Steve Earle - This Is How It Ends Lyrics

Turn around and look at how far we've come
Two hearts beatin' like a single drum
Said you'd never lie and I promised I'd never run
Forever wasn't just another word back then
We swore we'd stay together ever after, thick and thin
Now this is how it ends

Guess I should have seen it comin' from the start
Comes to love then fallin' is the easy part
Everybody told me you were only gonna break my heart
Been around this lonely world and back again
From the time I found myself a lover and a friend
Now this is how it ends

This is how it ends
If you'd only told me back then
You wouldn't find me in the shape I'm in
Just another fool to trust you again

A fairytale they tell about a love so strong
Flowin' like a river rollin' on and on
Come around the bend and I looked around but you were gone
Never saw it comin' but you can't pretend
The line between a secret and a lie ain't razor thin
Now this is where it ends

This is how it ends
Hand me down dress on a wasted day
Ring in the pocket of a vest of gray
That's the way a cheatin' song begins
This is how it ends

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Steve Earle This Is How It Ends Comments
  1. robin lynn Wright

    Lessons learned ...

  2. YouTube 4

    Wow, this is actually duet by Miranda Lambert and Steve Earle!!

  3. Bill Nitransky


  4. Bill Nitransky

    Such a copy of the melody of "Islands in the Stream"! I wonder why some people get away such blatant

  5. Johnny Goodwin

    Wacky edit at 1:21 or so. Love the song otherwise.

  6. Jeanie Thompson

    Hey Lambert why not work this song up with The Troubadour and sing it when he's on THE BANDWAGON TOUR . Give those Gossips something to run with!!! You and Steve Earl did wonderful on this song!

  7. Nick Landry

    This might be his best album since "I Feel Alright"! Lovin' it!

  8. adiedo

    Big fan of both. Steve's voice somehow doesn't mesh with Miranda's. Maybe 45 year old Steve's voice would be a better fix but really, it's just nit picking. I can get used to it. Great song and they are a great collabo. I don't want an award for them as they don't need to prove anything to those who think today's country is actually country. Steve is still around 30 years later and Miranda will be as well.

  9. Mary Farrington

    Just beautiful!

  10. whitebluesky

    Very pretty song. Great harmony.

  11. shyboymn

    Does anybody have the lyrics for this song?


  12. Lunas BurritoXpress

    Wow. Love it !!!! We need more "old time country "

  13. Terry McGraw

    Great song!

  14. King Tux Rentals

    What great harmony!

  15. MacKenzie Genanatti

    It Sound Good with Miranda Lambert in it

  16. Andrew Blanton

    Would go nuts if they made a cassette version of this album!


    Cassette? Seems like an odd choice. It is out on vinyl.

  17. Olivia Babcock

    this duet sounds really good 😊 great job

  18. DrDennis77

    Lambert might carry this song.

  19. mlynn

    Love this song.

  20. Teresa ingram

    love it absoulety love this song awesome! Another award for duet .. I can see it coming...

    Tammie Collins

    love this song!!!

    Jeanie Thompson

    Teresa fans has to hollower at radio and tell them you want them to play this

    Bill Nitransky

    Would be nicer if it wasn't such a melodic twin of "Islands in the stream".

  21. Paul Grubbs

    Lambert and Earle are country music's beauty and the beast. Earle is a hopeless, helpless romantic and Lambert's bitter sweetness harmonizes well with his earthy worldness. Here's to hoping this is only the beginning and not at all How It Ends.

    Jeanie Thompson

    Paul Grubbs This shit should be played on country radio!

    LS Killer

    BAHAHABAHAHA yeah ok pal.!!!!!