Stereophonics - Handbags And Gladrags Lyrics

Ever seen a blind man cross the road
Trying to make the other side?
Ever seen a young girl growing old
Trying to make herself a bride?

So what becomes of you my love
When they have finally stripped you of
The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old Grandad had to sweat to buy you

Once I was a young man
And all I thought I had to do was smile
Well you are still a young girl
And you've bought everything in style

So once you think you're in you're out
'Cause you don't mean a single thing without
The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old Grandad had to sweat to buy you

Sing a song of six-pence for your sake
And drink a bottle full of rye
Four and twenty blackbirds in a cake
And bake 'em all in a pie

They told me you missed school today
So what I suggest you just throw them all away
The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old Grandad had to sweat to buy

They told me you missed school today
So what I suggest you just throw them all away
The handbags and the gladrags
That your poor old Grandad had to sweat to buy you

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Stereophonics Handbags And Gladrags Comments
  1. Kelly Simpson

    Just want Kelly to sing me home

  2. Kelly Simpson

    I’m saying goodbye and burnt to this one. Ok , I may be bling morbid, but I’m going out to my tunes, it will be a hell of a funeral dude!! Pink, the stones, the phonics, Nd a hint of bab Streisand, what could go wrong??

  3. Kelly Simpson

    It is timeLess xx

  4. Crystal Roden;si:;mv:[[33.23175512699183,-86.51679436718757],[30.22343332983023,-92.99872796093757],null,[31.739805845506318,-89.75776116406252],8]

  5. Andrew Parr

    pure class

    Brenda Hawkins

    Andrew Parr hi would love to know what you think of my grandsons cover of this

  6. trumpetvids

    The CHASE version

  7. Fillius Awusi

    Missed school so oooo many times and learned more..

  8. starchar x

    might be controversial's better than Rod's sorry

    the Bride of Frankenstein

    Not even close

  9. Joe Feather


  10. therealjeagles

    He's thrown a kettle over a pub, what have you done?

  11. Joshua Ziegler


  12. julie sharpe


  13. Captain Red

    I think there's been a rape up there!

  14. Pan-ed

    One day people will study this song like they do with Rondo by Purcell

  15. Cheyenne Brennan

    One of the best covers I've ever heard.

  16. mr.farenheit

    I have to do this song for a music assesment and I havw to say, I'm going to enjoy this thoroughly.

  17. Andrew Burnham

    Incredible version, sorry rod! Plus Kelly Jones is a Leeds supporter!!!

  18. Deep Sabbath

    Sublime cover of a truly great song!
    We're all Leeds aren't we!

  19. WallaceTexas

    if they ever do Road Stewart bio movie... this is the lead actor right here

    Lynn Babington

    Looks nothing like Rod😁

  20. The Fluid Druid

    Cool Cymru

  21. trish keo

    Reminds me of someone who I had to break up with because of his nasty family..we always listened to this song..A Love I will long for forevermore ..😥😥

  22. George Dunbar

    1:06 I swear there are a few too many lyrics in that line. Don't get me wrong its a great song but it certainly would have been easier to sing something with fewer words. "the handbags that your grandad had to sweat to buy you" for instance

  23. Sharon Bowles

    Still listening to this in November 2019 and it's still holds it own .....

    sugar sean

    Sharon Bowles God bless you, I couldn't of said it any better.. Respect 😎👌


    Totally spot on

    Felipe W

    Yeah, I am here.

  24. Miles Davis

    I grew up with the Rod Stewart version but The Stereophonics took a great song and made it even better.

  25. Joseph Thomas

    I suppose I've created an atmosphere where I'm a friend first and a boss second. Probably an entertainer third

  26. Toni Anderson

    OMG! He really sounds like Rod Stewart! 😲😲😍😍

  27. t qer

    2019. 11 03

  28. Braderss99

    I remember very well in 2001 when I was 2 watching this on the telly being fascinated by the colours of the lamps why I can still Remember that I Donno

  29. Overtime Freak

    sounds like a Faces Song from 1972. And after a check I saw it's a Rod Stewart cover...

  30. John

    Used to sing this on karaoke as a kid lol

  31. Thomas Beach

    An absolute rarity - a cover version better than the original !

  32. Mandy Whittingham

    One of my all time faves

  33. John Culleton

    What a beautiful song it takes you back in time when you didn't have a care in the world.

  34. Lambo9Ryan Leslie

    THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN rod Stewart's version🐵

    Lambo9Ryan Leslie

    Rod Stewart is not as good😊😌😜🤗😟🙁😕😔😐😜🤗

    helmet boy

    No it isn’t mate

  35. Fra Fra

    Buried my granda to this last year and genuinely gets me everytime 😭 he was my everything

    Red __

    It'll be alright, I'm sure he wants you to be happy.

  36. Shaun Pearson

    Pure class !!!!

  37. julie boyd

    What a great tune never get tired over listening to music that is timeless and of brilliance go phonics

  38. Daniel Jackson

    Bishop Muzorewa

  39. teresa cole

    Amazing!!! Rod could only ever aspire to that.

  40. craig hunter

    it;s a great version of it actually ive heard two or three others and this is equal to Jon Englih's version. i love it

    Brenda Hawkins

    craig hunter hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons acoustic cover of this

  41. Karen Le Roux

    why candles, lamps, and lava lights ???

  42. Steve S

    Great song , rod stewart does a great version to.

    Brenda Hawkins

    Steve S hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover of this

  43. Julian Bland

    Great Welsh band love the soulfull voice.... you just carnt beat the welsh for great music 😁👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  44. claudia jones

    Kellys voice just melts me 😍

  45. Steve K

    so similar to Rod Stewart's earlier version

  46. Robert O’Halloran

    Is that an obeo or clarinet?

  47. Ui Ki

    2019 now play

  48. Wendy DiBenedetto

    I come back to watch this video a few times a month. I just love it!

  49. Jojo Thomas

    Gorgeous kelly jones phwoar

    Anais and Samantha

    Jojo Thomas yes he is good looking but a little small.

  50. Shaun Co

    way under rated genuis musicians. up against the moronic 3 bar oasis at the time, great days but sadly enlightening to human folly

    Shaun Co

    phonics & OCS then oasis and blur
    OMG where did we go wrong

  51. PercivalGull1

    Another great 1960s song.

  52. mr miyagi

    Kelly Jones sounds more like rod Stewart than rod himself

  53. Davd Gray

    What a brilliant song gives me the shivers

  54. LookUpToTheStars TheUniverseIsYours

    They did this song justice 😊

  55. Decrepit Chef

    Great song and great cover

  56. davyboy smith

    Originally recorded by Chris Farlowe

  57. Green Gunner

    This song always gets me emotional it came out in my early teens the happiest time of my life.

    Brenda Hawkins

    Michael O Connor hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons live cover of this

  58. Robert Knight

    Urrismics in australiia

  59. Iñigo Nacho Bragg Lanao

    Esta es una buena balada

  60. Garry Harriman

    I'm off down to Chasers to get bloody bladdered...sue me!

  61. Yvonne Smith

    by far the best version

    Brenda Hawkins

    Yvonne Smith hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons live cover of this

  62. Paul James Brady

    Look at him he’s a weirdo bloke he looks like the fisher price man 😋

    Yvonne Smith

    id look like a fish if I could sing like that

    Paul James Brady

    Yvonne Smith It’s a quote off the comedy program the office 😋

  63. Misanthropy Rex

    RIP Stuart Cable

  64. SirEriol

    A sad song, indeed. But it's an unusual kind of ballad, don't you think?

    Makes you feel morose, but its not for yourself: you feel bad for the person you're singing it to. A defeat made by other, that affects you more than it does to them.

  65. zaknozzy 1

    the best

  66. Gary Owens

    Terrible song

    Alright There Mate

    Shut up Gary Owens

  67. michael scott

    en tatlı sabahlaaaarr

  68. Samantha Morris


  69. Fra Fra

    Buried my granda to this last year and genuinely gets me everytime. What a song 😚

    Moz Nugent

    I hear you.

  70. M o o n l i g h t S K Y

    I thought this song came out in the 70s lmao 😂

  71. Elias Kradel

    The man at 0:30 looks like Green Day's Mike Dirnt.

  72. LYNNE Roberts

    Fantastic song love it

    Brenda Hawkins

    LYNNE Roberts hi my 16 year old grandson covered this at open mic. Would love to know what you think


    Rodger Stewart (original) sings the wonderfully...Sterophonics sing it Beautifully....

    Brenda Hawkins

    MIKE BLAKE hi would love to know what you think of my 16 year old grandsons cover

  74. Irish Laura

    2019 and still a tune

  75. The Plane Truth

    Sounds like Rod Stewart.

  76. lee hall

    Top tune

  77. Tamsin Beasley

    The trouble with stereophonics is Kelly....holyjeeps! I get wet just listening to him, so imagine that Sunday morning bean flick! God bless..

  78. Tony Green

    The original was great but I think this was even better.

  79. Martin Khan

    Brilliant, even them being taffies!

  80. Gavin Chambers

    good but is it better than rod stewart?

    big mikie sutherland

    Absolutely is better than Rod Stewart's his voice is phenomenal though I think stereophonics rule this one 👌👌👌

    jay bee

    look for when they done i together i think Kelly does it better

  81. Pilar Lopez perez

    Buena musica, nunca morira, estara en nuestros recuerdos.

  82. is it ? was it ?

    20 plus years been listening the phonics and still today Kelly's vocals blows my mind.. his voice makes any song.

  83. Helen Thomas

    Love the handbags but I bought them. RIP Grandad you bought the drinksxxx

  84. Naela Shakir

    #STEREOPHONICSROCK !! Love you guys so much so proud of you all! so proud of you kelly your voice is so beautiul love you kelly xxx I adore this song so much!!

    carl james

    I'm just looking

    carl james

    To much education to poform

  85. The Pict

    They were well put together .Too well some might say.

  86. Laura Groom

    Told my husband I want this played at my funeral

  87. Scott Smith

    It’s amazing how I’ve never noticed how much he sounds like a young rod stewart, like faces era

    Brenda Hawkins

    Scott Smith hi. My 16 year old grandson did this at open mic last week. Would love to know what you think

  88. Linda swift

    Love Kelly
    Better cover than ROD

  89. christian carr

    This reminds me of my ex

  90. Claire Ryan

    How ungrateful some people are

  91. cat master

    Insane skills. The office 2019

  92. MrPhilthefluter

    Just check out Chris farlowe

  93. mathewmm Leonard

    Actually better than the original Rodd Stuart, pretty much the best version of any song.

    Brenda Hawkins

    mathewmm Leonard hi. My 16 year old grandson performed this at an open mic last night. Would love to know what you think

    Left wing Right wing same bird

    @Brenda Hawkins impressive

    Brenda Hawkins

    1million subs without any video challenge thank you 😊

  94. Melissa Fox

    This song like won many Grammys

  95. Liane Kerr


  96. 3 KIDS

    RIP Stuart . You’ll always be The Stereophonics, and no matter what awaits us all on the other side, you’ll always have that legacy behind you, and that’s what it’s all about, how we’ll be remembered when we’re gone 👍🏻

  97. Betty J

    Awesome band!

  98. Goromonzi Liberty

    One word - OUTSTANDING!!!!

  99. edmund blackadder coc

    I was in the t.a