Steve Crown - We Wait On You Lyrics

Holy Spirit you are welcome
Fill this temple with your presence

We wait on you
Lord we wait on you

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Steve Crown We Wait On You Comments
  1. Wilna Joseph

    Wooooow I like this song this song its the spiretion for the spirit


    Awesome..need your presence Lord Jesus everyday..every hour..

  3. Jocelyn Matshengele

    Powerful worship song God bless you.

  4. JD CMCI

    Lord i belong to you Come and dwell in me forever



  6. Catherine Winking

    God bless you man of God Steve Crown..surely your crown is in heaven also waiting for you one day after you have seen your grandchildren's grandchildren in the name of Jesus AMEN

  7. margaret amshi

    Your timing is perfect oh God. Let your mercy speak as I wait patiently on you.

  8. Cynthia olisakwe

    I am waiting for your divine grace in my life

  9. Winny Akoth

    Wou what a amazing song. Indeed Lord we wait on you. Be blessed for wonderful worship

  10. Fedelis Akujjo

    Here in 2020.Lord we wait on you

  11. Viviane Ain

    We wait on you ,,,,spirit of God

  12. Emanuel Emani

    Holy spirit of the living God I welcome u into my life, marriage and family thank u Lord,for u are so so good to us

  13. Sara A

    Oh yes dear HOLY SPIRIT you are welcome in my life.

  14. Inner Sakala

    2020 wait on you Good😭😭😭

  15. Pius Ng'ambi

    King of Glory, your timing is perfect.

  16. dera sally

    Lord I wait on you,as u perfect ur work in my life and as u fulfill ur promises to me.2020 my year of release.

  17. Rose Batana

    Amen Amen

  18. Silvya Shivute

    this Song drive me to Revival system.
    Lord we wait in you.
    thanks Jesus for the live of this man.

  19. D M

    Holy Spirit you’re welcome
    Lord We wait on you 🙌🏾🙏🏾❤️ 2020


    Lord I wait on you.

  21. zoet zaka

    Rejoice in 2020

  22. Alice Amulen

    2020 am moving with faith

  23. M D Kaona

    Lord indeed we wait on you. You are never late

  24. Steeve Randal

    LORD we wait on u🙇

  25. Ekong David

    We wait on you, oh lord

  26. victor Ariah Tv show

    We wait on u lord, thank u Jesus

  27. Gift Mwaba

    Thank you lord for a wonderful 2019 ..we wait on you lord🎤🎹

  28. mary mungala

    Can't imajin its three yrs old like naisikia Mara ya kwanza and its just wow .Lord we are waiting for u

  29. Muhammed Nefisat

    Lord am waiting u on please grant me heart desire fast I j n amen

  30. Betty Apio

    We waiting for you Lord God

  31. AshishRoyal Royal

    No one can worship unless one has the relation with God

  32. cyrus Cobbie

    Waiting on you for an expectation

  33. Sukah Belinda

    Thank you Jesus...I wait on you let's ur will be done in my life.

  34. Ketura Francois

    Holly Spirit you are welcome in my life , my soul and my heart. I wait on you . Fill me with your presence.

  35. kirabo noreen nabukalu

    We wait on uuuuuuuu

  36. Synagogue Eva

    Amen lord we waiting you

  37. Glenda Desir

    Lord I'm waiting on you

  38. Kereda Campbell

    Jesus i am waiting on you. To do the impossible for Campbell family in jesus might. Lord I waiting on you.

  39. Mike Martin

    Thank you lord.we definitely wait on you,🙏🙏

  40. Bro Abo

    Patiently waiting on you my redeemer

  41. honorine AGBA

    Bsr, la famille

  42. Leonora Atieno

    Lord, I wait on you🙏

  43. Lucy Achieng

    We wait on you Lord, manifest yourself ,let it be known that we serve a living Jehovah



  45. elmita charles amén

    Amén n

  46. Evelyne Ernest


  47. Evelyne Ernest


  48. Viviane Ain

    Surely we wait on you ,,,,Holy spirit of God🙏😿

  49. Precious One

    Worship and praise God, you nations, and see what He will do.

  50. Inspiration by Tosin


  51. nthabiseng sakarea

    This 1 of the powerful songs in spirit , worshiping and praising GOD.All HIS promises are Yes and Amen.Holy spirit dwell in us almost everyday.Have your way on us.A mautlwelobohloko a ga JEHOVAH a nne le rona ka nako tsohle

  52. Jesus Lord

    Powerful song God bless him!!!

  53. Chrisnick Mubongolo

    We Wait on you lord

  54. chidimma Madrid

    We wait on you lord🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  55. Sandra Des

    Thank for this song...

  56. Jackine Nabasumba

    Glory 2 u jesus all the time

  57. Djouratie Diarra

    God bless you brother in the name of Jésus very Good with Is presence glory to Jésus holy spirit we Walt on you

  58. Vivian Okora

    God me and my family are waiting for u..come n bless my family with your annontine..

    Natalia Amunyela

    This song take me,far

  59. Timothee coulibaly

    Que le tout puissant nous bénisse, chant vraiment touchant mais il chanter pas pour se montré mais pour glorifier tout puissant yaweh,shalom

    Timothee coulibaly

    OK thank you

  60. Lucia Francis

    Thank you Lord

  61. Pastor Titus Ssekawe


  62. Livio Durante

    Proverbes, 3:3 - Que la bonté et la fidélité ne t`abandonnent pas; Lie-les à ton cou, écris-les sur la table de ton coeur.

  63. Livio Durante

    Proverbes, 3:4 - Tu acquerras ainsi de la grâce et une raison saine, Aux yeux de Dieu et des hommes.

  64. Lize B Grvhg

    I love this song so much ❤❤❤❤

  65. Roseline Matasva

    We wait on you

  66. Barbara Njoki

    Lord I wait on you

  67. Irny Namatovu

    I don't want to stop to listen this song it's so sweetie so sweetie sweetie sweetie sweetie sweetie I give praise Holy spirit

  68. omumbedha ceara

    Your welcome Holly spirit🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  69. fiona malaika

    We are waiting on you my lord blessed be your name jesus lion of judah, king of kings lord of lords the way truth and life, the creator of heaven and earth the air that we breathe, the father of all creations we love you holy ghost. Amen

  70. Senorina Mongi

    Holy spirit I welcome you in my house today, i wait on you my Lord🙏🙏.

  71. Delphine Lombe

    Wow ...Thank you Jesus!!! LORD I'll continue waiting on you

  72. Violet Banda

    Wonderful song, Lord we wait on you.

  73. Bridgit Nyapil

    2019 @Kenya still on it, waiting upon the Lord

  74. juliet odionhin

    Oh Lord have mercy on us we wait on you Lord

  75. Sergio Antonio das Virgens

    very beautiful praise, I would like to have subtitles in portuguese Brazil (louvor muito lindo, gostaria de ter legenda em portugues Brasil)

  76. jen de liberasyon odlor

    I waiting you Jésus... dady ooooooh...... Hmmmm

  77. Exildah Mulenga

    I waiting for u Jesus

  78. Charity Kamunda

    Inondipinza mumweya song iyi be blessed man of god

  79. Judith Orijeune


  80. Nanie Charles

    Thank you minister Steve ! This song blesses me so much in my desperate time

  81. Glenda Rogers


  82. Kobusigye Reginah

    Holy spirit come and fill in me Lord am waiting on u God bless u more Steve

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  84. Norack Ntumba

    Holly spirit you are welcome, fill my life with your presence.

  85. Daby Bady my music

    My lord I'm waiting for you

  86. Enis sarah rachelle Denisaud

    Amen soit bénis pour ses adorations à L'ÉTERNEL Dieu St te bénisse

  87. Winnie Achieng Onyango

    Holy Spirit I welcome every morning

  88. vivian Viva

    Thank you Steve crown am always blessed with your songs may God use you always

    vivian Viva

    @Rachel Koulibal iam fine

    Rachel Koulibal

    vivian Viva Ok good night

    vivian Viva

    @Rachel Koulibal goodnight to you

    Rachel Koulibal

    vivian Viva hello my dear brother who days i great you excuse my i not speak english well well my english is poor english i speak french

    vivian Viva

    Rachel Koulibal Ca fait longtemps sans avoir de vos nouvelles

  89. Josue Edouard

    God is the best for ever

  90. Abel Mpofu

    Worship is real

  91. janet kavini

    We need God

  92. Rachel Machiridza

    We wait on you...holy spirit you are welcome in my life.......

  93. Sogoni Humphrey

    You deserve all the Glory Jehova,,,i welcome you in my life

  94. Ruth Tembo

    We wait on you😇😇😇😇 who is still here 2019??💗... God's promises can never be broken

  95. Nnenna pesent

    Glory be to God

  96. Tobums Transport

    God we Wait on you in any of our situations

  97. Florence no one like yu Hilda

    Love yu my brother.🙏🙏🙏🌷

  98. Bridget Madhuva

    This man is a true worshiper God bless you sir .powerful n beautiful song