Stereophonics - Maybe Lyrics

Maybe one thing
Maybe something
Maybe nothing
All I know is friend
It's nothing new

Maybe it's me
What is to be?
Maybe lucky
All I ask is where
We're s'posed to be

I give a lot
I take a lot
It's nothing new to me

Maybe you've grown
Am I so wrong
How long's too long
All I want is us to be happy

Maybe moving
Always proving
Am I losing
All that's meant to be?
That's meant to be?

Ya hear a lot
Ya told a lot
It's nothing new to me

Maybe laughing
Something lacking
Always sometimes
All I hear is how, it's meant to be

Maybe learning
Always searching
Am I asking
Things I'll know too soon?
I'll know too soon

We talk a lot
Don't do a lot
It's nothing new to me

I give a lot
I take a lot

It's nothing new to me
It's nothing new to me
It's nothing new to me

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Stereophonics Maybe Comments
  1. Jackie Cairney


  2. Jackie Cairney

    So glad on you tube wasn't for years awesome tune ❤stereophonics xxx one of the tunes of my life's play list xxx

  3. Stefan Lang

    i love this song. definitely...maybe :) In Italy the most know just few songs from the stereophonics. But I love them since 1997. I saw them live in Rome, (they were opening the Killers concert...). I went just for hearing them (despite the fact that I like killers too). What a performance, unfortunately for just an hour

  4. Shweta Gemini16phobic


  5. Leo Townsley

    A truly underrated beauty

  6. Jose Alberto

    what puto rolon and so few views😕📛😌👌



  8. Richard L-N

    New album please Stereophonics... LEGENDARY

  9. Ryu Endo

    Temaazo :') qué difícil es encontrarlo!!

  10. gabrielwillames


  11. Zoe 1 Jones

    QUALITY TUNE. one of the best yet least known cause maybe tomorrow always creeps up. on the JEEP album.

  12. Avactz94

    Smallville ep 1


    ha this is what originally turned me on to this band so many years ago

    John Mwakilili

    homecoming dance

  13. Miguel Lahude

    Can't believe this song is such unknown... it's genial...

  14. jointhemasquerade

    Great song. Great sound quality as well. My headphones love this.

  15. Raymond Smart

    Everyone loves maybe tomorrow but this song is so much better

    TAFFY 3003

    Raymond Smart could,nt agree more mate.

  16. Kibe Loko

    i wonder whats the song when Withney n Lana kisses and Clark see them

    GhostCode RG

    its called everything

  17. Itaku

    For anyone wondering this song is off their album, "Just Enough Education to Perform". It's hard to find because their song Maybe Tomorrow is a lot more popular lol.

    Ryu Endo


  18. Kael Sevenfold

    muito foda essa música >.<

  19. Kieran Dacey

    whats the chords for this wicked welsh tune

  20. Josh Davies

    i want to find the tab to this.. IMPOSSIBLE :@

  21. sawyer barakat

    Smallville forever memories memories

  22. Rogue Video

    Yessssss XD

  23. EminentKnight

    Also a great song, but I had the same problem. ;)

  24. WTF?

    Smallville 1x1 =D

  25. jmdl1664

    amazing voice
    a tout in France ?
    May be tomorrow...

  26. Thanatos Orfeo Desideratum

    Please!! a live video of this song.. aaaaaaaall the videos are of "maybe TOMORROW".. ¬¬

    Wayne G

    Have you seen the live video that's up for this?

  27. jointhemasquerade

    Love this

  28. Luiz Gustavo


  29. pinje

    Stereophonics are good. Smallville can toung it.

  30. MarlonCC1

    I really love this song, the music kills me! And I love it more 'cause I heard it for first time in the first episode of Smallville!

  31. johnj134

    this song kinda passed me buy when i first got the album but it now one of my favs

  32. Roger Formoso

    Poquisima madre esta rola, Stereophonics You really Rules!!!

  33. ant16rst

    anyone know where i can find decent tabs 4 this song? its been my tune of the week 4 about a month now

  34. Barry Lenahan

    clas song,brilliant band! addictive song lyrics!ha

  35. Elforkedroad

    Just enough education to perform, brilliant album

  36. jaodff

    THIS song is so underrated!!

  37. Andra Jugănaru

    omg!...I love this song!!! :X