Steve Earle - The Gulf Of Mexico Lyrics

Come and gather 'round me people
And a tale to you I'll tell
Of my father and his father
In the days before the spill
With an endless sky above 'em
And a restless sea below
And every blessin' flowing from the Gulf of Mexico

From my Granddad with the shrimp boats
From the time that he was grown
And he scrimped and saved and bought himself
A trawler of his own
He was rough and he was ready
And he drank when he was home
And he made his family's living on the Gulf of Mexico

We were rolling
We were rolling
Past the deep blue water
He was rolling

Well my Daddy drove a crew boat
Hauling workers to the rigs
He was sick of mending nets
And couldn't stand the smell of fish
He drew a steady paycheck
20 years at Texico
When he died they spread his ashes
On the Gulf of Mexico

We were rolling
We were rolling
Past the deep green water
He was rolling

As for me, I think of nothing
Any grander than the day
That I stepped out on the drillin' floor
To earn a roughneck's pay

Then one night I swear I saw the devil
Crawlin' from the hole
And he spilled the guts of hell out in the Gulf of Mexico

We were rolling
We were rolling
'Cross the blood red water
We were rolling

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Steve Earle The Gulf Of Mexico Comments
  1. Ronnie

    Love this. Brilliant.

  2. Dokter Death & his one-man funeral

    His voice in this song sounds like Shane MacGowan but then sober.

  3. Wally Mcdonald

    His writing talent is as strong as 30 years ago.

  4. TomJeffersonWasRight

    I've been a shrimper and  a crew boat captain, and Steve  earle catches the feeling just right.

  5. 1canyonguy

    Tune is reminiscent of Finnegan's wake

  6. beth wright

    love the way u said that...

  7. mac774

    Tony Hayward should be drawn and quartered.

  8. mac774

    God, the tears... thanks, Mr. Earle. For the poetry. For the empathy. This heals and hurts at the same time, as any great art should.

  9. sirkoes187

    I usually don't listen to this genre of music but This one great song

  10. Lone Wolf

    He comes here to ontario every year...never miss him...Luv when he plays that Bouzouki....One of his best albums yet...Luv ya Steve....


  11. floppyd0g

    @teddingtonman Thanks, I missed this so have just had a look. Brilliant version.

  12. Miles Couchman

    Oh wow. Just seen Steve do this live on the UK Jools Holland show. Have been a fan for 15 years, have all the albums, but never heard anything from him that's this good. I have the guitar out already, got the chords sorted, and want to sing it every night. Steve is the main man, no doubt.

  13. Steven Hamilton

    I saw Steve Earle earlier this month and this song live is AWESOME. Hell the whole show was.

  14. 44gulfwaters

    Thank You.

  15. D Carroll

    I heard this song driving home today, great fucking song. Steve Earle is the man

  16. willemhagen1

    perfect song yes,but that's not all, the whole album is fantastic. Thank you Steve Earle.

  17. lumaz71

    perfect song. Thanks Steve.

  18. Sean Hennessy

    Fantastic. Great stuff Steve, I've directed all my friends who play in pubs to sing this every chance they get. A great Irish song ;)

  19. Scott Dixon

    Brtilliant! Being one that was born and raised on the Gulf of Mexico!

  20. darlincommitme

    Actually I think this is more about the oil spill... though of course some of the same people were impacted by both.

  21. Roberta Crockett

    This song and "This City" pay homage to those who suffered Katrina and its aftermath. Excellent songwriter and a powerful voice. Thanks for the music.

  22. Hans Vreelend

    Love the images he paints with words

  23. spooke 69

    Good stuff..

    Paul Quealy

    Steve is a multi instrumentalist as well as a story teller.