Steve Miller Band, The - Rock Love Lyrics

Do do do do doot
Do do do do doot
Do do do do doot
You got to have rock love
To weather the storm
It's got to be rock love
To help you carry on

When the winds of temptation move your soul
Stay with me now, don't you let it go
I told you so

Rock love will weather the storm
You got to have rock love to hear your song
It's got to be rock love, yeah
To make you strong

When everybody puts you down
The rock of love will be around
It's solid ground

Rock love will weather the storm
Rock love, yeah, will help you carry on
Sweet Jesus will see you through
Your trials, tribulations too

No matter how far you go
Still I will love you so
I told you so

Rock love will weather the storm

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Steve Miller Band, The Rock Love Comments
  1. cosmicdust

    His best album ever! Peace

  2. zxccxz164

    when did THIS come out?!?! love it!

    Jan Trieger

    zxccxz164 197

  3. DwighttFrye

    Got this album when it first came out,and still have it.Call me crazy,but thought it was pretty good back then,and still like it.

  4. Michael Farragher

    Miller fans should seek out Steve's drummer Tim Davis.He has an album "Pipe Dreams" which I believe is a lost classic. It was recorded around the"Number 5" and "Journey from Eden" era.It can be found on youtube.Although not credited I hear Steve's plain on it,particularly Terr Reid's "Rich Kid Blues" the album closer.

  5. Jim Van der Zanden

    absolutely also my favorite album of Steve Miller!!


    One of the many forgotten Steve Miller classics before his ridiculously popular phase...

  7. oregonbobv

    Great album. I have the lp. The live side is increidble.!!! Thanks for the post.

  8. Gail Browne-McDonald

    I couldn't agree more! I loved this much more than the more commercial stuff that came out later

  9. Frankincensed

    On this album you can really start to hear Miller's voice take on greater range, depth, and character. He sounds great on this recording.

  10. KowKowCalqulator

    Good job Circuit7

  11. PenskeHilton

    Their best album without question.....

  12. Dunderquack

    Always loved this song and album. Thank God I'm not a critic.

  13. Barry DeWalt

    This song kicks ass !

  14. KowKowCalqulator

    Maybe one day they will put that on CD. Thanks for posting Circuit.

    Sunshine Day

    I don't think Steve wants to release it again. He didn't like some the songs later and thought some of the songs were too dark.

  15. 1967PONTIACGTO

    A great and underrated song.

  16. motherbrain86

    not as bad a record as people and critics make it out to be

  17. mugwump666

    This album was maligned? Tell by who and I will give them what for! lol

    This was always my favorite out af all the Pre-Joker albums, number six, I believe. Half live and Half studio, a great concept.

    Thank you for putting it up.

  18. Circuit7Active

    Just added Love Shock, but had to trim some of the drum solo since the song is about 11:30 minutes long.

  19. im4out again

    i always liked living in the usa.......
    motherless children...ahhh nice...but this good as well.........