Steve Earle - Me And The Eagle Lyrics

The eagle looked down on the river below
And he wrapped his wings round him and he fell like a stone
And the big salmon fought but the talons held true
And he shuddered as the world turned from silver to blue
I stood there in awe though I'd seen it before
I was born in these mountains and I'll die here for sure

I've traveled around I've seen city lights
But nothin' that shined like the big sky at night

Some mornings will find me up above the timberline
Lonesome don't seem like much once you're this high
When it's all said and done I usually find
Me and the eagle are of the same mind

Now when I was young I took me a wife
But she never took to the high country life
So now I'm alone I don't really mind
But her name echoes down from the canyon sometimes


In my dreams there's a horse, he stands eighteen hands high
He's as white as the snow and there's fire in his eyes
And he'll bare only me though others have tried
And together we'll travel up across the divide


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Steve Earle Me And The Eagle Comments
  1. Bob Berry

    This may be his best song...

  2. Ellen Baker

    Thanks so much for this song.

  3. Bärbel Nitsche

    Beautiful both of them .... song and picture show !
    Thank you very much .

  4. Axelle Decortes

    Je ne trouve pas ma chanson préfèrée ?! Refrain "In my heart". Please.

  5. Steve Brown

    Alberta. He plays here every year. Great job. Calgary here.

  6. damaxpowerway

    Good lyrics

  7. julie brtek

    Every hear this song, remind me how free I am today, no one tied me down, one beautiful video to this song.

  8. Heath Garson

    Above the tree line,Ive been ,many thanks Paul windsand Fellman

  9. Nia the Gulf Gypsy

    Perfection of photos for this song.

    Whenever I listen to this song, I recall being in Montana. Words seem pale things to try to explain what a magical place it is. It's a feeling that wraps around you. No matter how long or how short your time there, it seeps into you and becomes part of your soul.

  10. julie brtek

    Thank you for post this video clip, truly takes breath away. Always love country and mountains. Steve Earle always let song tell story. Beautiful song.

  11. Robin Sweeten

    I'm a big John Prine fan...something about his "imperfectness" pulls me and holds me tight.

  12. Brian Taylor

    Steve Earle & Dwight Yoakam in my opinion are in a league of their own whom both are the first artist I've heard in some interview they did way back but can't remember exact details however they both called themselves "HillBilly Country Rock" and this one I love "CouPunk" right around their first album release Earle - Early Tracks (87) and Yoakam - Live Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco CA {Remastered}(Live) (85) Both I love & My fav, Thanks to my DAD who got me hooked and loving their music since idk 88' I guess! I like to think my Dad is resting/jamming in Guitar Town Heaven otherwise known to many as "Heaven"

    Darlene Caniff

    They are both been my favorite since I first heard them.


    They are touring together right now, along with Lucinda Williams.

  13. Martha Langston

    Beautifully done. Thank you.

  14. Jill Burnham

    Thank you. This is beautful

  15. Guillermo Ferreira

    Steve Earle has many great songs.  This one is the best

  16. Mike Ballard

    My sentiments, exactly.

  17. Mezbourian

    One of my favorite Steve Earl songs. Thank you.

  18. whitespruce26

    This is just so incredible! Thank you for making this video!!! Can I ask where were most of the pics taken, Colorado?

  19. Sascha Sinclair

    Thank you for putting this slide show together to one of my favourite Steve Earle songs. I want to share something with you: I played this song at my husband's funeral 10 years ago - he was 40 years old and died of cancer. He lived in the Rockies and spent as much of his time as he could out in the mountains - they were in his blood till the end. This says it all...


    What a beautifully fitting tune to remember someone who loved the outdoors. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Dave Eaton

    Sascha Sinclair great soulful song.


    Sascha Sinclair , what a beautiful thing to share. This is my absolute favorite Steve Earle song, and I have never seen him perform it live. Life goals.

  20. Bg G

    Steve Earle can fit many categories...  he certainly fits the old style of country or southern country.  He's on most lists of top 100 country songs ever.

  21. Grizzly Chuck Back Country Adventures

    ethan just about about your rant about country music i'll never consider steve earle to be country he is HILL BILLY ROCK all the way 


    He'd say, all in all, he is a folk artist who ventures into rock and country.  He crosses genres.

  22. Azhiraphale

    For me personally...

    The eagle = hopes, dreams & aspirations.
    The river = life.
    The salmon = fears, doubts & the negative things.
    The talons = optimism & self belief.
    The timberline = everyday life; it's pressures & demands.
    The white horse = peace, true love & companionship.
    The divide = death.

  23. rick pauley

    There are many great country bands that not many people know of. However, to me Steve Earle is in a league of his own. It's like he plugs straight into my heart. I highly recommend you go back & listen to all of his records, maybe start with Train a Comin' and work your way forward.

  24. Dawn Hurst-Stultz

    Logan, I'm sorry. Y'know sometimes those childhood memories are the best part of us.... When we were more in touch with what truly mattered.... Peace to you.

  25. Power of love

    TEARS AND ♥♥


    I heartily reccomend Uncle Tupelo, Jayhawks and son volt for a good ytaste of and Hank williams III if you like it loud and very very angry all of them knock the hell out of the crap from nashville.

  27. Elisabeth

    Love this song. Love Steve Earle.

  28. Ann Armijo


  29. Ethan Surbaugh

    @LoganStegall The first time I heard this song was when two of my older siblings sang it to me around a campfire during a canoe trip. As a result its one of the first songs I knew the lyrics to as a kid. Its good to hear so many people having such a deep connection to this song.

  30. LoganStegall

    I wouldn't go to sleep when I was little until my father brought that big red guild, which seemd like the biggest guitar in the world to me at the time, and played this song. Now it seems I'm completely estranged from that time in my life. Now, whenever I hear this slow soulful song I can't do anything but remember and try to fight back tears.

  31. Ethan Surbaugh

    @rgeb1214 Dude what?

  32. klkep13

    SO glad I was able to find this song!!!! it's awesome... thank you!

  33. hughhill

    I've only had live versions of this for years (BTW- this song live is even better, particularly when it's just Steve acoustic). Thanks for putting this up!

  34. MVPPresents

    There are a lot of great Steve Earle songs, but if someone told me I had to pick which one was the greatest, it would be this one. Thanks for posting this - they don't have it on iTunes.

  35. hughhill

    Thank you Steve and the person who posted this. It speaks.

  36. jd1655

    @EthanSurbaugh Hear that. I like the ‘country’ of Earle, Cash even say the Allman Brothers. So, I formed a country band. They wanted to play Toby Keith and Brad Paisley saying Steve Earle wasn’t country…Band dissolved. What is country anyway? And what is alt country. I’m confused.

  37. jd1655

    Saw a lonely looking guy on the street today in downtown Ottawa. Seemed out of place. Kind of looking off and quietly saying things. This song jumped into my head.

  38. Don Bayne

    one of my best steve earle songs hard to tell so many great ones like to see bob dylan play guitar like this

  39. Don Bayne

    @EthanSurbaugh check out david olney 4 on you tube

  40. Ethan Surbaugh

    @holzkiewuf Of course! That's precisely why I uploaded it. I couldn't believe no one had before me, but I guess there's always a first.

  41. Brannon Brakefield

    im so glad my father has shared steve earle's music with me. its so beautiful and its just amazing. im only 13 but when i grow and have children i plan to share his music with them just like my father did with me.

  42. Liridon Ceka

    I love american country music , I'm from Europe btw

  43. Ethan Surbaugh

    thanks alot! My parents saw steve earle live this last summer as well, sadly I was off on an adventure in alaska again. Fortunately we had at least 6 steve earle albums on hand that became part of our daily routine at camp.

  44. dstbbny

    ive been looking for this song for a while, love the pics in the vid, seen steve perform this song live and needed to hear it again,thnx 4 posting it

  45. Jolly Badger

    I absolutely LOVE this song. . .great tune, great lyrics. Thanks so much for making a video with it!

  46. Ethan Surbaugh

    lol, I'm sorry to say I used to be one of those "idiots" who claimed that he hated country music. Now with artists like Steve Earle, John Prine, Hal Ketchum, Dire Straights, Johnny Cash, etc, I've realized I only hate "popular" country music (you know, the songs they play 200 times a day on the radio)

  47. gvac

    This is one of the tunes I usually play for the idiots who say "I hate country music." Thanks so much for putting it up. It's one of those magical songs that can just put you in another place.

  48. Ethan Surbaugh

    thanks, I am not a singer or songwriter, but I am a hobby musician and a writer, so I take great appreciation for lyrics in the music I choose. Of course, a deep love of the mountain's and wilderness help!

  49. doczac

    Great Job... singers/sonwriters, take note of this relatively unknown classic

  50. Ethan Surbaugh

    No problem! I knew people would like this song and I was very disappointed to find that it wasn't on youtube yet, so I guess I made a good choice to fix that little problem.

  51. CrazyWCIII

    thank you for adding this! you are my hero!!!

  52. dstbbny

    thank you, ive been looking 4 ever, saw this song live and needed it online....

  53. Ethan Surbaugh

    Definitely, I'd like to visit Scotland one of these days. See some of my heritage.

  54. Aash Martin

    Ive loved this song for years. Thank you.

  55. Ethan Surbaugh

    hey no problem, glad people have liked this song. its a good one to keep for those campfire occasions.