Steve Crown - You Are Yahweh Lyrics

You are the God
Who was, Who is and is to come
Jesus, Jesus
And in You I trust
My life is in Your Hands
Jesus, You are the Miracle working God

You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega

You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega

You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega

You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh, eh eh eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega
You are Yahweh
Alpha and Omega

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Steve Crown You Are Yahweh Comments
  1. Rita ARINGO

    oh how I love this song it makes me feel like all my pains are gone God bless you for giving us this song Steve crown be blessed ❤❤

  2. fridah mwakima


  3. Nellie Helb

    You are the God who was and is to come. Jesus Jesus in you I trust, my life is in your hands. Jesus you are a miracle working God you are yahweh you are yahweh you are yahweh you are yahweh alpha and omega you are yahweh alpha and omega Express yourself in the holy ghost you are yahweh alpha and omega you are yahweh alpha and omega

  4. Geraldine Rodrigues


  5. Ayobami Bello

    May d good God continue to be ur strength

  6. Lucy Musukwa

    Indeed you are Yahweh alpha and omega thank u Jesus for making me strong

  7. Ange Aristide

    Seigneur délivre tout les monde qui croient en toi qui n'a pas la possibilité de partir au Nigeria


    For sure He's great

  9. bright chipepo

    He is Yahweh

  10. Otene Patience

    Who watches this song and the next minute you find yourself blasting in tongues like me?
    GOD you are too good, Yahweh, Alpha, Omega...

  11. Clara Konan

    Je t'aiiiiiime mn Dieu mon tout en tout ma raison de vivre

  12. dianto mon-mon


  13. kesner Blanc

    To God be the Glory

  14. Sandra Kwarteng

    This song helps me pray ,am in love with th song .thumbs up if you always listen to it when praying.

  15. Faith Ray

    You are YAWHEY

  16. ann muriuki

    Who else is here in February 2020..Glory to Jesus

  17. Berenis Tonye

    I love this son

  18. McQueen Steve

    BLESSED be the lord for his grace and mercy upon us his children
    God you are awesome and marvelous to me. Thanks be unto your name jesus

  19. Delino Dubois

    yes you rae yaheweh

  20. Rosalee Adams

    Who was, Who is, and Who is to come. . .Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

  21. GLADYS .Chombo

    Angelican voices from children of God

  22. Lysia Rogombe

    You Are Yahweh ❤❤❤

  23. Kemi Omodiya

    He's truly Yahweh Alpha and Omega, He is the one


    I won't give up because you have not given up on me.You are Yahweh

  25. Jacquelene Orphilien

    Oyes Amen Amen

  26. Jean-Claude Sebastien N'doua

    25 And all of you with your imams, rabbis, pastors and church prophets, no matter how full of the Holy Spirit and love you are, no matter how pious and sincere you are, no matter how much you know the word of God, no matter how great your revelations are, know that you will all go to hell with that. Grow in number, feel the anointing every day, have dreams and visions, dance in spirit, do what you want but you will all go to hell. You cannot know God but with a living prophet messenger walking on the earth.

  27. tezilesly amaboh

    Two years and still listening as in 2018

  28. Noreen Njiro

    Your yahweh❣❣❣❣❣❣

  29. Hannah Adhiambo

    My favourite song

  30. Hannah Adhiambo

    Glory to God

  31. Mogz_Leke

    God help my family,bring us back together.

  32. mono dramas

    You are Yaweh

  33. philile hlongz

    Alpha n Omega... u r Yahweh...God of miracles, speak a word n all my troubles will fade😰

  34. Naikoba Annette

    The song makes you feel the presence of the Lord ALMIGHTY everywhere wooow wooow !

  35. Neyou Neyou

    You are Yahweh Alpha and Omega

  36. Vevangapi Tjozongoro

    Every time I listen to this song I'm saturated by the holy ghost.....I'm here in 2020,Listening to this song,who else does?hit the like button

  37. Yvonne Tarie

    Alpha and Omega He is Lord

    The King of all Kingdoms
    May his Glory be upon us

  38. victor lucy

    A true man of God sent at the right time by the most high

  39. Lola John

    Your Alpha and Omega

  40. Lucia Shayuka

    He is Yahweh

  41. Rivy Betty

    I'll still be listening in 2050

  42. Fredrick Ibuchukwu

    2:48 ....omg.... Smbody hold me... D spirit is too much.... Lord you are d alpha and omega

  43. African Queen

    The melody here is making me freeze like am gonna touch the Sky's....Oh! Lord You are Yahweh no one is like you Jehova.


    Indeed is the Alpha and Omega.

  45. Math Mindset

    I love the prayers in the audience mouths

  46. Twinky Sokhabo

    Power Power Power from above..

  47. Olufunmi Abayomi

    I just loved this song and I can't stop listening to it. Thank God for the life of Steve Crown and for this wonderful song, the song is full of God's Inspirations and Power. More grace and anointing in Jesus name.

  48. kelvin kuria

    Tears role down my cheeks wen I listen to this song truly He is Yahweh wen I remember all that God has done to me I kneel down and shed tears truly God is great

  49. Ann Okore

    You are Yahweh Lord, Alpha and Omega, take charge

  50. Bethanie Alphat

    I love you Steve ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Hilya Nangula

    A demon manifesting today during church derivarance service and shouted loud that we should STOP singing that song it's troubling their kingdoms,They hate it.

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Thank you Lord Jesus Christ..

    Hahaha what a powerful,anointed song???🔫🗡🔪🏹⛏🛠🔗🎺🎺🎷🎤🎻🎻🎻

  52. Hana Sione

    God is good! All the time❤

  53. Washington Mwangi

    A song inspired by God himself.

  54. D D

    How am I only finding out about this song today 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ wow!

  55. Emmanuel Amunala

    This is God sent worship song. It is total spiritual healer. God you are Yahweh, Alpha and Omega.
    Thanks Steve Crown for this great one - From Nairobi Kenya.

  56. Astrale Masso

    Comment être un bon adorateur

  57. Franck Kouame

    👇👇HIT IT

  58. Toini Gideon

    Thank you Jesus

  59. wangwe jacquelyne

    Who is still here with me this 2020.....soo touching.... just hit"like" button

  60. Amoin Yolande DAGO

    JÉSUS ROI DE L'UNIVERS, SOLUTION POUR NOTRE MONDE. Donne ta vie à JÉSUS pendant qu'il est encore temps mon frère, ma sœur et ta vie sera transformée pour la gloire de Dieu.
    JÉSUS donne la vie, la santé, la joie, tout ce dont nous hommes avons besoin et bien plus. Essaie c'est gratuit, il s'est donné en rançon pour toi, pour moi afin que nous soyons heureux. Saisi la main que le Seigneur JÉSUS te tend à travers mon message, reçoit le salut, fait la paix avec ton Dieu et soit sauvé. Ce n'est pas une affaire de religion ni d'ethnies mais c'est la "vérité", ne laisse pas le diable t'endoctriner, ne laisse pas place à tes raisonnements. Reçoit le salut aujourd'hui même et soit sauvé.
    Shalom !

  61. rgillesb bokolo

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    Visit me at #SuscribeNow #BrandNewSong2020

  62. Daniel Jalo Kamatikibiu

    what a wonderful and inspiring worship songs

  63. Nothando Amuli

    Yea yea when the holy spirit takes u left speechless

  64. joanyce Houessou

    A chaque fois que je regarde cette chanson j'ai la chair de poule et j'arrive pas à retenir mes larmes. Glory be to God.

  65. Théo Hope

    La première fois que j'ai écouté cette adoration j'ai pleuré sans pouvoir me retenir .tu est DIEU l ALpha et Oméga alléluia

  66. Hazel Roy

    Fill me with the Holy Spirit, Amen

    Rachael Nampijja

    Hazel Roy bless you

  67. Hazel Roy

    Thañkyou, God bless you

  68. pacsida banda

    Blessed 2020 Brethren..... Watching and listening from Zambia

  69. Edeline Mompremier

    You are yahweh alpha and omega 🙏🙏🙏

  70. Jack Tolah

    Worship raising! Faith raising!



  72. Lum Miracle

    Tears of worship and gratefullness fills my heart each time i listen to this song😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  73. Mataka Motanyane

    A powerful song indeed, i can feel the holy spirit thru this song, indeed God, you are a miracle working God.

    félicité soro

    Quelque chose inspiré de Dieu lui-même impacte forcément...demeure beni frère

  74. miracle chidinma

    This song draws me close to God always.

  75. Wylma Obame

    Elle m'emporte dans les cieux cette chanson

  76. Bensjoo Gilot

    If you are listening this beautiful son in jan 2020, like me🎵💖

  77. Okeke Victor

    I'm still thinking of the 3.6k people that dislike this song

  78. Nignivi Gbetin

    I like you

  79. Nignivi Gbetin

    Steve crown you have a good voice and You sing very well

  80. Chisi Salang

    Straight from God 🙏

  81. Aywonda Ayomide

    Hi guyz, this is an acoustic guitar cover of yaweh from can also support me as an upcoming artist by subscribing for more on my channel...God bless you

  82. desiree kuame

    Le oint de l'Éternel Dieu nous demandons au créateur de.te faire venir à Abidjan pour vivre le.directe avec vous soyez béni

  83. Abby Kavata

    2020 is gonna be fire for Jesus

  84. Jean Cedric Kouakou

    Ohh so powerful this song...
    Who are listening again ??
    Je ne peux m'empêcher d'être connecté en larme en écoutant le cantique 😭😭

  85. Martha Liyungu

    Indeed Father you are Yaweh. There shall never be anyone like you. You alone is Mighty.

  86. raoul amani

    quand j'ecoute ce chant sa me fait pleure car sa me touche fortement
    demeure dans la croissance du saint-esprit

  87. Merveille Ekongbo

    Amen amen

  88. Bunmibola David

    I just can’t stop listening to this song. More blessings @steve crown & to everyone listening to this song God (Yahweh) will always be our God. Amen 🙏🏾

  89. Elikya Prod

    Oui il est le véritable Dieu il n’y a pas autre Dieu que lui alpha et oméga a lingala on dit ebandeli pe suka c’est à dire personne est comme lui début et la fin Jesus laisse moi te dire je t’aime du fond de mon cœur

  90. Barbra Cherie

    This Song is very powerful and nice and it makes me think of god

  91. Valdimiro Silva

    Glory King of Kings

  92. Etonge Jovi Juliana

    Jesus Jesus Jesus this is powerful enough to break all yokes, and keep the devil 👿 roasting in eternal fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥, who agrees with me pls hit the like button and also say an amen 🙏

  93. Sirri Sharon

    What a Glorious and powerful worship, it move me

  94. kevin cheruiyot

    Am I the only one who is still being moved by this song? It can't get older to me. Hope I'm not alone here good people

  95. Celine Chinazom

    What a powerful song to begin diz year with.whenever am listening to this song goose pumps wud b fall over my body with tears rolling down.i love you Jesus cos you have done so much for me than I can comprehend.You are indeed Yahweh.

  96. Kayengi Amisi

    The best of the best song of 2020; God is great....

  97. alicia blessing

    Anybody feel like dropping down to tears ??

  98. Spencer W Bolante

    Yahweh, Yahweh,yehweh,Yahweh my healer