Steve Lacy - Pride (Demo) Lyrics

Me, I wasn't taught to share, but care
In another life I'll show you what's there
There was a tongue to share but there
I care, I care, Maybe I wasn't there
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)

Me, I wasn't taught to share, but care
In another life I'll show you what's there
There was a tongue to share but there
I care, I care, Maybe I wasn't there
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)
Maybe I wasn't there (I saw you there)

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Steve Lacy Pride (Demo) Comments
  1. spit.

    i've been making gr8 music on my phone since 2018, i think about lacy everytime i do it's humbling

  2. Josh Dupont

    Does anyone know how to get that drum sound?

  3. Sarah Fuentes

    i didn’t realize how young he was! he’s definitely soooo talented

  4. d low

    💕Mac demarco,Miguel,and Frank Ocean vibes💕

  5. Caden Young

    How does he master it??


    Caden Young thats what im saying😂😂

  6. Conah Dalton - Progressive Livity

    Toooo heavy

  7. rana

    he’s a walking garage band advertisement

  8. Colby F

    His net worth is 6m according to google wtf


    Colby F he’s apart of the internet which is somewhat related to odd future

  9. Bobbytheman98

    I was so inspired that I made a whole album on my phone. Worked on it non stop for five months....Everyone said it sucked becuass of how I went about it. But Steve did it and it was genius. Ppl are too hypocritical and suck. Steve IS a genius.

  10. destiny r

    has this song still not come out :(

  11. Frankie Gomez Jr.

    What guitar is he using?


    he says it in an interview

  12. Joe Whiteman

    That Rickenbacker is so cool

  13. Benj

    The song is Steev-LM remix

  14. harry onsenva LONGDEN

    What adapter does he use to plug in guitare to phone


    harry onsenva LONGDEN iRIG

  15. Miranda J.


  16. Abigail Figueroa

    he’s so humble I love him

  17. Corrupt

    Does anybody know what guitar he is using?

    amey lala

    Corrupt Ricken guitar

  18. wavewonder1

    The real unsung mobile hero is FL Mobile. It’s a slightly watered down version of FL Studio but for mobile devices and at $15, it takes what you can do in GarageBand and runs with it like crazy

  19. shane

    what song was he recording?

  20. Tomasi Tai

    Just drop this song bruh !

  21. ?everything

    This terrible. Its premade loops with a guitar riff over it. This is not innovative in anyway.

  22. Karen S

    They missed to say that he’s the sexiest guitarist of our generation. Lol

  23. dayshawna

    guys i know this was two years ago but the beginning is definitely him making the demo of “love 2 fast” off his album.


    I just realized that!

    Sarah Irungu

    BROOO!!! I’ve heard the album a lot and I didn’t even realize! Thanks!!

  24. Ezugo Obuekwe

    At least we know he doesn’t use Beats for the production purposes (pointing to the M50X in the video).

  25. christopher Martin

    The future

  26. Hugh Jass

    I want to run the narrator over with a bus

  27. sMORGAN'Sbored

    This inspires me bc I write songs but I was feeling discouraged bc I don’t have all those high end studio tools to do it (also, we broke over here😂)I love his music so much. It does sound like plaid lol. I understand exactly wht he means.

  28. Seth clayton

    What’s the song in the beginning tho??

  29. Dean Tlotleng

    Litterally no excuses

  30. Dean Tlotleng

    The bare maximum

  31. izabella may

    yo what guitar does he have

    Julia Cooke

    izabella may a rickenbacker

  32. Chef Max

    How does he do his vocals? They said a “pop filter”. Where is that?


    The round thing he held between him and the phone

  33. GRiM

    So when are we getting that song in the beginning?

  34. Jayden Films


  35. collarmole


  36. Andrew Corr

    whats the song in this whole video

  37. Mya Qualls

    Music creation is becoming easier as technology improves in history. Any one can make music, on your iPhone or iPad. So go onto the App Store and see how many great apps there are to make music.

  38. Daanish Bhatti

    he's a real-life apple commercial

  39. Ricky

    I need that song did he ever release it?

  40. Bernard

    Are you kidding he's got a Rickenbacker and hes plugging it into his iphone. bruh.

  41. Falloutskyy

    The fact that hes only 18 blew my mind.

  42. crea the chi boi

    This just shows how good you can be if you push your mind’s limit higher.
    It’s a phone. The limitation is nowhere if your mind exists.

  43. crea the chi boi

    So good...

  44. Zale

    How tf has that song at 1:30 never came out? Not even on his new album wtf

  45. kathaleeya

    The song he was writing:

  46. Amari Selah

    I would love to see Steve , HER and Kevin Parker in the studio together…that would be the greatest thing ever!!

  47. gabriela

    my fuckin baby is a legend

  48. Josew 22

    2 years later and I still come back to this video to see if anyone in comment section has the link to the song was recording lol

  49. Josew 22

    Boiiii needs to drop the song he was making !!!!!

  50. Rii Valentino

    Does anyone know if he ever dropped this ☹️

  51. Sick96dude

    Link to the song you guys all want.

  52. Elijah Flores

    What’s the song he was singing into his phone thoo

  53. allyiah simon

    imagine accidentally deleting a song😂

  54. cosmic_ Rocker_23

    I like how he uses a Rickenbacker 325 and 360

  55. ooga booga

    What was this song called

  56. Serena Saylors

    someone I look up to. He’s truly my inspiration

  57. Wa.tashi _

    I found the song

  58. Manu

    He’s really talented but why sing into the iphone mic?

  59. bling!

    he gives all wanna be artists inspiration

  60. Jeff Panetta

    He’s wearing Jorts 😂😂

  61. Idk.

    the fact that he still aint drop the song @1:18 is ughhh :|

  62. Patrick Gustafson

    Is he making “Love 2 Fast” off his latest album?

  63. Luke Ebarle

    how did steve lacy get discovered, i mean i know he's talented but for some highschool kid to start producing for the biggest names in the music industry, that's tough to do unless he had connections. just curious if anyone knows the details

  64. Ito Ito No Mi

    I’ve been waiting for the song at 1:16 to come out on the new album and it still hasn’t smh. Lmao.

    Zeek Dermish

    Ito Ito No Mi me too

    Emilio Lopez

    still waiting :/

  65. Choncho Truj

    I know this song won’t be on his album, but I can hope;(

  66. Kidd Bill

    Y'all aint got no excuses now.

  67. Ricky Tan

    Does anyone know what vocal effect he's using? :) thx

  68. Milan Hartney

    This is brilliant and what I would love to do; I make music on my phone and use garageband, I’ve been using Garageband too. It’s crazy to see him having much the same process as me, though not sure if I’m as good! Would love if someone would listen

  69. danny brown

    Yoooo DEADASS PLAID LMAOOOO love you Steve, u one of my biggest inspirations

  70. LeGrandeOrange

    Old school guy here. Steve's vibe is similar to the great Shuggie Otis' - check out his brilliant 1974 album Inspiration Information. Excited to see how Steve progresses...

  71. eli josef

    this video is what inspired me to do everything and now i have 60k streams on a spotify track :') ily steve

  72. Malik Williams

    What if that song makes it to his album

  73. Musical Rambling

    Imagine having a studio behind you and using the freaking iphone mic

  74. ghat da hell


  75. icxoniclee

    I swear we are just alike before I even discovered him I made music on an iPod and then I made a song on my 5 and just kept going

    My music is on SoundCloud

  76. soosway

    I don't like iPhone, but now I see this I would love to have one

  77. TheIcedPeanut



    It might be on the new album coming out tonight!!



  78. Scout with Clout

    I want to marry Steve

  79. aintiffanyloyal

    ughhhh steveee

  80. snoop dogg dank kush

    Rickenbacker are the best guitars

  81. heyjustabbygael

    Where can I get a good iRig? The reviews on Amazon are very 50/50, should I just take a chance?

  82. Marsel Music

    1:34 that thumbnail doe

  83. Marsel Music

    imagine if he was making beats in a train and some old lady just said "kid's these days... always on their phones"

  84. Marsel Music

    not... click.. bait! :D

  85. soup

    an inspiration for all garage band users 😂😂

    L J

    What iphone is it tho what make?


    @L JI think in this video he had like a seven idk but I think if you keep your phone updated then you should have garage band. I don't know what you mean by 'what make'

    L J

    @soup Thanks for reply what i mean is the phone model make but now i got told iphone 6splus are good for garageband i dident want to be limited with memory or the stuff you can do on it. if i got a iphone SE til i save up for a iphone6splus should i be alright?


    yeah u should be fine but since it is an older phone it is best if u be a little more careful on the other things you download on ur phone

    L J

    @soup ok thanks its like 32gb tho but only want to add vocals and little bit of mixing to thats it

  86. Dina Tesfay

    I keep on watching this video all the time I LOVE STEVE LACCYYY❤️❤️

  87. Kobi-Lee Sanchez

    steve 😖💞

  88. Lif3e

    this the guy on the tyler the creator 9/11 piano cover

  89. MunchingUp Mangos

    black demarco

  90. David Williams

    That's with iPhone. Are there similar options for android?

  91. afro symphony

    ok iphone you finally won me over


    I don’t want to sound like a hater, he is talented, but I’ve never heard any of his “hits”.

  93. beatriz

    he’s soo cool

  94. Sara The Creator

    what is the song he’s singing

  95. Shanelle Shenanigans

    Im in love with Steve Lacy and one day I will meet him 😭😪I pray!


    I do the same check me out high quality

  97. Ricky

    Did he ever release the song?