Steve Earle - So You Wannabe An Outlaw Lyrics

So you wanna be an outlaw, better take it from me
Living on the highway, ain't everything it's suppose to be
Everybody reckons that they wanna be free
Ain't no body wants to be alone

Stumbling in the alley at a quarter to three
Hollering after Sally, "Honey, what you trying to do to me"
Told me "Go to hell, I'm going back to Tennessee"
I said, "Angel, you can never go home"

Never go home
Never go home
If you wanna be an outlaw you can never go home

So you wanna be outlaw, better listen up kid
Steal a million dollar and you have to keep it hid
Ain't no place to spend it in the desert if you did
And you can't take it with you when you go

Always something laying for you up around the bend
Everything that goes around comes back around again
You can't trust anybody, not a lover or a friend
Your momma, maybe, then you never know

Never do know (Never do know)
Never do know (No, you never do know)
If you wanna be an outlaw, then you never do know

So you wanna be an outlaw, son you better think twice
You better not pout and you better not cry
'Cause there won't nobody give a damn about you when you die
But the devil when he comes for his due

When you're standing at the cross roads, don't you try to flag a ride
Don't you fall down on your knees, don't you do what's already been tried
Hate to tell you but the only the left side is to sing the devil out of the blues

Singing the blues
Keep on singing the blues
Sing the "So you wanna be an outlaw" Blues

Hey Hey

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Steve Earle So You Wannabe An Outlaw Comments
  1. Phillip Selke

    There's a real outlaw backstabbing BITCH!!!!!

  2. Cliff States

    Outside the law all my life. lol. This song here is hittin and stickin !

  3. Benjamin Brown

    I love this song your buddy ben Brown from Cincinnati ohio

  4. Brian Wood

    Wait, this guy's from...New York City!? Saw somebody wrote how could Steve Earle - a country singer - live in NYC? WOODY GUTHRIE DIED IN BROOKLYN. Steve's from a lil speed trap of a town tween Austin n San Antone off I35...hopfully no yuppie tech asswipe was disturbed during the making off this video🤣

  5. Bärbel Nitsche

    ............ so good !!! Thanks a lot .

  6. Beverly Glover

    I've always loved Steve's talent and I still do. Such a musically talented person.

  7. Richard Woodward

    The Continental Club in Austin and Steve Earle. Two of my favourite things :)

  8. Alfred Lee

    I hear the magic,never do know

  9. Shady 596x

    I love that crossroads reference

  10. To Tell the Truth

    The legends keep rolling. Willie (Frank Sinatra) and Steve (Elvis Presley). Do you guys realise exactly what you just saw? That's Elvis Presley (Steve Earle) and Frank Sinatra (Willie Nelson). They've been music together since the fifties. Willie played a little piano for Sun Records under the name Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis has used many professional names as well. Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and other nom de plumes (pen names). Willie and Steve.

  11. Robert Burton

    The chic at 2:22 yummy yes maam bet steve got a goid booby view

  12. Mike Witcombe


  13. Jamie Rupert

    Love it!!

  14. Jesús Egido González

    I´ll see you this summer in Huercasa Festival Spain

  15. Kathryn

    I've been watching your acting career unfold. You take some very pivoting parts. Don't lax on that part of your enjoyments... As for your music, it's unequaled.

  16. Diana Mason

    Y'aye., wannabe that's my favorite code word.

    I do not want to be an outlaw and I believe Jesus did not want to be an outlaw... He just embraced His Truth wholeheartedly and wondered the f*** is making that list


    Jesus was completely an outlaw. He died a criminal's death because he stood up the the principalities and powers, including the Romans and the hypocrites who thought they had a monopoly on holiness. He spent time with the outcasts of his day. Earle is poking fun at fake outlaws, but has said many times that the movement was about integrity. I think Jesus would be just fine with that kind of outlaw... and is weeping over the hypocrisy of many Christians today who avoid the poor and oppressed and forget what he truly stood for.


    Jesus was an outlaw who got done up by a confidential informant...

  17. Jody Beeson

    Steve Earle has still got it. Love his music!

  18. fredrik andersson

    Steve and Willie, a match made in heaven

  19. Nick Landry

    $hit yeah! Vintage Steve. This one has a bit of "Nowhere Road" in it....awesome fiddle and, WILLIE TOO (despite the decline in his vocals)!!!

  20. Daniel Kidd

    good to see steve earle go for it

  21. Ron Whiting

    A rap song with a steel guitar. Come on you can do way better than this Steve Earl.

    Luke S.

    what the hell are you talking about!

  22. whitebluesky

    Good tune.

  23. Artist Tom

    Some young country pop singer will cover this song and it will be a major hit.


    I doubt it... would be hard to make this pop enough for radio.

    Artist Tom

    Real Country isn't pop.

  24. Lynne ozuna

    I think it's all awesome. Willie is the best, and Steve is my hero!

  25. Martha Langston

    Lovin' this - thanks, Steve & Dukes!!

  26. restlessinamsterdam

    Love the video Steve, love the song, all I heard from that album, something to be proud of and with Willie Nelson in it, I heart it, love the outlaw style always ♥

  27. 2BusySecretary

    I love it!  Great Job Steve Earle...  I don't wanna be an outlaw... just a Grandma :-)

  28. Bobby Smith

    I was so looking forward to this. But the Willie Nelson part hurts the song. I'm a big fan of Willie and have been all my life, my dad was a huge fan, and it's cool to hear him and Steve together, but it does not help the song. Those live performances on YouTube from a while back are so much better than this.

    Friedrich Schmidt

    The song doesn´t really fit Willie´s style, that´s the problem.

    Cynthia Jameson

    You sire are NO OUTLAW!

    Cynthia Jameson

    Any song is Willie's style....

  29. Roulis Pritsapidoulas

    too slow.. too boring...

  30. Rob VanNorsdall

    Starts out great, but the 2nd half is a muddled mess.

  31. Jim Carlsson

    Nice, nice! :)