Steve Hackett - The Marijuana Assassin Of Youth Lyrics

Marijuana, assassin of youth
And so look now here's the truth
As we wish you all a Perry Sherry Christmas
With a Partridge Family or two

And when you go to church
You'll remember with a smirk
All the crazy little things you used to do

"...Let's have a truly Mexican welcome
For Ronnie and the Romeos..."

I asked my girlfriend to marry me
Yes I thought how happy we'd be
I knew she'd be thrilled at least be pleased
But these were the words she said to me

You need a haircut and then a degree
Don't you want to start a family
Take a stand and make some real cash
Sell your guitar and throw away your stash

I had a headache lasted five days
I knew that somehow there must be a way
Cleaned the car and emptied the trash
Before she got home I had to get smashed

I moved out on my own formed a new band
We played every Goddamn dive in the land

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Steve Hackett The Marijuana Assassin Of Youth Comments
  1. ConDor

    Best version of the Batman theme tune ever.

  2. yotorecords

    Horrible absolutely horrible. I loved Steve's work with Genesis and some of his other solo work, but this is so uncomfortable to hear.


    +yotorecords 4:26 solo.. Listen. You will be surprised disregarding how shit is the beginning. He is god.


    This is sooooo weird... never thought Steve Hackett was capable of this. I think he must have been stoned out of his mind when he did this.

  3. richie drums

    Dreadful wool gear.

  4. Lewis Falia

    the best part is when you watch this high lol...

  5. tulipwinesoup

    As e say in this part of the world--- MAGIC