Stereophonics - Catacomb Lyrics

I was looking downtown for a chick to lead me to the catacombs
She looked me in the eye and she asked me if I trade cocaine
I said you let me down twice now lead me to the painted passage
I wanna fall down today

I followed her around going underground, got me buzzing
You looked me in the eye, I'm not gonna lie, it's not a sin
But don't she look nice, she's the center of her own attention
I wanna fall down today

When I get down there, there's people painting, fucking and dancing
The city sleeps above, I light candles in a wall of heads
There's panic in the air, police have found us there, we douse the fires
Wanna fall down again

Will you help me?

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Stereophonics Catacomb Comments
  1. mr magoo

    Fucking tune haha

  2. odrimusiccom

    pure class!

  3. Priv Sindhar

    Lead me to the painted passage

  4. Loli 4343

    Let´s go!!!