Steve Hackett - Sleepers Lyrics

Breathing in and out with tide
Leaving the mantra of a world outside
Faces bathed by moonbeams
All the sleepers send you their dreams

Rising from a wave of helping hands
A woman holds a statue till he becomes a man
Captured in her eyes he's finally complete
All the sleepers send you their dreams

Night terrors make you scream
Dogs turned reptiles halloween
Lizards and birds, claws in your feet
Can't shake off all the demons you meet

Surveillance camera in the sky
Big big brother telling you why
Too many saviours on my cross
Might as well worship the Wizards of Oz

Turning your dream around
Taking the reins again
Running through the flames
Sun shining out of the rain

Taking a leap of faith
Jumping into space
Find an unknown place
The moon's other face

All the sleepers send you their dreams
All the sleepers send you their dreams

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Steve Hackett Sleepers Comments
  1. Lorenzo Serafini

    The beginning and that part at about 0:37 remind me of the beginning of Hairless Heart from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. I think it's also the same tonality.

  2. A Sammler

    This song is the best single representative of Hackett's entire oeuvre. It has:
    -- dreamy drifting intro
    -- beautiful acoustic melody
    -- loud uninteresting drums
    -- electric guitar mastery
    -- disjointed composition
    -- overall very high quality!

  3. Philippe Cirse

    This music is absolutely sumptuous... rich melodic speech, harmonies breathtaking orchestration constantly renewed in the use of the stamps of the orchestra, in short a babylonian sound architecture erected by humble and immense interpreters. !

  4. Marc Moingeon

    I couldn't believe it when I saw that Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett worked together ! It's strange to think the two ex-guitar players in Genesis (the first being also a good pianist/keyboard player !) play on this long progressive piece... From then on, Steve started doing longer pieces more and more often on his albums, including contrasted sections, instead of doing completely different pieces, previously... Maybe this has appealed to the progressive rock lovers who thought a track under 7 mn wasn't long enough ! This album is less surprising than his previous ones maybe but more coherent, and that's a good thing. I saw him live again around this time... He had toplay this in a different arrangement, more electric.
    Anyway, Steve's output has been amazingly good and diverse during the last 20 years...

  5. Enzo Galli

    la perfezione.....MERAVIGLIOSA!!!

  6. jean-francois payette

    Cet album est aussi ou sinon meilleur que The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway , merci Steve Hackett tu es un génie , tu as fait un Voyage Of The Acolyte number 2

  7. Frodo The Groove

    Great picture that explains Steves time of the moment! Love u Steve!

  8. jean-francois payette

    Génial compositeur-guitariste

  9. Gabriel

    Finally, a collaboration between Steve and Ant. Outstanding musicianship. Here's hoping for more of Steve and Ant !

  10. julio forain

    maravilha de música

  11. Yudi Nurhadi

    Ex-Genesis duo Anthony Phillips and Steve Hackett !!

  12. jvsperoni

    The transition at 5:42 reminds me of Danny Elfman's music (Nightmare Before Christmas, The Simpsons theme song).

  13. Boz Ajanovic

    Masterful and very evocative piece by a master.

  14. scott kaddatz

    As he has been notably spoken of time and time again, by not only his fans..,but critiques as well, "One of the , if not the., for sure, one of the, best,,most innovating.,imaginative..,talented..,Angelic , if you will..,Guitar players that ever walked the earth.." , and i agree. And the amazing compositions embedded in this Album..,again..,prove this. But quite frankly.., again as i always run into..,HE'S JUST NOT A LYRICIST...I wish he were..,but..,and this is only my opinion..,his writings make little sense..,if at all sometimes. He writes like he believes he has been chosen by a 12th Century Minstrel that's been taking advice from a 20th Century Futuristic washed up 3rd rate Punk Poet....I have been a Song Writer for over 40 years..,driven by what my fans say are my "Incredible" Lyrics..I'm not trying to say that Pompously either...But if i were even 1,ooox as Talented as Steve on Instrumental my opinion..Replys welcome..........

  15. Glynn Hattersley

    Great music again like always hatto g 🤗😏

  16. Markus Müller


  17. YaroSz.

    ...💗😍💗😍 😊

  18. neilmacpherson58

    the opening acoustic melody should be used as the theme tune from a good appropriate tv drama..give the world a chance to appreciate it

  19. Eduardo VALLE

    Who is the singer?


    It's Steve himself


    Amanda Lehmann.


    @neilmacpherson58 No it's not. It's Amanda Lehmann.

    tony banks

    @THE REAPER MAN Wow, she has a very masculine voice

  20. Bruno Bouret

    thanks steve

  21. Gianfranco Ludovisi

    the intro has something od ennio Morricone 's taste. maestro steve...

  22. Sigfrid Alba

    Esto es una obra de arte!

  23. Jeff Smart

    1st 20seconds..sounds like "lamb"..

  24. Richard Khan

    Musical genius guitarist extraordinaire

    jean-francois payette

    my God Co -Composer Genesis


    not only guitarist...

  25. David Lazarus

    Hackett's albums from Darktown to present have been phenomenal!  His earlier stuff is great too, but occasionally hit and miss.

    Jeff Conciatori

    David Lazarus Agree completely. Saw Steve support to watch the storms at a borders bookstore in white plains, ny. so humble and great to meet in person.

  26. Adrian Lackey

    Great production!

  27. Jeff Smart

    simply beautiful...

  28. GirdyTee

    thank you

  29. Quadrider50

    Good stuff. Are you helping him to sell his music?

    Frodo The Groove

    Are you smart now... really smart saint?

  30. Robert Olesiński

    one of the most beautiful songs.

  31. gabikit

    Thanks Steve!