Steps - One For Sorrow Lyrics

I wanted your love,
But look what it's done to me,
All my dreams have come to nothing,
Who would have believed?
All the laughter that we shared would be a memory,
I cannot count the tears you've cost me,
If I could have seen.

And do you ever think of me,
And how we used to be?

Oh, I know you're somewhere else right now,
And loving someone else no doubt,
Well I'm one for sorrow,
Ain't it too too bad?
Are you breaking someone else's heart?
'Cos you're taking my love where you are,
Well I'm one for sorrow,
Ain't it too bad about us,

I wanted your love,
But I got uncertainty,
I tried so hard to understand you,
All the good it did me,
Now the places that we knew,
Remind of how we were,
Everything is just the same,
But all I feel is hurt,
And do you ever think of me,
And how we used to be?

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Steps One For Sorrow Comments
  1. چنگیز قشلاقی

    باتشکر از شما زحمت کشان خیلی ممنون از لطف شما بهترین شادی در زندگی روزمره برای همه دوستان آرزومندم بروزترین باشید باتشکرات فراوان چنگیز خان

  2. Scott Miltimore

    Still here in 2020!!!

  3. Gemma Rambeta

    Still listening in 2020 :D

  4. Blue Eyes System

    Wow! It's 30th December 2019 and I'm still dancing to it.

  5. Carol Dela Cruz

    I miss their songs...

  6. Aulia Haqqy

    I wanted your love but look what it's done to me
    All my dreams have come to nothing
    Who would have believed?
    All the laughter that we shared would be a memory
    I cannot count the tears you've cost me
    If I could have seen

    And do you ever think of me
    And how we used to be?

    Oh I know you're somewhere else right now
    And loving someone else no doubt
    Well I'm one for sorrow
    And it too too bad
    Are you breaking someone else's heart?
    Cos your taking my love where you are
    Well I'm one for sorrow
    Ain't it too too bad about us

    I wanted your love, but I got uncertainty
    I tried so hard to understand you
    All the good it did me
    Now the places that we knew remind me of how we were
    Everything is just the same
    But all I feel is hurt

    And do you ever think of me
    And how we used to be?

  7. 1234 bboy

    Reminds me of an abba song for some reason...don’t know which one...

    Kim Sajang

    The Winner Takes it All

  8. Joyce Anne Soriano

    Dec 2019.

  9. Shane Canning

    Step's best song

  10. pat morano

    anyone now in dec.8 2019...?

  11. Winoto Winoto

    They introduced me for the first time to pop music. I love them so much.

  12. Riclaudio Olivas

    still listening dec 4 2019

  13. Christine Torres

    Still listening ..December 2019.😍😍😘😘

  14. Sabrina MS

    2019.. i can still remember the steps for this song😍

  15. Laurince Hermoso

    who still watching this in 2019

  16. Jhun Serradilla

    6 n taon n lumipas ang dami kong
    Natutunan mgmhal ng simple
    At wagas kahit sa 6 years
    Jhun marvin eredero

  17. Dave Speed

    Abbaresque. Love this. Claire has got a great voice

  18. Tong Vaklang Toh

    November 13 2019 ... I miss this song

  19. michael rey aroy

    i really miss u all nov3 2019

  20. K J

    The guys were basically useless in this group lol

  21. ivy auza

    2019 october❤

  22. Dam Strait

    They needed to fire their dance coordinator...

  23. Andy Mufti

    Old but gold

  24. Babe Ellyjane

    Anyone 2019 still here?

    angga prawira


  25. Sinead King

    Clare no boobs 🤣

  26. love cj

    I love steps.. 💕

  27. Essy M. J

    Still listening 13oct 2019....remind me of how we were

  28. Sunburst75

    Steps were actually awful and it sounds even worse today. Singing sounds like Karaoke in the Nags Head.


    You suck

    Riclaudio Olivas

    you have a very sad childhood

  29. Kathleen Abbu Saguinhon

    I was 4 yrs old back then now I'm 22 and I can still memorize the dance and the lyrics 😂

  30. Cathy's Life

    I love Your Step Steps....

    your still In My Heart
    even i have kids Now..

    love show those performance to my Kids

  31. Prinsesiitaa

    2019? I miss this song specially when my dad bought they're album for me and I keep watching all day they're concert.

  32. Yoj Manayan

    Maka miss 😭

  33. Sweet Love

    Hands down, my alltime favourite of Steps! I even want to cut my hair that short to match with Claire, but hairdresser said no. >.> Loved her so much in this video. ~fangirling


    Same here love her,,fangirling 😍

    Sweet Love

    Hannah Awhh 😍

  34. dom salandanan

    monolithic in behalf ...forgetting is not a joke.

  35. Trialika Iffatdevi Dinata

    Love this song very much

  36. Deserie Demoral

    my favorite 😍

  37. Shane Beard

    Biggest fan awesome music

  38. Shane Beard

    I’m shanebearddj I’m biggest fan awesome

  39. Cheryl Escubio

    Favorite since childhood also s club 7..

  40. Cordelia Nasution

    I love steps so muchhh!

  41. Clarissa Cabilin

    This song help me to move on.. But I'm still im one for sorrow

  42. Shelter

    winners takes all... ABBA!!😀

  43. Mariska Fun

    This is 90s
    About Happiness, Friendship, and Peacefull

  44. Rose West

    They look so happy for a sad song ...still great tho

  45. Gareth Makay

    My favourite Steps song

  46. Gareth Makay

    Take me back to 98 please

  47. Gareth Makay

    Love this song

  48. Alice Crawford

    I was 3 aha take me back to those days :(

  49. Your Lyrics

    I'm gonna cry when i listen this song n thnk to sad to back memorie ty step ty for this song my childhood memorie

  50. flyingsparks

    The modern day ABBA

  51. teddy alvar

    I miss this😢😢😢

  52. Barry Clarkson

    September 2019 still here. Love the song, love the outfits, love the fruit, love the dance moves. Love Claire from steps. Love everything

  53. sharon nicopior

    I still love the 90's song

  54. izzadalawatatlo

    the choreo had me W E A K

  55. iamnursemucky

    2019! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  56. Kevin Pritchard

    Who didn't the guys in this group were hot as fcuk?? I could marry both of them

  57. Magdalena Ginther

    Steps was phenomenal. The only one - British, but with Swedish style.

  58. Dian moza Saputra

    My favorit song 😍😍😍😍

  59. Dian moza Saputra

    Yang masih dengarin ini di tahun 2025 like nya mana 🤭🤭

  60. Bangoy Slashers

    Ballad Singers but can dance too.

  61. Shane Beard

    I’m shanebearddj I’m biggest fan ever you rock

  62. bb braya

    I miss them so much. So much nostalgia 😭😭😭💖💖

  63. Halloweenville

    I never really got into the 90's sound, too much Indie, Grunge Techno and Hip-hop, But Steps was that one place that had a nostalgic feel to it, A sort of cross between Abba and Donna Summer-but with a 90's edge, another similar band around this time was Scooch.

  64. dean liit

    my one and only fave song...I always sing this in kareoke..😍😍 feels sooo nostalgic..

  65. Anna Mae Gonzales

    i miss this group 😔

  66. Phil Ingram

    Claire’s voice is so rich , dam that girl can sing


    I was about to say, voice of an angel

    Mikey C

    My favourite both singing and looks

  67. Szamee Szamee

    2019 😍

  68. Carl Matthew Urbanozo

    Loki is that you?

    Mikey C

    Why would my dog be there?

  69. Anne Marie Bullock

    Very good

  70. Ika Miranti

    Inget banget nih taun 98 sering jadi selingan di tipi Antv, gak disensor pula padahal cuma pake bra 😂

  71. Itz_Hazel _Jane


  72. Miaadore

    It gets deep just before the end when she starts her vocal runs., I have the extended version on vinyl that continues from the end in this video and she's incredibly soulful.

  73. Nightcore Fans Channel

    2019 anyone ??? ❤ am i the only one doing the dance routine 🤣

    maddy walton

    I'm 61 and still do the moves 😂


    Nightcore Fans Channel 😂😂

  74. Julie Castro

    Like I wanna cry. Reminiscing those moments. And my sisters went gaga fro DVD tapes to watch steps. Posters and mags and somehow the lyrics and melodies are not forgotten showcasing in karaoke .

  75. Maxim Badie

    2019 who still loved this song?

  76. Kris Bart

    My twin sister and I sang (and danced) this in a church event, about 20 years ago.
    Oh nostalgia 😍

  77. Tash21

    Lisa should have co-lead with Claire. Lisa could have sung verses, Claire could have sung pre-chorus and chorus.

  78. Andy JS

    A bit derivative.

  79. Mayette Nepomuceno

    one for sorrow

  80. ive found the fountain of youth

    kantutan na!

  81. Paola Jeon

    I used to have a girl crush on Lisa

  82. Norberto Gomez

    Miss the 90's

  83. ron donnis

    god the sadness in this song is so raw and unrelenting in such an upbeat kind of way. Breaks my heart at this age looking back on it all. oh well

  84. NorFahad Amirol


  85. Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

    The '90s

  86. holychizsticks ;-;


    holychizsticks ;-;

    I'm 19 but I really like their songs :c

  87. smarts

    This is the only dance routine I know 😂

  88. Bruce Ting

    I love STEPS!!

  89. bq68972

    Abba music...

  90. Mn Fanai


  91. Frederickdawg


  92. Ruchelle Romano

    This is really nostalgic!

  93. muriel villegas

    their dance moves are so cute xD,nothing too complicated or difficult

  94. Sarah Hughes

    I love this song

  95. Tyra Clegg

    Still here in 2019, so miss the good old songs like this

    F SL

    Me.. Me.. Me..☝☝☝☝

  96. Jeffre Gallardo

    Whos watching here.april 2019..i really like steps😀😊

  97. BMTV Pilipinas

    I miss the old days 2019.

  98. Gehmortal _

    The 2 guys?....i am lost for fuckin words 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣