Steve Earle - Go Go Boots Are Back Lyrics

Go go boots are back and I think that’s outasite
The kids don’t call ‘em that but they’re go go boots alright
I was just a little boy the first time they come around
But my sister had her some and she wore ‘em up town
And she did the dirty dog and the boogaloo all night
Go go boots are back and I think that’s outasite

Lava lamps were fun but I never wanted one
‘Cause I had a little psychedelic thing of my own
Is it really any wonder that I never finished school
‘Cause I’m wanderin’ the hallways and I’m grinnin’ like a fool
And I never needed any kinda artificial light
But go go boots are back and I think it’s outasite

Wrap yourself around me like a circle ‘round the sun
Take me up the country where the crimson waters run
‘Cause the road goes on forever and a circle never ends
Everything that goes around comes back around and then

Mirror shades are in and I’m wearin’ ‘em again
They keep the mornin’ out and the mystery in
Quick - tell me if my eyes are brown or if they’re blue
‘Cause when you look inside all you’re gonna see is you
But you’ll know where I’m goin’ and where you been alright
And go go boots are back and I think it’s outasite

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Steve Earle Go Go Boots Are Back Comments
  1. Michael Stevenson

    smoking with a little country twang go mr grinn yea mamma

  2. john herkert

    My favorite track on the record

  3. Carlos Vieira

    good songs always. ....thanks Steve to give us a quality's sound ....

  4. Shaelene Yazzie

    Sounds Gooder!!!!!! He's Back.....

  5. Francis Straightnose

    go go go boot's are back en they there out side I was the only one cause I had a thing of my own whoooo

  6. lisa houston

    I am really digging the album cover,probably cd but I still play vinyl


    @lisa houston You can get it on vinyl - try a local record store, and if not there Amazon.


    @lisa houston The artist is Tony Fitzpatrick. He has done Steve's covers since "I Feel Alright".

  7. Dennis De Rosas

    I'm diggin' this album man, awright now !

  8. Grace Green

    Put yer' go-go boots on momma, supper is done, the kids have gone to bed and Steve Earle is rockin' the house tonight, thank the gods he's still alive and well...

  9. Tim Fergel

    Another Classic in his long tenure.

  10. TheGreene33

    Thanks Steve.


    From southeastern Indiana

  11. Randy E Bell