Steve Lacy - moreshortshit Lyrics

You think I don't notice
The look on your face
I can sense your emotions
From going through a phase
[?] Crazy places, you wanna just get away
But nobody is gonna go cause they don't wanna replace
Your ex is scary looking with a couple guns
He pulled one out and I ain't even run
That should tell you that I ain't afraid of death
So if you're feelin scared, just pray to God and take a breath

And smoke
If you're feelin scared just pray to God
And smoke
(All you really, really gotta do is)

Girl, when I miss you (when I miss you)
Get caught up (all in my feelings)
I wanna kiss you (when I kiss you)
Show you some love (love)
Show you some love (love)
I wanna show you some love
(Love, love love)

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Steve Lacy moreshortshit Comments
  1. Athena Skouteli

    i need a longer version of this

  2. Scout with Clout

    Steve is so slept on

  3. Auboire

    What is this chord progression


    Auboire I'm curious to know too

  4. Kaheya Nash

    I love this