Steve Earle - The Kind Lyrics

Tell me a story 'bout a fella with a crazy dream
Everybody tells him that it won't amount to anything
He fires the shot heard around the world
He wins the prize and he gets the girl
That's the kind of story I like - the kind that makes you think

Sing me a song about a cowboy with an achin' heart
Ridin' along the lonesome prairie 'bout to fall apart
Every time those doggies moan
He doesn't feel so all alone
That's the kind of song that I like - the kind that breaks your heart

Paint me a picture of a girl with a secret smile
Lookin' back at ya 'cross the years through ancient eyes
You're standin' there like an open door
'Cause she's seen it all before
That's the kind of picture I like - the kind that makes you sigh

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Steve Earle The Kind Comments
  1. Faksakes

    So upbeat but so heart-renching.

  2. Michael Hanlon

    reminds me why I love steve earle, simple song played well, never tire of listing to it.

  3. Virginialogging


  4. stevie wheatstraw

    One of the best and purest expressions expressions of longing and joy...ever.

  5. annie bellino

    my favorite steve earle song :)


    One of mine too.

  6. darlincommitme

    "The Road Goes on Forever" is a Robert Earl Keen song, not Steve Earle. They have some similarities, though, so I can sunderstand the confusion.

  7. Melinda Schwakhofer

    Thanks for this! I saw him when I was living in Edinburgh. Great gig.

  8. tezzah1973

    I once asked Steve to play this song at a concert in the Netherlnds and he said he liked it but had forgotten how to play it, when I offered to show him he promiced that he would come watch me if I ever performed it. Wonderful songwriter and pretty good guy!

  9. PatMaBalls

    @MDProgger Thanks, man. I was surprised to see it's not here since it's such a good song.

  10. Rareearth27

    Love this song - the greatest living American Artist EVER