Steve Perry - Could We Be Somethin' Again Lyrics

There you were, your smiling face
I won't forget the night we met
You were the one, my heart’s desire
You're still my girl, you are my fire

Even though my eyes don't show
You were everything this boy could want, tell me
(Could we be something again?) Woah, I got to know, could
(Could we be something again?) All you gotta do is call

Sometimes, a boy must play the part
Must play the game to hide his heart
If you left me, what would I do?
You are my girl, what could I do?

And even though I never let you know
You were everything this boy could want, tell me
(Could we be something again?) You know I need to know, woah, girl
(Could we be something again?) All you gotta do is call

Oh, do you wanna, do you wanna? Yah-yah
Do you want a little? Yah-yah, yah-yah
Do you wanna love again, baby?

Oh, do you wanna give a little? Yah-yah
Do you want a little? Yah-yah, yah-yah
Do you wanna love again, baby?

(Could we be something again?)
Oh, do you wanna, do you wanna? Yah-yah
Yah-yah, do you wanna love again, baby?

(Could we be something again?)
Oh, do you wanna give a little? Yah-yah
Yah-yah, do you wanna love again, baby?

(Could we be something again?)
Oh, do you wanna, do you wanna? Yah-yah
Yah-yah, do you wanna love again, baby?

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Steve Perry Could We Be Somethin' Again Comments
  1. Cheryl McDaniel

    ‘Do you wanna a little ya-ya?’ I so love this song.

  2. Linda Price-Cowsert

    Definitely my favorite also!!

  3. Denise Hedden

    🥀Amazing song! I love the difference in the way this was arranged it's brilliant🥀☝️

  4. Cheryl McDaniel

    How do you pick a favorite song on an album? Because it makes you smile or want to dance? The more I listen to this, I believe I have found my favorite.

  5. Trey Mcleod

    Steve I wish you would release this song as A single with a Video. It would be a chart topper!

  6. David Vitullo

    Steve Perry is a great song writer, this is one of the my favorites

  7. French Pizza

    I tried. He was gone. I couldn't see him. Love was gone. I will love again. Yes I do want to love again. Happy Thanksgiving to you all

  8. French Pizza

    You lovely man ❣️❣️❣️

  9. Marion Thomas

    Yes we could be something, but only If you want to and your daughter approves of me. I love 💕 you Steve. Sincerely, Marion Thomas❤️ I’d never let you go my darling.

  10. Terry Lelko

    This song shows that Steve can still find happiness in his music.

  11. Angela Troutt

    #AbsolutelyFantastic thank you for all you do #StevePerry I love you always Angelina!

  12. Martina Carrilo

    Love his voice it's like an angel singing and showing his feelings for everyone to feel what he does LOVE. 💘


    This song is awesome, i just love it, i don't know why it's not in the first place on the radios.



  15. Mauricio Courbis

    Steve Perry the best


    I loved "Traces", and you for adding bonus, it was a touch of genius, love you Steve, you are a blessing in our lives.💕💕🌷

  17. Angela Troutt

    Absolutely Fantastic Stevie! Love it!! Love you Stevie!

  18. tatiana santos

    the album of traces are very beautiful l really like

  19. Daniel Chaves

    You is Very good Steve, The Voice, The best Voice, The best music...

  20. Carlos Ferrigno


  21. Dawn Lynette

    I hear this in my sleep, and I'm sooo fine with that. Amazing!

  22. Pam Christensen

    Ya! Ya!

  23. Pam Christensen

    Love this!

  24. Rosa Pereira

    Mediante la tecnologia te encontre y te conoci querido Steve Perry, cuando hacia mis trabajos practicos en la facultad en mi epoca de juventud, escuchaba tus musicas sin saber siquiera tu nombre y el de tu banda. Gracias a Dios y a la tecnologia te encontre de vuelta, soy de tu generacion y me trae alegria al alma saber que estas brindando lo mejor de vos a los que apreciamos tus canciones

  25. Tricia 77

    I love this jam!!!💃🏽🎶🎵🎶

  26. Laurie La Comb

    LOVE IT! You must know that having “sonic emotion” works . I’ve never heard “ya ya” sound so appealing!

  27. Seth team-enormouse70

    Released on my 19th birthday!! My favorite singer/childhood role model really knows how to bring it, easily the best to ever sing a note

  28. Gabby Sojourner

    Yet another possibility for a video version... uhhh huhhhhh.

  29. Jane Knapp

    Wow..another great song..very light and upbeat..just love it..thanks Steve..yah yah❤❤

  30. Had Enough

    This should be the new radio request! Love this additional track ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Patti

    Love this song. ❤️

  32. Marion Thomas

    You better believe we can be something again we were once in heaven why not on earth too. Steve I'm soul in love with you my heart ❤ missing you.

  33. Margie Rogers

    Love the beat and words ! It is one of those songs that will stay with you and you sing it all the time ,,

  34. margot ling

    Steve You have omitted all the happy upbeat songs in Traces for us Canadians

  35. margot ling

    Steve you did not give us this song in Canada We feel short changed

  36. margot ling

    I'm a Canadian and we did not get this wonderful light and airy song on our CD Traces

  37. patricia fedick


    patricia fedick


  38. SJ SMITH

    Love these bonus tracks I love this! 💗

  39. Ms Creek

    Could we be something again I love it!

  40. Ann Visser

    Love this! One of my favorites of Traces. Makes me want to dance 😘

  41. Vince Champion

    “Do ya wanna love again baby?” Love this song

  42. Marion Thomas

    Lol, yes... That was just the cutest, fun, outgoing song. Do I wanna ya ya? Well in honesty you would have to teach me what ya ya is first, lol. And if it isn't bad then I might ya ya with you Steve Perry only. Lol. Heart missing you.

    Marion Thomas

    Thank you once again my mystery guy, you know you make me smile 😃 when you like my post specially if it were Steve Perry, but I know he doesn't read them so is it ok if I just pretend please? Please know its not to offend you, its to soothe my broken 💔 ok thank you.

    Marion Thomas

    Please, who are you liking and Highlighting my post? I truly appreciate it very much. It is spinning my mind round and round who's name shall I wonder? Or shall I keep you my mystery guy? Are you my heart's secret? Are you the guy that captivated me and cought my eyes? Won my soul and heart? Please, who are you Mr. Mystery guy? Am I not to ever know Whom you are? Keeping my mind spinning in poetry rhyme, I can write on a drop of a dime. Words swimming in my head, tell me my friend who are you? Although I think it's cute you have me in a suspense, jumping fences in my head. Could it be true is it you the one whom owns this ya ya video? If so, tell me, what does ya ya mean? I'll ya ya with you, but only if it is good. I'm sure it is or you wouldn't of created it or make it. So tell me would you ya ya with me? I'll ya ya with you, but you must tell me your name. If it is not steve then I'm so sorry I can not ya ya with thee, you see it was Steve whom swooped me off my feet, won my soul love and my heart misses you. Yes it is true I've fell in love with you so long ago, but sadly my dear you'll never know. Sincerely, Marion.

  43. Drewsfoodreviews

    Yes I'm so glad Steve added the bonus tracks on here I love his singing so much these are great extra songs

  44. Anna Marie Svatos


  45. Pamela McHenry

    Love this! The first time I have heard it! I will definitely be coming back to listen to it again and again!

  46. Peggy Corbett

    Very nice song. ❤💋

  47. Gary Stuckey

    Fave song on the album

    Deborah Minton

    @Gary Stucky ... mine too !! ... specially love the part at about 2:30, right after the 1st do ya wanna yah yah, where he kinda growls with more passion "do ya wanna love again baby ??" ... so cool ... & all the "do ya wanna yah yahs" ... quick answer: yeah yeah !! 💜💜💜

    Anita Spears

    Gary, that is my favorite too!

  48. Jean Lizzie

    This is one of my favorites on the album...the melody and the playful ya-ya lyrics.

  49. Davida Williams

    I am so glad that he added the bonus tracks to his channel. This is my second favorite song of the album. Rock and soul

  50. Dgj Jgd

    He's got a little bit reggae going on love it


    🔥❤❤❤ another of my faves👍 Do you wanna give a little ya-ya😜🤙=^..^=

  52. Gabby Sojourner

    Thank you for adding the bonus tracks onto your You Tube channel. We appreciate all that you gift us. Your singing and writing again has been more than worth the wait. Love this song!!! :D

  53. Anitta Barker

    love this.. beautiful song.. like to yaya

  54. Carole Mclure

    Awesome Song!

  55. Norma Staszkiewicz

    Love, Love, Love the Ya Ya song!!

    lourdes m

    Hermosa la Canción
    Yl la voz sigue intacta
    Como siempre q gran
    Artista es Steve Perry
    Dios lo bendiga siempre eternamente porque el es una persona maravillosa y encantadora 😘👍👏😍

  56. catangel70

    Let's all Ya Ya!!!

  57. Debbie Blaylock

    The one and only Steve Perry love the music

  58. Mike Jr

    Thank you very much Steve for all you do for us. May God Bless you and yours and everyone else.

  59. Al Rossi

    Lovin’ the R&B vibe on this tune. The one AND only Steve Perry folks!