    You know this version sounds a bit different than the one on my cd. A bit less delay between vocal lines. Great song and we'll done by Steve.

    Peter May

    Yeah i have the Japan cd version which has an extended start

    Steven Jones

    Definitely different.


    Tearjerker...simply elegant👍🤙=^..^=

  35. patricia fedick


  36. ryknroller nana

    Chill bumps to the max!

  37. Tricia 77

    Beautiful emotion filled song! This is my favorite track from Traces!!💜💜💜💜💜💜

  38. Reaganbites

    Like a Nat King Cole song

  39. Norma Staszkiewicz

    This song reminds me of Barry Manalows " Weekend in New England". Absolutely love this makes me cry. A beautiful tribute to Kellie.

  40. Nadine LP

    Again, thank you!

  41. Sam Mom

    Beautiful! Crooning at its best. Steve, you are bringing it all on this album. 😘
    Looking forward to your next project.

  42. summerchild810

    Very pretty!

  43. Mike Jr

    A very moving song, really touches the soul. Thank so very much Steve in everything you do. Such a great man with so much great music. Take Care and Be Safe. May God Bless you and everyone.

  44. Sharon Ratcliff

    I love this song it beautiful thank you Steve