Steve Lacy - When I Lyrics

Girl when I miss you (When I miss you)
I get caught up (All in my feelings girl)
I wanna kiss you (I wanna kiss you)

Show you some love (Love)
Show you some love (Love)
I wanna show you some love (Love)

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Steve Lacy When I Comments
  1. googoomu22

    Too damn elegant. Too damn beautiful!

  2. Joi SheDaya

    all i want - is for you to make this longer

  3. giselle

    when i miss uuuu

  4. 803SLANGER xx


  5. shinigami 666

    This is so amazing!!!! 👽

  6. Scout with Clout

    Love Steve lacy ❤️

  7. joyce

    the love of my life

  8. The1977Punk

    If you like Steve Lacy, check out Ted Duchamp - Better Days, think you'll enjoy it, have a nice day:)

  9. lali tamale

    I'm flying

  10. kayla robinson

    1 year :p

  11. MrMuskyJunk

    Anyone know the chords notes to this

  12. disrespectful

    this was posted four years ago oml im so late and i listen to steve all the time, and i wanted to like the song but its at 666 likes so lemme keep it as that.

    apparently, all of you guys kept liking it when it was at a perfect number of 666, so this post is a little bit irrelevant lmao.

  13. tegan powers

    best minute of my life

    A$AP Goldie

    tegan powers Ikr 💕

  14. brndn

    Show u some love

  15. Ágata Odara


  16. Travis C

    This needs to be LONGERRRR

  17. Chavis Dunbar

    why isn't this longer 😭😭😭 I have to keep repeating it over and over

    Pat K

    I think that's why

  18. beatriz


  19. Mischief Memoirs

    This is such a tease 😩

  20. Orlando G

    Can't wait until he starts releasing more music on his own man💯

    Carrot Bear

    Orlando G I just need longer songs 😕

  21. Elijah Sedqi

    Good stuff, I don't know how I got here but good stuff.