Steve Lacy - DOTHERS MAY SONG Lyrics

Asked for an inch
And you gave me a foot, mom some
Times I don't get why you treat me so good
Even when I do you wrong
You forgive me every time
And you even like my songs
Thank you, and by the way

Mama, I love you
Mama, I love you
Mama, I love you
Mama, I love you

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Steve Lacy DOTHERS MAY SONG Comments
  1. clavicle.

    wait is this song for mother’s day?

    W Brady

    clavicle. “Mama I love youuuuuuu”


    W Brady I didn’t notice until earlier, I actually got in trouble with my mom and I sent her this song and she wasn’t mad anymore lmao

  2. chokes on air*

    Extended version is neeeedeeeeddddddd

  3. Lennox Thomas


  4. Sawyer Waterman

    this song great

  5. The1977Punk

    If you like Steve Lacy, check out Ted Duchamp - Better Days, think you'll enjoy it, have a nice day:)

  6. joyce

    in love

  7. Be Bebs

    Is part 2 of this song “the song” another song by Steve Lacy? When you listen to this song first then next one they sound like they belong together

  8. lone boi

    What's the picture from and also slow down moreshortshit


    My own picture from holiday, took it when i was around 14. And i'm done with slowing music for the time being man haha

    lone boi

    @fella poo'

  9. trsh2xmoi

    Ugh T-T

  10. Momo3zo

    footlong cock

  11. Boifurne

    Is nobody else listening to this on Mother’s Day 🤧

  12. Dahyun Ryu

    Damn good

  13. Mokuujin

    I love my mom

  14. Astrønne

    Angel's voice
    Beat is paradise

  15. L.M.I.C UK

    FFS Steve lol

  16. Mr Hannah El

    steve lacy is a god

  17. francisco gattoni

    Anyone know the chords for this one? Im beggin


    just do it by ear

    Omar Taveras

    keyarn you think he’d be asking if he could do it by ear?

  18. 喜歡Aurora


  19. Diamond Kane

    why 45 seconds!! 😭

  20. DarHenny

    Maaan why is this so short !?? 😩

    Be Bebs

    DarHenny listen to his other song called “the song” and it will sound so good together

  21. mediocre

    I wish this song had an extended version

    Be Bebs

    mediocre if you want an extended version listen to “the song” by Steve lacy after this one