Steve Crown - Sunan Sa Lyrics

Daga sunan sa...
All the way...

I will praise and lift you higher
In the morning and the noon time
As a people, we're rejoicing
I will rise all the way and daga ubangiji...

Zan daga sunan sa
Maiceto na
All the way...

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Steve Crown Sunan Sa Comments
  1. Namakula Annet Annet

    I don't understand the language but am enjoying this praise song God bless u

  2. Bigvision Kayzia

    Wow this is powerful and it will be a song played on my remembered day

  3. Lisa Nanton

    you bless me all the way every day thank you man of god frm st Vincent

  4. Pearl Kgosimore

    please translate the local language to English

    Joy Jonathan

    I will lift Jesus higher that's the translation

    Pearl Kgosimore

    @Joy Jonathan thank you

  5. Kosi Ifeoma

    You have a new subscriber in your hands ooo!

  6. Kosi Ifeoma

    Amen and amen ooo

  7. Patricia Fonsat

    Quel talent merci Seigneur!

  8. Danise Marla

    Beautiful song

  9. Isha luma tv

    This good song

  10. Isha luma tv

    This song Good

  11. sarena hewitt

    Love this man so much

  12. Vivian Wanini

    Amen..we swag for Jesus 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hallelujah

  13. Chiamaka Lekwauwa

    I love this all the way ooo o pop music biko haphmaka I beg💃👎👼👍

  14. Mreaglion Survivor

    grate song

  15. Enoch Bangura

    F is the

  16. Persistance Mashy

    I love this song😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Great piece there

  17. Maria Clarq Conceicao

    Minha filinha ama esse louvor Deus abençoa

  18. Quin A

    Ahhh! This was what I was looking for 🎶🎙🎶

  19. Uche Victoria

    wow dis song s awesome...nice beat,God gat ur back

  20. Queen Teresa

    wow, great song. l love the dancing

  21. Zara C

    This is awesome. We want more of gospel music in this form biko. Let's go thereeeeee💃💃💃

    Kosi Ifeoma

    Eheh zara c. My guy my guy oo!

  22. Christiana Howe

    Two thumbs up sir. I have been listening to this song for over an hour now and there is not a repeat button on YouTube ... lol That's how serious it is!!! I really enjoy all of your music. Also, thank God and thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you. Be blessed.


  23. Prospero MedicoMusica

    Steve Crown makes me happy with his incredible voice! God bless you sir

  24. Nkechi Ajakor

    HANDS IN THE AIR PPLE. WAZOBIA STYLEA. Love this and a nice one for throwing out some local moves to the uninformed about heritage. Well done Steve and director. spot on local flavour