Steve Miller Band, The - My Friend Lyrics

So you think you know just what goes on inside your head, my friend
There is so much more than you and I can comprehend
Things that make you laugh, things that make you cry
Let you love when you feel like you wanna die

There's no answer to the questions that we find inside, my friend
But when we start to wonder why, we wind up further behind, my friend
All we see has always been shown
But there's so many things that I've never known

So you think you know, my friend
But you don't know, my friend, my friend
You think you know
But you don't know

All for one and one for all
It's everything or nothing at all
Listen, my friend
You don't know
No, my friend
You don't know

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Steve Miller Band, The My Friend Comments
  1. Ralph McHendry

    Immaculate Lonnie Turner bass.

  2. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    Maybe the greatest song ever done by steve, or maybe ever ahahah pass the pipe you whore

  3. Earl Dwire

    Written and lead vocals by Tim Davis, drummer

  4. Jimmaculate

    There is so much to this song. And I like to listen to this and not to the Joker and abracadabra, and jet airliner, listening to Steve in very recent interviews and how important all those radio hits were... I just don't get it I thought they were absolutely meaningless

    Dave Stahl

    they were important to him for the pop appeal and sales potential. This album had lots of interesting and pretty innovative music. IMHO, Fly like an Eagle and many of his other pop hits were pretty weak.

  5. Stephen Weeks

    Awesome Dude 😝

  6. Timothy Hayes

    Great tune. Heard it for the first time today on Sirius XM's DEEP TRACKS.

  7. Casey Pons

    Placing this vinyl album on your Dad's Stereo back in '68, and have him catch you, was an automatic grounding for your entire 8th grade class year. I know for a fact. Ha!

    Casey Pons

    That's right friend. And it wasn't even playing at the time it was just on the turntable. When he found it he came in my bedroom broke it in a million pieces and threw it at me while I was sleeping. Fun times growing up in my house.
    Sorry, don't know of any Pons' relatives in Ill.


    @Casey Pons Thanks for the response. Man, I sure feel badly for you....the way it was in your household growing up with crap like that happening. I don't know how a person can truly come away 100% sane with episodes like that in their childhood. Sounds like alky was a prominent factor, perhaps. Man....that's a heavy penalty to pay just for leaving an album on a turntable...and it wasn't even playing. I feel badly for you, my friend.  

    Casey Pons

    Hey, looking back it was normal behaviour to grow up around as a kid in my house during the '50's,'60's, and get out asap .  Live and learn. 
    Memo to self: "Never leave my records on his turntable after playing them while he was away. Ha!"

    Casey Pons

    @WickedTornado: PS I appreciate your sensitivity to the situation none the less. It could have been a lot worse, knowing some of my friends Dad's, I got off light. Seriously!!!
    Take Care, Man...

    Larry Leese

    @Casey Pons Haha! my dad said this stereo won't play this kind of music. I can relate!

  8. Casey Pons

    Love this song off of the Sailor production. 18 years old looking to the brave new world for answers...
    Thanks for sharing this little jewel!

  9. Taft Chatham

    you think you know, but you don't know

    1:47 to 2:22 is a perfect marriage of music and lyrics

  10. Vin D

    To be taken with acid. If you know what I mean, you already have been there...

  11. orses4corses

    What makes this track as well is that it runs straight into Living in the USA!

  12. Jason Chinnian

    Fabulous up tempo stomper!!!
    Does anyone know if this track is available on 7" single? I have the album already.

  13. mrbag60

    The last 45 seconds of this song where Steve builds into a guitar freakout, goes a long way towards explaining why this man at least in the early days was called Stevie "Guitar" Miller.