Steve Earle - Better Off Alone Lyrics

If you want to there’s the door
Can’t imagine what you’re waiting for
‘Cause I know you ain’t the kind to ever change your mind

And though
I taught you everything you know
I learned a thing or two myself and so I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone but I’m better off alone

Can’t say that I’m surprised
‘Cause that leavin’ look was in your eyes for some time now and I knew
I was losing you

Ain’t never anything but blue
And now you say you found somebody new you can lay that burden on
Guess I’m better off alone

Say what you think you gotta say
Just don’t tell me you changed your mind and you’re gonna stay I can’t tell you what I’d do then
‘Cause I just cant go through that

‘Cause it almost killed me then and I guess I shoulda known that I’m better off alone
And it’s clear the story’s shown I’m better off alone

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Steve Earle Better Off Alone Comments
  1. simplemente salvadoreño

    I like this

  2. Robin Rancier

    Has Steve ever written a poor song..... man he just gets better as he grows

  3. Chris Hall

    couldn't agree more.