Steve Earle - Regular Guy Lyrics

I'm just a regular guy
Never get rich, but I always get by
I got me a wife and a couple a kids
I done pretty much like my daddy did
He always did the best that he could
Took care of mama and us pretty good
He never got rich but he never did try
He was just a regular guy
Well the world goes around
I can't stop it
So I'll sit back and watch the sun go down
If it comes back up then this day's a good un
You know I wouldn't be that surprised
I'm just a regular guy
And I'll work until the day that I die
I'm too young to quit too old to hire
These days a man can't afford to retire
Didn't vote for nobody last time
Cause they wasn't worth a trickle down dime
But one man's promise is another man's lie
And I'm just a regular guy

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Steve Earle Regular Guy Comments
  1. Taxman361

    Steve Earle really is a hardcore troubadour

  2. Filip Žilavčić

    gooooood .....hello from Croatia EU ......


    My son's name is Kai, I sing this song to him as a Regular Kai :)

  4. Felicity Mccallum

    This is my dads favorite song


    love this song. my mate sung it at my mate's funeral.

  6. Not interested Love

    This song is simple,but you have to like it.

  7. dave moonias

    love this song!!!!

  8. ScotsLyon

    @Comanche1100 La musique de Cajun est belle

  9. charlie

    @Dan080808 Dan, his song is about a character, like many of his songs. Copperhead Road? Steve Earle didn't go to Vietnam, and he wasn't a pot farmer - he didn't even grow up in Tennessee. It beats the hell out of the typical country song about the stereotypical guy riding around in his pickup, going to the lake with his girl and loving America.

  10. tickspruden

    kewl song sounds like me

  11. darlincommitme


    I think that like many of his songs, Earle is writng about a character here, not himself.

    Also, I don't think he is as rich as you might think. He wasn't really a superstar, and his career tanked in the early 90s because of his drug use. Since then, he gets great reviews, but doesn't sell that many records. I have seen pictures of his house in Nashville, and it is a pretty typical suburban house. He was in debt by the time he got clean and restarted his career in 95.

  12. J.T. Mott

    @Dan080808 I have a feeling you might be a richie yourself. You seem kind of bitter. If you want to hear a song about rich people why dont you write one? It could be a really shitty song about rich people and their pitiful, uncultured, greedy lifestyles. Hey Dan, I hope this helps you to realize why Steve Earle doesnt write songs about how rich he is.

  13. badyin

    maar wel de originele