Steve Earle - Time Has Come Today Lyrics

Time has come today
Young hearts can go that way
Can't put it off another day
I don't care what others say
They say we don't listen anyway
Time has come today
The rules have changed today
I have no place to stay
Thinking about the subway
The love has flown away
My tears have come and gone
Oh my lord, I have to roam
I have no home
I have no home

Now the time has come
No place to run
I might get burned up by the sun
But I had my fun

I've been loved and put aside
I've been crushed by tumbling tide
And my soul has been psychedelicized

Now the time has come
There are things to realize
Time has come today
Time has come today

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Steve Earle Time Has Come Today Comments
  1. Mateo

    Hard to believe, but this almost outdoes the original... Crow and Earle, what a great combo, thx!

  2. Shawn Stevenson

    Damn. That girl can belt it out.

  3. Leinie

    The Shiv on cowbell ! Gotta love it !

  4. Paul Smith

    No where near as good as the Chambers Brothers but still passable.

  5. Dale Rice

    They don't understand!it ain't the same time. Came and went for them!

  6. Russ Shives


  7. ah ha

    Sheryl Crow. Boom. What a singer and rocker. 20 years will prove it

  8. gerald jessup

    Steve Earl is twice the man he was

    nobody cares

    Been pocketing some bud on Copperhead Road and can't stop getting munchies!

  9. bossfan49

    I've never been much of a Sheryl Crow fan. She does a good job on this one. It's probably the most "real" thing I've seen her do, although it is someone else's material. Something about her just doesn't seem genuine. Can't put my finger on it. Steve Earle on the other hand is about as real o'deal as you get. Gotta love The World's Most Dangerous Band!

  10. Marc Witorsch

    Great version, could use more cow bell.

  11. John Clouse


  12. Robert M. Trolinder

    Wow this was almost 19 years ago,seeing it for the first time,good cover. No one will ever top the Chambers Bros. though!♡

  13. William J. Mendes

    NO...A BIG FUCK NO.............

  14. frank franks

    Too cool for school

  15. thrustkick tkd


  16. Michael Rauch

    not bad at all...but for those who haven't; listen to the long version, original

  17. bigbadredsox


  18. graftonreed

    I love covers. This is one of my favs.

  19. 20170712 112444

    I think I'd believe her more if she were missing a couple of teeth and had a 20,000 dollar not elective surgery looming.

  20. CaptainSpauIding

    This sucks ass compared to the Chambers brothers.

  21. Scott H

    sheryl crow sucks. what a phony

  22. Scuba Diva

    Needs more cowbell…

  23. Deb Salzer

    This version shows that this song never gets old. Nothing better than the original version...

  24. Surf City Video

    Pretty weak compared to the original.

  25. Double Ghod

    I like Crowe but she and the rest of the doppelgangers should leave this classic alone. Nobody can touch the Chambers Bros. Crowe should stick with covering Clapton and Duane Allman. I'll still give the video a thumbs up for the simple reason that they know a good rock classic when they hear it.

  26. Ellen Diane

    love it

  27. Neebin Makwah

    Whats sad about this is the writer of this song "Lester Chambers", never was paid the royalties, nor were any members of the "Chambers brothers....still can't touch the original.

    Gil Sanderson

    Lester didn't write this.....two of his brothers did. Please Wikipedia "Time Has Come Today" for complete story. Thanks.

  28. Gilles Morin

    Sorry but even the Ramone do it better !

    Mike H.

    Ouch !!!!

    Scott H

    yes, the Ramones 'get' the meaning of the song. Ms. Crow is so shallow and looses the translation of the song.

  29. Laura Milagros

    1/18/18 .... MORE COWBELL! Man Sheryl can sing her ass off & with soul, too!! U go girl!

  30. metal... for headbangers only

    excellent  cover....but I just came here to read all the really dumb posts on how bad this was..

  31. Harold Price

    Damn good cowbell work Paul !

  32. DrHogfan

    Music yes vocals no

  33. two w

    paul turns up the cowbell to 11 at 0:43

  34. Tina Davis

    two mega-posers tryin there little hearts out

  35. big bictors

    Jesus thank you, big bictors

  36. john smith

    That was embarrassing

  37. metal... for headbangers only

    fuckin eh!!!!!

  38. Jim Green

    She owed it.

  39. Emachine789

    steve earle kicks ass ! cheryl crow cool too

  40. cayogator

    Uhhhhhhhhhh, I think ya'll dont get the meaning of this song !! [email protected]

  41. cayogator

    Is that Lennon's Epi Casino ????

  42. kip murray

    Paul S. on cowbell

  43. Ol' Ben

    Gawd, she's hot!

  44. Lex Matteini

    Well then what if she did this with Joan Jett. Hunh?

  45. blah deBlah

    the suburban version.

  46. Gero von Randow

    They didn't get it

  47. Big Brent

    kinda hot blonde...aging

  48. Dan Walker

    Love Steve's hair in this one. I think he's had some work done on his lips though. Not sure I like it.

  49. Dan Walker

    Nice to know that such an amazing woman is human. I was beginning to wonder, ha, ha!

  50. Bill Gilliland

    I like it. No it doesn't replace or exceed the original. It doesn't have to.

    Jack Hana

    Well put. The original Chambers Brothers will always be the definitive version, but this one rocks too.

    Robert M. Trolinder

    No one will ever best the original,but I like their cover!♡

  51. Nicky L

    absolutely  horrible

  52. Ben Jackson

    Sheryl nails this. She's excellent. A true American iconic voice.

    two w

    damn right....wailing like a banshee!

  53. Steve Gunn

    If I had never heard the Chamber's Brother's version, I might be more positive about this one, but their version is a mighty hard one to follow.

  54. Pat Hines

    A pastel version of the Chamber's Brother's version.

  55. Robert Blevins

    Sheryl Crow is so hot...that hot things come to her for advice on how to be hotter.

  56. Frank Verdin

    I have never, ever, left a negative comment on youtube about anything, but in this case. Why did they this cover this? It's absolutely soulless and lacking of capturing any of the Chamber's Brothers intensity and psychedelia.

    Mike H.

    I agree.


    You nailed it. Not in da same league as da original- not even close/


    Sorry, but I grew up listening to the Chamber Bros, and IMHO Crow and Earle actually improved it, if that's even possible!
    BTW after "never, ever, leaving a negative comment", THIS is all you can think of to bitch about (or troll, as the case may!! ;-p

    Greg LaPointe

    I agree. The original is a classic. This is okay, but really it doesn't do it for me.

    Gordon Grant

    IMO, the Chambers Bros. version is unbeatable. But, this rocks and is a fucking great tribute to them. Just grateful.

  57. Tami Zorge

    Love this collab!!!

  58. Gary E. Michaels

    Y'all stop whining! This is a in the bones cover. No bullshit. Nice to hear someone covering the Chambers. I remember my brother ( now a classical pianist and pipe organist) and I ( a ne'er do well) jamming to this tune with all kinds of percussion instruments in the early seventies in the gables. TIME

  59. Bill from PA

    That was pure awful. Hope the Chambers Brothers ask them to stop performing that song. Listening to her screech out the words made me sprain my finger jamming it on the mute icon.

  60. Jim Nesta

    I love the edgy tone on that Tele. Sheryl Crow is so hot; I used to enjoy doing my weight training workouts hearing her songs on the gym's PA.

  61. Gee Bud

    the female touch of Cheryl makes this all time manly song fly to another sky high level - well done you lucky people on that stage.

    Scott H

    you are stoned. she doesn't even understand the soul of this song. just wails it with no emotion. self serving phony is Ms. Crow

  62. lightsone2

    That were be HOT! Always loved this song from the Chambers Bros.

  63. Tom Klecker

    They did a great job on this classic.  I could listen to Sheryl all day.

  64. s nechaev

    never heard this one before...and basically it sucks....a cheap loud caricature of a mindbending tune......thanks but i think i'll stick with the chambers brothers who were about 895000007 lightyears beyond this crowd musically and spiritually

    James Beach

    Yes , I was there and you hit it on the HEAD !  Different crowd today ; different industry . Today it's entertainment only ; yesterday it was desperation with a cry for change !

    Bill from PA

    +s nechaev You got that right - a CHEAP loud caricature. This rendition was a step above (but not by much) a local garage band trying to sign that classic. Yuuuuuuck

    Gordon Grant

    IMO, you lack understanding of how soulful both of these singers are. I don't know as much about Crow, but Steve Earl is a soul rocker to his core who has been through hell and sings directly from that core. He only sings this song because of his love for the Chambers Bros. and the extraterrestrial greatness of it. Please listen to it again and try to appreciate the love force being expressed therein.

  65. Dennis Jacques

    Love Cheryl.... he is lame with a effing capitol L.....

  66. Mckessa King

    Love both Cheryl and Steve, they rock.

  67. chris karp

    Sucks!!! No soul.

    Mike H.

    "Just Shouting".

    Scott H

    exactly what i am thinking. Ramones actually 'got' and understood the 'soul' of the song. the raw emotions. Ms. Crow is a shallow person. For Christ sakes, she was boning Lance Armsomething

  68. Flick Cogswell

    Man, did they fucking butcher this song.

    Robert Blevins

    +Flick Cogswell Definitely no.

    Robert Blevins

    Not a hack job there, Flick. Probably the best version ever.

  69. Mark VanGelder

    Oh please Sheryl, I thought you were off to church? That creepy Kid Rock song will likely forever cause me to change the channel when I hear your voice.



  71. john doe

    been psychedelisized ;)

  72. JC Miller

    Wow, this is great. I'm playin' it again.

  73. Dallas Crawley

    Every man needs to be backed up by Sheryl.
    Some of us will never...........:)

  74. laverne899

    On David Letterman? David was appreciative of Steve Earle's talent. Always enjoy watching their shows together!



  75. LesSmith45

    what a great song. I love both of these artists. BUT it is an ok cover. Musically it is great. Vocals need to be deeper. Just my dumbass opinion

    Robert Blevins

    If Sheryl Crow sang it any deeper, she would overload the microphone.


    Problem is pretty likely that Sheryl's and Steve's ranges are not a good match, so they compromised, and neither one really worked. (I agree with others who suggest that the CB version has a certain "magic" to it that can't really be re-captured... not even by the CBs themselves, and I saw them try to several times.)

    John La Fontaine

    +LesSmith45 Fish in your avatar = respect


    Yours too. It was my sons first King Salmon and it was 35 lbs. I have never caught one that big. I told him i am NOT going to take him deer hunting if he is going to get bigger things than i do.

    Mike H.

    I guess i am a dumbass as well, I find it mediocre best.

  76. David Price

    This is a great cover of this song.

  77. skooter72

    I've got the fever for some cowbell!

    Glenn Iannicelli

    Remeber "More cowbell".

    Jim Nesta

    @Glenn Iannicelli One can never have enough cowbell.

    Double Ghod

    The cowbell is simulating the ticking of a clock, ergo, Time has come.

  78. NerdyWriter

    Funny how Sheryl Crow's great performance on this song (released on Earle's Sidetracks CD) was mostly ignored while that embarrassing POS with Kid Rock was a huge hit. Way to go America.  I love how they cover this 60s Chambers Bros hit - on the CD and live.  Plus, it's always great when Paul and the band get to join in.    

  79. Edziu Kilanowski

    Mee likee veery muuch!!

  80. Anastasia Kay

    Awesome!  Sheryl Crowe had it going on!

  81. grandmasbabees

    great upload - thanks for sharing!

  82. HCM1954


  83. whitebluesky

    I would love to go back to 2000.

  84. whitebluesky

    Time has come today. There are things to realize.  Crushed by the tumbling tide.

  85. Karl Greenblatt

    LOVE Steve but she should have cut this with The Ramones

  86. D. PK

    Good cover, but the vox can't match the powerful roar of the Chambers Bros.  

  87. Dj Robinson

    Sheryl Crow is amazing!!!! 

  88. Michael Beaubien

    Sheryl Crow has soul  you can hear it

  89. Michael Beaubien

    steve earl?

  90. Mike Archer

    Mrs. Lance Armstrong can sing her but off!

  91. Greg Scherzinger

    great piece!!!

  92. Greg Scherzinger

    wasn't she a backup singer for Prince before she went on her own? there are a lot of cuts, usually the ones that don't make it to the radio, that really show her soul. she's a great singer.

  93. Mark Van Leeuwen

    What a terrific performance! Sheryl, Steve, and the band are on fire! Lance didn't deserve this girl....Steve, yes John Hill, is a national treasure. So under rated outside us music geeks.

  94. Mike Beaubien


  95. ulekunkle

    who is more vapid than sheryl crow ,,, helen hunt maybe ???

  96. winterlandboy

    Paul Schaefer is a Chambers Brother??Who knew??

  97. Chester Prudhomme

    I could have sworn that they also did this tune on Leno's show around the same time as the Letterman appearance? I can't find any mention of this anywhere but it sticks out in my memory as being a more intense, intimate version.....they give each other quite a "look" on the line Sheryl sings "I've had my fun". Anybody else remember this? Is it possible they did this on 2 separate appearances on Letterman?

  98. Prometheus1st

    I agree. Love the 'Steve'....truly.

  99. darlincommitme

    Pretty sure Earle is pretty content with current wife, Allison Moorer, who in my opinion is hotter and a better singer than Crow, though I say that as a straight woman.