Steve Hackett - The Fundamentals Of Brainwashing Lyrics

History's a vinyl record stuck in a groove
A hundred warring sects claiming to have the truth
Blessed robots with so much to prove
You could say so much to lose

The scorching air
The slumbering mass
Of forgotten things

Preening peacocks ignite the fuse
Trumpets and promises a turn of the screw
To have a human face we'll have to start all over again
Back to the drawing board all the boys and men

When you lose your kite in the wind and fall on the trees
You're sucked in bulletin blown out on T.V.
The glory of the past is really only a tomb
The thing from the crypt long ago nurtured you

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Steve Hackett The Fundamentals Of Brainwashing Comments
  1. leonakita

    The refrain on this is nearly identical to "In Memoriam" from 1999's DARKTOWN. Despite the similarity, This is overall the better track

  2. hrlaser

    These comments are so old, there's no "reply "link under them and yt won't let me cut and paste into this box.. so, scroll down to about two years ago when Joe said he seemed to recall "an amazing guitar solo" at the end of this song (which, for my money, TFoB is the best track on "Wild Orchids" although it's too short:..  the tick-tock at the end leads  into the beginning of the next track, "Howl" without a break between them, and "Howl" is exactly that.. four and a half minutes of virtuoso wild guitar instrumental.. the two tracks could / should have been combined into one.. I bought the special slipcased limited edition of the CD back when Steve recorded for Camino Records in the UK, and each time he released a new CD, they'd offer a hand-autographed, very limited (1000 I think) limited edition version which had to be ordered directly from and was shipped from Camino in the UK, at a premium price.. those signed LEs were never sold in stores .. I've listened to this album a bajillion times since 2006.. possibly one of his best, although his new album, "Wolflight" is fantastic and is filled with much longer tracks.. if bits of this song remind you of Gilmour or Harrison, these virtuose UK guitarists all know / knew each other, and take cues of style from each other.. Steve is one of the most talented guitarists, whether on acoustic or electric, on this planet, IMO.. he quit Genesis in 1977 (a year after Gabriel quit) becuse keboard player Tony Banks was pissed that Steve had started releasing his first solo albums while still a member of the band.. a fight ensued and Steve basically told Banks to get stuffed.. with both Gabriel and Hackett gone, Genesis turned into a Phil Collins hit machine cranking out crap albums and singles.. Collins is a helluva drummer, but Genesis totally shifted out of their unique prog period into something far inferior, musically speaking..but I digress..


    @hrlaser I was there for it all.  Tony banks also drowned Hackett out in concert, to the band's misfortune, and he did the same thing after Hackett left, as well.  I saw and heard it.  The demise into a pop band status was completed when the band performed "a little bit of this, and a little bit of that" in subsequent tours instead of full songs from the earlier catalogue.  It was all very lame.  Meanwhile, Hackett's best material would have significantly improved Genesis.  OH WELL.....that's the way it goes.

  3. Zkombroz C.A.

    I was feeling the same.

  4. JoeSzilagy/ aka: Joe Slant

    I seem to recall (right where the song ends here), an amazing, wild guitar solo, and then I thought it went back into the song which is longer, unless it went directly into another song?

  5. JoeSzilagy/ aka: Joe Slant

    And the beautiful 'George Harrison-like' slide solo at1:46!

  6. JoeSzilagy/ aka: Joe Slant

    Yes, the chorus is similiar to 'High Hopes', but overall the song is different enough to be his own, just like the rest of Steve's great music.

  7. Allatoona Dan

    @superwhiteguy19 Agreed. The chorus has a "High Hopes" feel to it with a different turnaround at the end. The verse chord progression is absolutely gorgeous. It just aches.

  8. Isaias Mello

    Another wonderful song by steve!! This is one of my favourite albuns of all times!!

  9. History’s a vinyl record stuck in a groove
    A 100 warring sects claiming to have the truth'
    Blessed robots' with so much to prove
    -you could say so much to lose..

  10. Ostone

    never heard for steve hackett i hear from duet with brian may...he had really awesome music..

  11. windinhair5

    I love this song!

  12. Robinson González

    @worldcitizenforever Yes dude.. fucking great!