Steve Hackett - Turn This Island Earth Lyrics

A starfish in a sea of dreams
A ride that's never ending
From a lost world into a spinning
Fairground in space
Shining teapot spilling a mother ship of fire
Aladdin's lamp pouring down the Milky Way
Big Dipper roller coaster jumping jack exploding
Night and day you've whirling on a Ferris wheel

Turn this Island Earth

A red shift cluster bright
Signal from the other side
Lampwick and Slats are laughing
Beyond the speed of light years passing
All the shooting stars
Rings of Saturn calling a red planet blazing
The singing moans of Jupiter around your eyes

Turn this Island Earth

Looking back from where we are
City lights clusters of stars
While we fly
A jewel in the crown of a universe
Sapphire blue in a golden starburst
Oceans of deep blue

Standing on the moon
Gazing at all the mountains in China
Mother Earth sleeping
With all her children inside her

Starbound spirits
Rising in mind out of time
Free from the bonds around us
Captives in waking mankind

Turn this Island Earth

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Steve Hackett Turn This Island Earth Comments
  1. Kate Murphy

    Thank you for the beautiful video to accompany the beautiful music!!!...

  2. Enzo Galli

    grande Steve......puro genio!!!!

  3. Kate Murphy

    Such a beautiful video!!!.

  4. Kate Murphy

    Finally found this again!!!

  5. Kate Murphy

    And the beautiful song!

  6. Kate Murphy

    Thank you for the beautiful video!

  7. Kate Murphy

    I thought that I was going to have to google this but thankfully, it just turned up on my YouTube feed.

  8. Kate Murphy

    Found it!!!.........!!!

  9. truemansparks

    In my humble opinion after listening to Steve's music for over forty years i consider him one of histories greatest guitarists the sheer output of endless inventiveness and creativity coupled with virtuoso skills on electric,acoustic and classical guitars surely makes him one of the most complete musical artists of all time!

    Richard Robbins

    You know I agree there are the Steve Howes and the Daryl Stuermers of the world and they are awesome players no doubt - but neither one of these guys has done anything like Voyage of the Acolyte or say one of the songs from To watch the storm - there are others! I personally think Steve is the reincarnation of Eric Satie - just my opinion I am a woodwind player and his playing has influenced me to no end there are so many tunes too many to mention - but I will say it to he is one histories greatest Guitarist - just an amazing player, composer arranger - just listened to the song posted here another fine example of his abilities -he never just plays to impress you with his technique - leave that to the cat who replaced him in Genesis - just listen to his version of firth or Fifth Steve is mr atmosphere . He who knows love knows who you are worlds you may find lit by a star . Namaste.

  10. William L.

    Hackett you beautiful freak!

  11. Keith Mathews

    O U T S T A N D I N G

  12. Kate Murphy

    Video competes with beauty of music!.

  13. Kate Murphy

    How beautiful!.

  14. chris nelson

    Axis bold...

  15. Glynn Hattersley

    Another great piece of music hatto g 😄☠️👴

  16. Rhonda McEwan Anderson


  17. ConDor

    That riff from Prairie Angel at 2:13


  18. Bokje de Geus

    Masterpiece !

  19. bemersonbakebarmen

    En mi opinion Hackett fuciona mejor con canciones que no pasen de los 7 minutos, cuando se extiende mucho empieza a repetir ideas (In Memoriam, Down Streets) lo cual puede ser bueno en la "psicodelia" pero no otros tipos de música. Esta es la primera vez que escucho una canción de Hackett que hace buen uso del tiempo. Y lo digo como fan de Steve, habiendo seguido toda su carrera, el máximo de tiempo que puede manejar es de 7 a 8 minutos (de hecho fijense que el quiebre en esta canción esta en el minuto 7)

  20. olga gladys Vázquez Coco

    Steve Hackett - Turn This Island Earth (2011)
    There are no words ... Steve Hackett


    Uno de mis temas preferidos de su album Beyond the Shrouded Horizon.... gracias por compartirlo amiga....

    Georges Lui

    me gusta Steve Hackett gracias y besos

    jean-francois payette

    Hackett=Genesis Brain, when Steve Left , Genesis Left

  21. Mike Emerson

    Epic. Hackett at his finest.

  22. lulu orangi

    ammm and whats that ?? ^_^

  23. Thomas Becker

    Steve is the only one of Genesis who still like and play prog!

    Arie De Rooij

    Anthony Phillips..

  24. Pedro Plasencia

    Es increíble que siga haciendo discos tan buenos después de tantas obras maestras.

  25. Thomas Becker

    Great pictures to great music.

  26. Leplayers Dj

    Prog at his best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. DrSprock1

    This is a voyage! From Earth to Hyperspace.... my dream.

  28. This is a trip...Thanks