Steve Crown - Healing Wings Lyrics

As we gathered here
God is moving everywhere
Souls are desperate
Spirit of the Lord is in this place

As we gathered here
God is moving everywhere
Souls are desperate
Spirit of the Lord is in this place

To heal the sick
Mend broken hearts
Wipe your tears
He's touching you with Healing Wings

So lift your hands
Receive your sights
Rise and walk
He's touching you with Healing Wings

Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost

For the Spirit of God is here
For the Spirit of God is here
I believe it
I receive it
Lift my hands
I'm made whole

Holy Ghost

Receive your healing right now
Receive your touch
For the Power of God is on you
The presence of God is all over this place

Receive it!
Receive it!
Receive it!
Your healing!
Your deliverance!
His presence is all over this place

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Steve Crown Healing Wings Comments
  1. Timotheus Timothy Yarbah

    I can't just stop playing this song, is very touching and inspiring. May God's grace overflow in your life.

  2. Jessica Araes

    god is good and need to praised

  3. commier Sampson

    I wish I could call and speak to you one on one, Sorry zi don't have your number and the distance. Carry on Paul you have made my life with your voice and choice of mud
    Sic. Am peoud of you and to God Almighty Paul. If an annoyed I play your yape , if people make me annoyed I put your video on you, your voice, your person and what God has made of you is inspiring. Love you apaiul. Stay blessed. God bless.

  4. guidance mtisi

    So powerful indeed
    May God continue to bless you abundantly

  5. Claudia Zion

    to tell the truth i just got to know this song (2019) and its on replay..Powerful song

  6. Jheryl Noabeb

    My walk up song ✋

  7. guidance mtisi

    May God continue to bless you Steve and continue to do the work you are helping lot of souls

  8. Monique Constantinidou

    Every day this song before I sleep amazing song ♥ may the mighty GOD bless you brother Steve man off GOD 👼🙏 🌹🌹

  9. Hannah Salimu

    May almighty God be praised all the time, hallelujah , hallelujah hosanna the son of God Steve may be blessed with the healing wings of God. Am blessed with this song.

  10. Gerald Njuki

    great work bro

  11. Christine Dossa

    its a great song, so touching. and i play his songs everyday

  12. Ruth Erhabor

    Powerfu worship from Steve crown may God continue to bless you and increase more grace to continue to worship God in spirit and in truth

  13. Norlan Perez

    Gloria a Dios y señor jesus.estas adoraciones tocan lo mas profundo de mi ser.adoracion a nuestro señor principe de paz alfa y omaga.el que vive por SIEMPRE.❤🙌🙌🙏☝☝☝☝☝☝

  14. shiki Seloka

    Wow what a touching song I like this song. Steve may our Lord up lift you more spiritual and continue bless his children with your songs.

  15. Betty Frazar

    Steve your music is so very anointed. It so blesses my spirit. I am 76 old --Dayton, Texas USA. I found you on Nigerian Gospel. GOD BLESS YOU

  16. Peace Peace

    AWESOME ' yes Lord touch me with ur healing wings and wipe away all my tears ' thank you Steve and be blessed.

  17. Pansa Hendrik

    K hou echt van deze liederen

  18. Maureen Nyendwa

    holy spirit of God is here
    how I love this song thank you very much for the song

  19. Peace Peace

    Yes Lord touch me with your healing wings and take away all my tears ' more grace and anointing to u Steve Crown.

  20. Danlami Halidu

    cant stop following you and your song tank you for been among the body of Christ

  21. mamsjjuh nellie chenelva miemie 18

    Angel of god❤❤

  22. Sabina Ramoswaane


  23. Danlami Halidu

    i am dominion halidu by name, from Benue state, i love what GOD is realy using you to do, in this our generation, i love what you carried sir, and i want you to no that am following you, as well mentoring you sir, GOD BLESS YOU SIR

  24. Danlami Halidu


  25. Papy Vic

    love this song, so powerful

  26. clifford Emmanuel

    i love this song.please lord i need a touch from you.please Holy spirit use me in my generation.God bless you steve crown, more grace.

  27. ornes bougue

    Can stop listening to this spiritual food. Indeed it minister to my Spirit

  28. Joseph Tandja

    Cette chanson le touche énormément que je ne peu retenir mes larmes. Que Dieu vous bénisse richement. Je vous aimes tant.❤❤❤

  29. Succeed Sackor

    God bless you bro

    Reubes Kays

    I love yr songs keeping on

  30. Maria Clarq Conceicao

    Jesus que glória


    Nice worshipping song

  32. Franklin Sakala

    What a powerful worship song

    Mary Karambu

    What a wonderful worship song . am blessed

    Reubes Kays

    I love the so keeping on Steve

  33. lidamor RCHO

    Ho !!!! Wonderful !!!??? Be blessed man of God

  34. Julie Allen

    does He have litteral wings?



  36. MISSIE Linda

    Bless the Lord o my soul. Glory to God. Amazing song to feel God's presence. Thank you Steve, be blessed.

  37. kakas Alexis

    thank you Lord

  38. Irene Peter

    Wow wow what a wonderful perfect powerful worship song God bless you ooooo

  39. Sikhumbuzo Ngulube

    Woooo the holy spirit is falling upon me wooo thank u Jesus Amen

  40. Julie Idieru

    The song resounds the awesomeness and mighty powers of the Father Almighty........Haleluyah!!!!!!!

  41. Deborah Naserian

    this song is surely a blessing

  42. Faith Itohan

    wow wow OMG. this music is so powerful

  43. Jenifer David

    What a wonderful worship song. God bless you.