Steve Earle - Have Mercy Lyrics

He was standin' on the corner
A hundred dollar bill in his hand
Said I could feed a lot of these people with this
But that ain't the business at hand
Ain't but one reason for a white boy to be
Over on this side of town
He gave that money to the man and he
Bought a little mercy for now
Have mercy on me
Have mercy on me
I'm a sinner Lord can't you see
Have mercy on me

Old Joe don't know how it got started
I guess it was the fire in her eyes
He loved his wife and children
And he wasn't into telling all these lies
But she gave herself so freely
In that room at the top of the stairs
He'd go to her in hope he'd find a little mercy there

Tears were made to fall
Hearts made to break
Sometimes it feels
Like they just want to know
How much you can take
She was all alone that evening
What was she thinking about
Her mind was made up and
I guess it was the only way out
There's a pistol in a pawn shop window
Made of cold, blue steel
She took it home to find out
How warm a little mercy could feel
God knows that mercy ain't free
Have mercy on me

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Steve Earle Have Mercy Comments
  1. Ricki Leee

    I been a diehard fan of Steve Earle since I first heard him (wen Guitar Town album hit). Nobody I wud rather hear or see.

  2. SpaghettiandSauce

    One of the most moving songs about mental pain I've ever heard.

  3. Patrick Yerxa

    Used to lesten to this song in high school me and friends

  4. Sarah C. Toadvine

    There was a time.. . .
    There was a fire burning
    A big wheel turning
    A rebel slowly learning
    A heart forever yearning

  5. julie brtek

    Still enjoy all his classic hits songs. True song.

  6. Dave Watson

    Wahhhnt feedback cause polaris bugs me around this time every year cause this is where they were stopped the vulgar.

  7. Dave Watson

    4sure if one of your pups unfortunately lands hear we will keep m whole there's no gaurntees just promises best knock me up for a chat so we can put the plot(preserving families)in motion for there safe return oh the ransom you can keep. Thank-you victory even though your Square.

  8. julie brtek

    Always put on a fantastic show concert every time. Truly enjoy classic hits songs.

  9. Cody McLaughlin

    where did you get that second picture from?

    Eddie Risdal

    Just found it on the interweb when googling for pictures of him.

    Cody McLaughlin

    alright, thanks, just thought it looked cool

  10. Joanna Backman

    incredible...always.   Steve Earle never fails to give his fans 100% of his heart when he sings.  God bless him.

    james cain

    absolutely no doubt the very best at his craft nobody's cooler than Steve Earle