Steve Aoki - I'm In The House Lyrics

I'm in the house
I'm in the house
I'm in the house
I'm in the house

Yo, yo

I'm in the house
House, house, house
House, house, house
House, house, house
House, house, house

I'm in the house
I'm in the mother freaking house
I step this side and turn it out
I got these honeys screaming, ow
Ow, ow, ow, ow

I walkin' through the fuck door
I ran in to DJ Aoki
Step to the boof and I say, "Yo"
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

Baby, I rock the mic and that's no secret
I'm Zuper Blahq on that unique shit
So don't be blinkin', don't be sleepin'
I be, I be all mine

You be jammin' to this beat
I rock it with ill technique
Slanging heat like slanging coke
A lil' small bang will make you weak

I could beat it up, repeat it
Back to, back to, back to, back to
Directly rock the dance floor
'Cause I'm Zuper, Zuper Blahq
I'm in the house

I'm in the house
I'm in the house
I'm in the house
House, house

I rock the place
I rock the place that's pumpin' bass
That kinda bass that make it shake
That seismic frequency
That make that earth quake
Hey, hey, hey

Let's go
Come on let's go
Let's go loco and lose control
Aoki rock that electro
That cobra snakes snap my photo
With those mono's, AO

I'm chillin' in the house like a 'G'
With the Bloody Beetroots rocking ill-frequencies
MSTRKRFT, 'Fist Of God', knock 'em out with ease
And the crazy fuck Crookers beak it down, down, down

Pase Rock in the house like, yo, yo, yo
Boys Noize in the house like, yo, yo, yo
LMFAO is in the house, yo, yo, yo
I'm Zuper, Zuper Blahq, I break it down, down, down
I'm in the house

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Steve Aoki I'm In The House Comments
  1. Tammy King

    Ok reading these comments alone has made me lost faith in humanity 😂😂 I was in year nine in highschool when this song came out and even I knew this was using an alter-ego

  2. Tammy King

    505 people are homeless 😂😂

  3. Gitana Cepeniene



    Here from the movie Piranha 3D

  5. Running Chicken Burger

    Good choon

  6. Elif Cacan

    İsnt this man

  7. Christopher Quinonez

    2019, almost 2020 I am not over this song yet! some music is just timeless. this is one of them.

  8. 해또

    발이 가만 있지 못하겠누!

  9. Laily m' soili


  10. Alex R0x

    Piranha 3D, anybody?

  11. gemini

    piranha 3d ?? kkkkkkkk

  12. RedPainX 999

    Listen to I'm in the house
    In the house

  13. Jv ce


  14. Daniela Dundel

    omg, what boring shit

  15. J moxon

    2019 anyone ? ✊

  16. Jane Golbach

    i'm so fucking grossed out

  17. Domantas Skeiveris

    Anyone 2019?

  18. Bobby Larios

    2010 yo

  19. Katherine Gabrielle

    *2019, and I'm not done yet* ✌️✌️🌈

  20. Jesus Vera

    Who's in the house in 2019?

  21. Esteban Rendon

    I'm in your house

  22. Domantas Skeiveris

    2019 anybody???

  23. Zilda Peixoto

    Antes do Impeachment Presidente Fernando Collor/1992... e das danceterias seculares (?)

  24. Zilda Peixoto


  25. solidsnake2085

    2019 checking in!

  26. Snap Kid

    2 thousand nineteen anyone ?????

  27. 백흐르미

    Nobody knows I'm still listening this.

  28. Maria Rengifo Pacaya

    Piranha 3D

  29. Twiglet

    Will I’m Not

  30. ModernForever


  31. Rich Woods

    we're spiraling

  32. SweG

    I like how dirty was on those days....

  33. Adam W

    Thought I was the shit back in 2009 blasting this out of my Samsung G600. 😂

  34. JTMVision

    No this isn't Will.I.Am

  35. ALEXISッ

    2018 where u at ???

  36. Robert

    Untold 2018 ?

  37. 화이트브라우니

    ☆2 0 1 8 summer☆

  38. Manuel Di Trocchio

    hit mania 2010

  39. Zacny SS

    Mastamic <3



  41. Uptown Monster

    I know Steve Aoki for 8 years now wtf?

  42. ALE. -Cr

    Yeah mec.

  43. kikalcala

    I kinda feel sad at the end when he says the name of many of the artists I listened at the time... (I miss college lol)
    I think this song was the begining of the end of the electro and house as we knew it.

  44. Abby Young

    Edge Hill Ormskirk, class of 2012. Memories man.

  45. muody spawacz

    2018 and i still remember it when it comes :D


    2 0 1 8

  47. Glenn Rush

    2018 anybody???

    Jesus Camacho

    Meeee :)

    Donovan Riviere

    Yeah October 2018 !

    Zilda Peixoto

    @Osváth Hunor obgd


    2019 👍🏻

  48. Bryan Michels

    Piranha 3D (2010)

  49. Ceasar Quinn

    Yo! I love how Zuper Black shouts out all the djs . "On that unique shh"

  50. Ceasar Quinn

    Zuper black is in the house

  51. 정대웅

    스티브 아오키는 진짜.. 희대의 디제잉 천재다 언제들어도 명곡이네

  52. Austin Dickerson

    The House with Will Ferrell and Amy Phoeler.

  53. Da Chronic

    2017 anybody?

  54. michael orafferty

    Will Ferrell

  55. Euphytos


  56. Roberto Rivera

    I wanna know who did this color videography? @[email protected] It's downright hypnotic and cool!

  57. Chesco

    Had to be ghost produced by Bob Rifo of the Bloody Beetroots!

  58. ChompsLewis

    he would have to do the nazi salute when he says boys noize lol.

  59. dano zoke

    nadie me engaña es will i am o nooooo

  60. Kevin Do Carmo Fernandes

    i remenber this song from a game i play in mobile phone , was like battle djs something like that

  61. Ornstein 241

    Im on the sofa with a cup of coffee.

  62. Itz Matty

    Who knew a song about a house could be really bassy

  63. Nick Oakley

    such an underated song!

  64. Karolina Nowak

    Who's listening in 2016?

    Itz Matty

    Karolina Nowak not me

  65. Nogah Lerman

    Fifa 98'

  66. Grimo99 Grimm

    reminds me of big booty bitches remix

  67. StevenTravelCaptainRogers

    Jersey Shore episode!!

  68. Diego Soria Pérez

    What a shit!

  69. jovita rakauskaite

    2016 haha

  70. wenaldy

    End of an era.

    Esteban Rendon

    wenaldy why you make me cry

  71. Zonemastamac

    joes vlog brought me here

    La Ronde Vintage

    Yep me too dis da mudda boolshit

  72. B O C

    Listening to this song while jogging because I'm a rule breaker!

  73. Shontavia Burns

    I'm breaking into your house lol

    James Wormsley


  74. Heckz

    it'd rely

  75. Thomas Doherty

    think like a man brought me here

  76. Maylinn xoxo


  77. Seaside sweeps

    This was from the golden era of Electro


    2010-11 really was the gold age of dubstep and other electric, it really didn't last long

    Esteban Rendon

    Straight up... we used to get down to this shit at after hour clubs in downtown Dallas as teenagers haha good fuckin times

    Peter Zarate

    Sure was

  78. Kaïluxxx

    Why Will I Am isn't mentionned ?

    Post Savage DC YT

    Zuper Blahq is also

    Tammy King

    That's the point!! It's an alter ego 😩🙄

  79. BlackB

    Damn this is a lot of memories.. For me, it came at the end of an era for the electronic scene, just before the big success of EDM which had perveted a lot of things.
    Since then, there is two worlds on the electronic, EDM and underground, but in the underground I don't find the punch I like, and in the EDM I've heard the same thing a hundred times. The era of Justice, Boys Noize, MSTRKRFT, the Bloody Beetroots, Yuksek, Feadz.. is gone and nothing had replace it.

    Alfonso Pola

    @Los Santos French ProCup I know that feel bro!

    B O C

    +Los Santos French ProCup The fuck is "Perveted"?


    Those were my college years... At least we can say we danced a lot, yeah!!!

    Esteban Rendon

    Fuckin preach

  80. DeWiL

    Isn't this Zuper Blahq guy Will.I.Am because it sounds like him.


    yeah, it's him


    alter ego

  81. Lili Contreras

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllamoooooooooooo a esta cancioooooooooooooooooooon la adorooooooooooooooooooroooooooo muchoooooooo

  82. thing2b

    This song reminds me of DJ Irene - this house is mine :-/

  83. Jason Mae

    Im In Da House


  84. Stv Pz

    And The Bloody Beetroots rock at ill frequencies!

  85. mont perez

    esta genial esta cancion  la amo

  86. Furious Teasipper

    Im on the sofa with a cup of coffee.

    mali mišek

    Am in a car with a water

  87. guillaume Leprêtre

    TOL !!!

  88. Joao Ferreira

    boys noize 2:58 <3


    yazd ığımı anla masınlar di ye mal mal boşlu k bıraka-rak yazıy ımda önemli bişey dediğim i sansın lar

  90. Souri

    Haha, didn't know about this cool song until Lions Fight 18 Las Vegas 2014 in the main event, lol.

  91. B BLAZE

    I'm in my house :3
    on bed

  92. Brandon Zenith

    This song is about an extremely arrogant individual that just discovered a marvelous invention that us humans call the doorknob. He then uses it to enter a house an is extremely happy about his new discovery but due to his non existent intellect, he entered the wrong house. The people inside are looking at him as iff to say "What Da Fuq Are U Doin In My House Moite" but he thinks they are admiring his "SWAG". (What kind of a god damn word is SWAG anyways. A swag is a fricking tent)

    Brandon Zenith

    Why thank-you :D 

    David Guerra

    I don´t hate the guy so hard, on his first hits he totally nailed it, such as steve jobs, no beef or turbulence, he used to be or at least he tried to be in the house, but now he just makes non-sense random rythmless songs, the guy is a good business man  i admit that, but as a music producer he should leave it to people who really work hard to make a good hit... my opinion.

    Brandon Zenith

    @David Guerra too true!




    Esteban Rendon

    Brandon Zenith lmao this is great

  93. Paniz Younesian

    How has this been uploaded in 2010 and i only found this song now?!?!

    Esteban Rendon

    Paniz Younesian damn lol

  94. Eli Waycaster

    Uploaded on my bday