Steve Perry - Blue Jays Fly Lyrics

I dreamed, one night, you were gone
In the yard by the house, blue jays fly
All alone, all alone, nowhere to hide
Wishing you were still here

Just a boy in the dark, in the yard by the tree
Looking up in the sky, blue jays fly
All by myself, wish you were here
All alone, all alone, blue jays fly

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Steve Perry Blue Jays Fly Comments
  1. Jazzy Gurl

    his father left when he was a boy alone in the house with the yard and the tree....

  2. Nan Hand

    Such a moving song....I can never listen without tears. God bless you Steve.🙏💖

  3. David Vitullo

    A great song Steve Perry wrote a great heart touching song makes you cry,

  4. Kim Sassman

    😭😭 one of my favorites! I can't stop crying

  5. Norma Staszkiewicz

    Hey Steve Perry Fans...with this week being th 1 yr anniversary of Traces..please consider signing our petition for SP to get his own SiriusXM channel. Then pass along to family and friends. Thank you Steve Perry Legacy Group🎤🎵💜

  6. patricia fedick


    patricia fedick


  7. Sherry T.

    This song touched my heart. 💜


    touched home ! I do this! the bluejays had 2 wow!

  9. kelly higgins

    When my aunt passed away the first thing I saw was a blue jay , it is known in the Indian culture that the first animal you see after one'passing as in my case & Steves, I believe, our loved one's spiritual being & spiritual animal is a "blue jay", so , eachtime your greeted by one remember the person is saying "hi" I love and miss you from their spiritual realm ! Just a beautiful song hands down ! Sincerest condolences Steve 💜

  10. Humbie Medina

    Freedom to do what one feels bring this to us.
    Thanks mr. Perry

  11. Marietta Clark

    are these new ones in stores now music cds cant wait to collect them all

  12. Gabby Sojourner

    Our childhood can both haunt us and heal our memories. The sound of Steve's voice here is so emotional and reminds us of our own childhoods yet this song brings us healing for through the glass darkly did we as children understand but now we see more clearly the love that was there but just not expressed as we needed. Our parents loved us in their own ways, the best they knew how. We miss them dearly.

  13. Marion Thomas

    I like this one because it is a story poem song. Steve a frightened little boy stage in his life or afraid of being left alone. Missing his mom too. I think steve is afraid to be left alone he doesn't have to be I'm reaching out to him. I love the ending of the sounded like a whisper of wind, soul free flying home to God as a blue Jay flying away. So poetically written, spoken in song. Very beautifully done Steve Perry. Soul in love with you, heart missing you. I loved it because I can relate to it also. I love poetry as I love to write it also. Blue Jays fly is what I would call a story poem, poem how I write. Poetry telling a story. Very heartfelt.

  14. margot ling

    My favourite Traces song

  15. margot ling

    It's heavenly may heavenly peace and love be with you always Steve

  16. margot ling

    It's almost like a hymn

  17. SJ SMITH

    A heavenly song for a heavenly 💖! ( girl)

  18. Annette Dacosta loved you!😢💖👍

  19. Pedro De Leon

    This song is very honest and sadness cleanses. It cannot be ignored. I went through my parents divorcing and still feel it to this day but I moved on by maintaining my marriage with love. Traces is an album that like the other solo album, "For The Love of Strange Medicine" has changed my perspective in life.

  20. sharon mcmanus

    u know what? sometimes in life people have to go thru the grieving process. If you can't relate as a listener the present.. then GOD bless you.. BUT remember..ONE day you yourself will indeed go thru trying times when you lose a loved one that crushes your soul to the core to lose and then perhaps you will understand..Death is going to happen to us all..I just hope and pray whilst we are in the midst of living..we support our family and friends

  21. thundersmypup

    This is my favorite song off Traces...I absolutely LOVE it!!! I can actually visualize this whole thing. Best song EVER!!! Love you Stevie and always sending you loving, healing energy. Your soul is so pure and beautiful. Believe that. xxx

  22. Annette Dacosta


  23. TA 5

    I find this song really depressing. It didn't make the cut to my iPod.

    sharon mcmanus

    lol..I hate that

  24. Sheila

    This is the most heartbreaking song I’ve ever heard. It brings back childhood feelings, and vulnerability. I’m going to guess it’s about your father, and your heartache from missing his regular presence in your life.

  25. shock2250

    This song makes me want cry its so full of pain

  26. Reaganbites

    You had to go and make me tear up, thanks Steve.

  27. Norma Staszkiewicz

    Very beautiful and haunting song.

  28. Sam Mom

    Wow, wow, wow! I don't have the extended version of Traces so this is the first time for me to hear this. The pain in this little boy! Divorce is horrible. For all who know this pain, I pray for healing of your hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. This song will touch many. I have two Traces CDs and both are the same. Lol! I have to go get the new one one. Can always use three! 😘


    No doubt. I have the target version and had to skip this one. So much on this album literally making me cry. So many people including myself know far too well the damage of divorce to the children. He's speaking for many people on this album.