Steve Earle - Open Your Window Lyrics

Just open your window
On a night like tonight
No matter which way the wind blows
Let your heart out to ride
High above all the care and woe
In the world down below
Just open your window
Then you'll know where to go

On a big city sidewalk
All alone in a crowd
No one listenin' when he talks
To himself right out loud
He was somebody's darlin' boy
She held him close when he cried
Just open your window
And let him inside

You may think that you're dreaming
You may think you've gone blind
If your eyes fail to see 'em
Listen hard and you'll find
There's a song that the angels know
Ringin' true every time
If you open your window
Let the music inside

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Steve Earle Open Your Window Comments
  1. Joe U777

    Yup, 'pay it forward'.... Netflix.

  2. Francis Straughtnose

    gosh hits the soul when the piano kicks in when on a bigside walk walk alone in the crowd master performance brovo one million percent brovo brovo Steve Earle

  3. julie brtek

    Fantastic song. My door always open, always dancing to this song. Lonely ask girl can get????

  4. Michael Gunter

    if you get a chance to see him in concert do it.I have seen him twice and I will see him again.

  5. stndfst1

    Where can I buy this song? I don't see it on iTunes.

    Juliette Benoit

    +stndfst1  Go to Archambault Music on internet order it ...

    A Walk Towards Glory

    +Juliette Benoit Thanks ill check it out!

    Erin Cantell

    Juliette Benoit

  6. Francis Straightnose

    just open ya winda when you got no where too gooo you're somebody's Darling boy.....

  7. whitespruce26

    What the hell is pay it forward? Steve Earle brought me here, but hey, the more the merrier. 

    Bea Shuab

    pay it forward.... really good movie..

  8. Bärbel Nitsche

    ........ love this song !!!
                Thank you .

  9. Michele Lea Morin

    Same here... "Pay It Forward." After several times of watching it, this great song just hit my brain. Love Steve Earle.


    Are You Sure!..jus kidding..I Like Your Pic! and this song says? def. that he loves you!

    Michele Lea Morin

    Thanks... You are too young for me.

  10. giorgi robakidze

    Pay it forward brought me here

    Piter Sytze Kloosterman

    Both the film and the song moved me.!!


    same here,very touched by the whole thing..this song is so beautiful and steve is so great.

  11. aerolyn johnson

    What a beautiful song It made me cry. He sang it with his heart. Just wonderful....and such a great voice Steve has.

  12. deejfun

    this song never fails to give me chills.

  13. Prometheus1st

    I have lived my live raw, with my heart in my hand. My window has always been open. I have been used and abused. I served and lived a precarious life. I saw my friends, my Brothers and Sisters cut down. But I have not lost faith...not in people. I still try to let the 'music' inside. I still listen and I try to hear it. I still dream.

    Steven Meneses

    Dreaming in this day and age becomes more and more pasa. But if you open those windows you just might win.

  14. miralgo1962

    Steve with The Dukes & Duchesses are playing St David's Hall in Cardiff on 24th October 2011 - don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. VerfasserUnbekannt

    @MyAgnor kommst du aus München?

  16. Agnör Vijncke

    @harryroode ik ben ook door Ruben hier terecht gekomen. Fantastisch liedje!

  17. ificouldflyy

    Because of Pay It Forward.

  18. Harsha Kanala

    great song

  19. Elise Davis

    one of the most amazing songs