Steve Miller Band, The - Dear Mary Lyrics

Dear Mary
Thank you for the day
We shared together

Had there been another day
Another way to tell you I need you, I need you
Had there been another day

Dear Mary
Thank you for the day
We shared together

Deep in my heart I am waiting
I'm waiting for you
Deep in my heart I am waiting
What else can I do
Waiting, waiting for you

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Steve Miller Band, The Dear Mary Comments
  1. Rebekah Martin

    Steve miller’s four albums of the late 60’s are amongst the most underrated albums in rock history. Anyone who likes his 70’s stuff should check them out, ESPECIALLY Your Saving Grace. Milo

  2. Troy Turton

    I always called him white boy blues!

  3. Ben Kleschinsky

    I'll light the fire.
    You put the flowers in the vase that you bought today.
    Staring at the fire for hours and hours while I listen to you.
    Play your love songs all night long for me, only for me.

  4. Li haowen

    I love u Mary

  5. Enggohoi

    smoke mary and play this song ,cries manly tears after smoke a mary

  6. Knox Bronson

    I knew a Mary. Tall thin blond. We were teenagers. I can't hear this song without thinking about one particular night fifty years ago.

  7. Jay Munton

    One your best Steve!!

  8. Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury

    This song has a fairly common descending chord progression C C/B Am Am/G F ...
    It’s also used in David Bowie - Changes, CSNY - Our House, Beatles - Hello Goodbye, etc

  9. Jimmy Lara

    Abracadabra brought me here

  10. Donald Mattia

    Almost forgot how great this album is.

  11. lulu winke

    who doesn't love this song?

  12. Jon Saunders

    Yes! Finally found it!

  13. Lengo67

    Damn! Mr. Steve Miller was one talented man! This song puts me on Odysseus's boat, navigating the foggy waters and around the cyclops' rock and saving Perseus.

    My goodness! What a playlist! This really whips the llama's ass!

  14. lulu winke t'was after smokin that funny rolled fat cig. at a lake in
    wa.- I bought this great album...I love SM thx..I still can hear and see the rain..

  15. phoneyjoe

    Don't know why this song popped into my head. I never hear it on the radio. Had forgotten it was from the Sailor album. Now I'll have to listen to the rest. This and Number 5 are the Steve Miller albums I still enjoy.

  16. Bob

    Love this song, always have.

  17. Chuck Berry

    Thanks for this posting.. There's some other "Fake" version of this song and others off of this album..
    Some horrible dub-step or techno-crap .. BEWARE... 😎

  18. gorillashop

    Does anyone know who the song is about is there an actual Mary?


    i think is maryjane / Ganja

  19. 320 Parks

    whiter shade penny lane sincerely yours, the gangster of love

  20. Douglas Garfield

    what else can he do?.........

  21. Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic

    reminds me of Beatles For No One. haven't heard this is almost 20 years without a record player. sounds great. never noticed the rain in the background

    Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury

    Wildberry Jam I was getting a bit of Hello Goodbye

    Ben Kleschinsky

    Our House, CS&N.

  22. Larry Leese

    Played this in the Air Force barracks in 1972 and all they could say was, yeah, yeah, thanks for the bubblegum pop. What???? This is a great song and I just wanted to share. Pooh on them.

    Rick Lind

    I love it when people are so deep into their own little worlds they can't recognize their own ignorance. Hahahaaaa


    If they didn't like the song, that's fine, but bubble gum? Some of his later stuff came close to that, but not this album.


    Macho boys will be boys forever. Count your blessing. You're smarter than them.

    Stephen Childs

    Larry Leese
    More than just pooh on them
    To Hell with them
    Those are the same as Most Christians how they tell the story and somehow They give no thanks or Honor for Mary and it's a story regardless of if it's true it makes the whole story mad and Ugly with no true Honor and respect for their story that does show her to be the Mother Of Who the Story call God!
    Pooh on them with no Winnie lol

    samuel beckett

    thank you for your service

  23. Rebecca Bickham

    thank you hfield07..

  24. Rebecca Bickham

    To MBD in heaven.
    The best angel I've known..
    Thank you Steve miller band for a beautiful goodbye song
    for a forever friend.

  25. jay heakes

    A great song to listen to while you're walking to the ocean and sitting down to read Baudelaire with.

  26. kirk moreland

    "our house" (is a very, very,very fine house...)


    this came out a year before that dumb ass C S and N song

    David Higginbotham

    our house is also a Penny Lane house....

  27. CivitoRoz

    I miss you so much.

  28. BertyFromDK

    This song is so beautiful. *cries manly tears*

  29. Hernando Gonzalez

    great song, brings back a lot of good memories from back in the day. thanks

  30. MusicDude86

    @Raul Diaz: Good call....does have that Procol Harum feel.


    MusicDude86 exactly what I thought as soon as it opened. Same era

  31. Raul Diaz

    reminds me a white shade of pale of procul harum

  32. sirwatchalot

    Fantastic CLASSIC...not too many this good...EVER!!!(late sixties gold!!)

  33. Maryjean Lacidonia

    sweeeeet. My name is Mary - my soulmate played this for me over and over...we are still together and have two amazing children. A 27 year old son - Vincent (engineer) and a daughter Maria age 23 - an RN.... Thank you for this!


    Maryjean Lacidonia lovely song and story

    I'm happy to hear about their success in their career and how this song makes you reflect on your soul mate and the family you two created.

  34. James A Dempsey

    Every record he put out before the Joker was awesome. I guess Capitol told him he better start writing hits. This early stuff blows EVERY one of his "hits" away. God bless him though.


    All of this kicks ass! There's psychedelic rock, blues rock, and then a very nice ending. This playlist just kills it!

    Ray Carpenter

    So true. I remember Steve Miller who was considered to be "Progressive" and "Underground", The Joker was a vast disappointment and nothing but a sell out by we of the great unwashed.
    You nailed it.

  35. vintelemon

    @whorn3351 I was also in high school (Miami Springs) at this time. Got this record at Jefferson's Dept. store downtown. Used to cruise to South Beach in my VW bus, when South Beach was cool: run down hotels, surf and bagel shops. Great times. Peace!

  36. vintelemon

    @whorn3351 I was also in high school (Miami Springs) at this time. Got this record at Jefferson's Dept. store downtown. Used to cruise to South Beach in my VW bus, when South Beach was cool: run down hotels, surf and bagel shops. Great times. Peace!

  37. vintelemon

    @whorn3351 I was also in high school (Miami Springs) at this time. Got this record at Jefferson's Dept. store downtown. Used to cruise to South Beach in my VW bus, when South Beach was cool: run down hotels, surf and bagel shops. Great times. Peace!

  38. puddinglover02

    Just love this track and Steve's music in general. Reminds me of special times.


    This is a wonderful song. It is based on Bach's Air in G. Also which is what "A Whiter Shade of Pale" is based on. Beautiful. Also Flying Buttress' "Waiting for the train is based on it too! It is also on youtube just check out flying buttress waiting for the train in youtube's search engine

  40. orses4corses

    His first few albums were absolutely brilliant. He was a mover and a shaker as was Boz.

  41. Bill Horn

    Our fav 8 track going from Miami to Miami Beach to park cars at a hotel, while still in High School. I still download it along with the beatles white and remember the great tunes crossing the inter coastal.Yes I'm 59

  42. joehawk520

    An acoustic acid rock from way back when. Not only a love song but a head song. Like having clouds hurled at your head. Thanks....

  43. Biscuits

    I love this song. Steve Miller and his band probably kept me sane on some wacky metaphysical trips. The Sailor album is a classic and, sadly, most of the music on the album gets no airtime as is the case for most of Steve Miller's best material..

  44. Cheryl Sottile-Flynn

    When I was a music major at UMassLowell, back in prehistoric times, I used to go to the library Listening Lab and play this song by the SMB. This was a cool band, I think.

  45. drumier

    this is classic rock you wont hear on a classic rock station, the dummies that the media are.


    drumier good point but I'm happy I can appreciate it nearly 50 years after it created.

  46. kakemuchie

    I got the 45 this song was recorded on. Classic love song.
    Only 3 grand hits !!!!!

  47. henry viola

    this is one of my all time favorites can still remember the night me and 2 good friends spent the night listening to music; this song stuck in my head, thanks for the song Steve

  48. Barry Palm

    Steve Miller is among the best guitar players in rock ...despite his commercial "hits" like "Fly Like An Eagle" or "The Joker" which leave something to the imagination. "Dear Mary" is among his best as is "Seasons" from 'Brave new World.'

  49. filthyphillyboy

    Yep, unfortunately.

    Ray Carpenter

    Well, you going to leave us hanging?

  50. nizxbit

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  51. Arturo

    i bought the double record in a store called LA PAZ in laredo texas in 71 or 72 i was 15 or 16 and this song liked me so much i.... i prefeer to hear it after smoke a maryjuana cigarret.......

  52. Asher Atchick

    Stevie "Guitar" Miller at the top of his game.

  53. c1c0b3rt

    Sailor is a great album...

  54. Mako Mo Shaw

    I really love this song... We've all had our share of "Mary"s we've wished we could say this to :(

  55. fRed P

    check the fabulous version of this track by SWALLOW on their myspace