Steps - This Heart Will Love Again Lyrics

My love after all we've said and done
Are you tellin' me the time has come?
To go our separate ways

And now after all that we've been thru
If you won't let me make it up to you
The truth I'll have to face

You won't be here tomorrow
But I'll get through the sorrow baby
(Now that you're gone)
I'll keep the fires burning though my heart's breakin'
(I'll carry on)
'cos every day I'm learning life's for the taking
No matter what, I know that in the end
At least I can be certain
This heart will love again

I know we can't go on livin' yesterdays
Wish there was something more that I could say
To make my heart forget
But now if you really have to go
Then I must somehow find the strength to show
No sadness no regret

You won't be here tomorrow
But I'll get through the sorrow baby


I won't be here tomorrow
I will get through the sorrow baby I will love again

[Chorus to fade...]

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Steps This Heart Will Love Again Comments
  1. JKK

    The 90's my love💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Urszula Dziki

    Beautiful song.......very joyful

  3. Lalduhawmi Aduhi

    Reminds me of someone special who could never be mine.. and i know im special for him too, but we're not meant to be... Miss those sweet memories 😓

  4. Sarah Lund

    Looks like most of us had a boyfriend when this album was released.

  5. Amy Gibson

    I had a boyfriend for 6 months he broke up with me at college. Got home crying told my mum went upstairs first song that came on the radio coincidentally was this. I cried more.

  6. Alex Jackson

    Me and my ex broke up nearly 13 years ago and this songs hurts me when I hear it. Steps are a fantastic band

    Alex Jackson

    This heart will and has loved again

  7. Rocky White

    This takes me back. I had to choose between two and i chooses the wrong one. This song brings it all back

  8. Sheridan Acton

    Used to to put it on repeat with my hairbrush and singing along to it 😨😔😔with my pink CD player oh I miss them days that pink stereo meant a lot to me

  9. Intan Arbina

    lagu kesukaan pas smp kls 1

  10. anonymous cruz

    no matter what in the end..
    this heart will love again

  11. Ashley Longstaff

    Steps have really fabulous and fantastic songs they're the best ever

  12. Gerald Paña

    This heart will love again :)

  13. Fololina Mafi

    Childhood memories 💗💗

  14. William Stonehocker

    Has the Britney Spears vibe.

    David Thompson

    More like ABBA!xx.

  15. Lieke H

    It's like every love song I hear from Steps is written only for me. When I was 18 I had a boyfriend who from one day to another just left me, without giving me a reason. I never got over him, even now 17 years later it still hurts. I remember that I always listened to this song and one for sorrow, two songs that described exactly how I felt

    Alex Jackson

    mariam A your heart will love again and you will find the man of your dreams

  16. Hannah C

    I remember listening to this over and over after my high school sweetheart broke up with me. We're still friends today! :) I love Steps.


    +Hannah Cornett Aw, that's such a cute story!

  17. Johanne Robertson

    Takes me back....good memories xx

  18. Emma Ondrada

    love this song.. truly, i can relate to this song... miss them performing live!  :(

  19. Diony Nala

    i miss you bentot!.....

  20. Mark Chappell

    yeah i am

  21. Lendiwei Pratt

    guess u r British?

  22. Mark Chappell

    thanks for this! reminds me of when i was young x