Steve Earle - All Of My Life Lyrics

I guess I don't get out too much
If it wasn't enough I hear all these voices
Always tellin' me that I'm bad
But it's all in my head - like all those scary noises

I've been waiting all of my life
All of my life
I've been waiting all of my life
All of my life

Some nights when I'm laying in bed
Wish I was dead - and I know you'd never miss me
But I know where you go when you dream
Strange as that seems 'cause I never even kissed you


Everybody wants to be somebody's somethin'
Ain't nobody wants to be blue
Ain't nobody anywhere ever loved nothin'
Half as much as I love you
Somebody somewhere said "love is a prison"
But no one really wants to be free
I'd have to be crazy to ever think someone
Could love a nobody like me

I'm here alone in the dark
But I know where you are
'Cause I can hear you breathin'
Come a little closer you'll find
You were meant to be mine
'Cause you're the only reason

[Chorus 2x]

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Steve Earle All Of My Life Comments
  1. whitebluesky

    All I can say is "Wow".  I can't believe that.  The music is cool.


    From the "Psycho Soundtrack."

  2. King Freakin' Kong

    Just''l be fine.

  3. lowbridgehit

    dont know if it makes any sense, but a couple years ago a guy on a greyhound bus killed a guy sitting beside him because the voices in his head told him to do it. In reading up on his mental health issues and problems in his marriage and eratic behaviour that went on for a lifetime...I cant help thinking this song was written about him (although it wasnt)...."I hear all these voices in my head telling me that Im bad, like all those scary noises"