Steve Earle - Sweet Little '66 Lyrics

Now I'm a pretty big man around this town
I got me the hottest little Chevy around
My sweet little '66
She got a yellow front fender and a gray one on the back
But my income tax is comin' and I'm gonna paint her black
Sweet little '66
She got the 396, she got the four on the floor
And those stickers in the window ain't just for show
My sweet little '66

Now old Bubba and me built her back in '79
Then he went into the army so now she's all mine
Sweet little '66
I used to run her down on River Road and make a little dough
Can't afford another ticket so I'm laying kinda low
Me and my '66

Now she ain't too good on gasoline, she burns a little oil
But she was built by union labor on American soil
Sweet little '66
So when your Subaru is over and your Honda's history
I'll be blastin' down some back road with my baby next to me
In my sweet little 66

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Steve Earle Sweet Little '66 Comments
  1. Burt Taylolr

    Built by Union Labor on American Soil

  2. billy chonka

    Just bought my first lp im 17 yo (i know its late but my dad has good taste do i never had to) but im glad its this lp now the waiting game is started to get it in the mail

  3. hannah bailes

    my 5 yr old favorite song

  4. julie brtek

    Truly love this classic hit song. Let’s turn up sound!!! One greatest artist and songwriter and talented singer and much more. Thank You. Back early days. Play cassette tape both sides. Sure bring back great memories.

  5. Sonny Shaw

    Great song Steve at his best

  6. Jessica Rahmanovic

    Those stickers in the window ain't just for show

  7. Francois Froge


  8. paul ramsey

    We used to gig from Edmonton to Yellowknife every year back in the 80's. People would always holler from the back: "Steve Earle!!" and one year we had 7 rehearsed songs by Steve Earle in a row then paused for a break. We owned that town after that.

  9. paul ramsey

    I have to listen to this song 100 times, I;m still not satisfied. I'm and old s tavern guitarist and I just love the drop-d tuning thing with the 6-string bass etc

  10. paul ramsey

    The bass player is playing some notes staccato when sustain would help the song better in my opinion.

    Dwayne Campbell

    And thats why you are a dickhead that knows nothing about music. Everyone knows Steve Earle but no one knows you.

  11. Michael Butler

    I love me some good ol' Steve!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing, mate!!

  12. Michael Butler

    Awesome song!! Thanks Mr Earle!!

  13. Robert Baratheon

    Good tune, too bad the "Sweet Little '66" isn't a big block Dodge.

    Chad Bennett

    Robert Baratheon what is it?

    Bobby Davidson

    Chad Bennett a chevy of some sort!

    Stepside 76

    Big block Chevy Great engine.

    Michael Pigott

    No doubt he was singing about a Chevelle. The SS 396 Camaro didn't come out 'til 67

    Stepside 76

    He gave you your big block dodge in copper head road

  14. Ronnie Bailry


  15. Susan Colson Morson

    I'm going to sing

  16. Al Wilson

    With compliments to the Albuquerque sheriff's department lol

    karen jarc

    The Land of Entrapment..

  17. Susan Colson Morson

    Maybe it let me watch

  18. Dave Wollenberg

    Actually, it peaked DECEMBER 5, '87.

  19. Muzikgirl67

    JUST AS GOOD AS GOLD!!.. thank you soooo very much for posting and sharing this "very-rarely heard anymore" lil' country ditty that peaked at #37 on the charts for Steve back on the week of November 5, 1987...I thoroughly enjoyed it!...and the sound quality is TOP-NOTCH too!...Happy New Year to ya' CharlieParker, and Take Care! Elizabeth :)

  20. Bradford Eclectic

    Thanks for this!  It's one of my favorite Steve Earle songs.