Steve Earle - Remember Me Lyrics

Here we are sittin’ in the warm sunshine
I’m holdin’ your tiny hand in mine
And god know’s it ain’t gonna be any time
Before you’re grown
But I wasn’t young when you come along
And chances are long before that day comes
My time in this sweet ol’ world’ll be done
And I’ll be gone

You’re lookin’ at me I’m lookin’ at you
And it’s everything a grown man can do
Not to break down and cry like a fool
When you smile at me
I can only that hope I do my best
With whatever time that we got left
And when everything’s done and said
You’ll remember me

Remember me on some sunny day
When everything’s goin’ your way
‘Cause on the day you were born I prayed
That’s the way it would be
Remember me on a stormy night
When there’s no sign of shelter in sight
And you soldier on through to the light
‘Cause that’s all you see
Remember me

You got angels watchin’ over you
And your mama don’t suffer fools
And there ain’t nothin’ that she wouldn’t do for you
I don’t believe
But there’ll come a day when you’re all alone
And you’ll have to stand up on your own
And when it’s muscle and blood and bone
Remember me

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Steve Earle Remember Me Comments
  1. SaveBlueEyes

    vaxxed. veternarians warn against over-vaxxing dogs because it causes neurological injury. dopey parents see no connection.

  2. Ruth Boykin

    Love his story and his song! He was an amazing singer and songwriter!

  3. Adam Wood

    Aaaa man ,blessblessbless,U.K. Bro

  4. australopithecusss

    Love you so much Steve Earle, your voice, your playin' and the sheer profundity of your words/lyrics/poetry. Love light and abundance to you and yours.

  5. lindalovesmusic

    Very sweet..

  6. 7937 Taki oaka kata shodon ichiban

    Steve Earle .... got nearly every song of yours , thanks for helping me remember good memories and shake with cries of bad ones.

  7. Apple Lover

    How could anyone give this a thumbs down such a meaningful song you have my 160th like

  8. TheJohnnyBE

    Sounds like open tuning. What key? And a beautiful song.


    Never mind. It ain't


    The low E is dropped two whole steps to C and it's not quite in perfect tune; listen when he goes up to the 5th fret.

    Paweł Tomkowiak

    @AbbieHoffmansGhost "it's not quite in perfect tune" he know it

  9. John Kaitlyn

    Damn that's heavy

  10. Corey Perkins

    Awesome song by an amazing musician! All he has to do is grab a guitar and let er rip!

  11. Abbe-Jonas fasi

    what kind of tuning he use here ? drop D?

  12. Randy

    Something about him makes me feel really uncomfortable.


    No what see and hear is what you get

  13. hallecats

    He's amazing. Such a Kind Soul

  14. Hans de Bruin

    Beautifull song and text; I hope to be able to play this song for my granchildren when it's 'my time to leave'....

  15. xxxxxx

    A lot of true words

  16. thyamelate

    Can help but think of my baby girls whenever I hear this great tune... Thank you Steve... you've done it again

    Steve Foulds

    Same here. My girl is 17 now. I was an asshole when she was a baby, pretty much the same story as Steve, but thank God I wised up when she was still little. she leaves us next week for 3 months of summer school in a foreign country. She's outgrowing us, and I feel it...


    we all were when we were young! we thought being a man was not caring or giving a flying fuck about anyone or anything!

  17. tracy lannum

    i was wrong......same the song


    No worries! We all make mistakes. At least you own up to yours unlike most people in this world.

  18. tracy lannum

    Coe wrote this

  19. D D

    I just saw him in concert. Amazing performance.This and every other song were great.

  20. darlincommitme

    No one likes a spammer. Go away please.

  21. ZenfireTheWizard

    check my channel if ya can

  22. Richard Lorenz

    Prayer in my heart for your son and granddaughter.

  23. Barbra Bishop

    Incredible song...