Steps - Heartbeat Lyrics

Here I am just longing for you once again,
If your arms would only let me in,
You'd see the mess I'm in,
I have dreamed your heart will come and rescue me,
Oh baby set me free,
Only your love can win,

You are only a heartbeat away,
Baby and my love one day will find you it will remind you,
When it comes your way oh when it comes your way.

Here I am my heart in the palm of your hand,
Your every wish is my command,
Darling understand,
If I live a lie,
Then all my dreams are doomed to die,
Oh baby just let me try,
To have my heart's desire.

You are only a heartbeat away,
Baby and my love one day will find you it will remind you,
When it comes your way oh when it comes your way,
Ooh but my feelings are in vain,
Just like feelings they won't go away,
My love remains,
In my heart we'll always stay.

You are only a heartbeat away baby,
And my love one day will find you,
It will remind you,
When it comes your way oh when it comes your way,
You are always in my heart to stay baby,
Love comes once in a lifetime,
I think its high time,
Our hearts beat as one,
Our hearts beat as one.

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Steps Heartbeat Comments
  1. CasterTroye

    Give me a time machine I want to go back I miss my childhood

  2. NIKOinIRL

    The ice queen is under investigation for child exploitation 😂

  3. Chicken in Gravy Deluxe Cat Food

    Song still great in 2020. The video...not so much

  4. Tom Ripley

    I love any video where it kicks off with a load of midgets. Sold.

  5. Chris Hughes

    Think the whole budget was spent on their first 3 videos........ it shows

  6. Blake Fletcher

    I forgot just how hardcore my 8 year old self shipped Lisa and Lee, before i even knew what shipped meant

  7. anahi77

    Slucham w 2019..Moje lata 90...!

  8. Catherine Jackson

    All 3 girls have very strong.

  9. KpopGeekGirl

    Claire looks like she wants to speak to the manager. PS Faye’s makeup looks hot af!

  10. lefty

    This single is 21 years old!

  11. Shane Canning

    Good xmas tune nice melady

  12. Joey Figo

    One Guilty Pleasure of a 54 year old man....but only on headphones 😊

  13. Tracy Amor

    Underrated. Love this song!

  14. John Barry

    For susan xxxx

  15. Dunny Boy

    It pains me to say you are terrible a tenable

  16. John Barry

    Breaks my heart every time i hear this song.


    John Barry why may I ask?

    John Barry

    @KpopGeekGirl lost my wife in a car accident,that song was playing on the cd player.


    Omg! I’m so sorry 😢 hugs to you man.

    John Barry

    @KpopGeekGirl thank you

  17. Janine Sinco

    Hello 2019

  18. G22

    The bit at the end where they are fighting with the midgets is highly skilful yet pure brutality. I'm surprised YouTube allowed such savagery on its platform


    3:43 is probably the most violent part

  19. Bastian Elmori Tobing

    This song always takes me me back to Christmas 1998!

  20. Tasha Batten

    Anyone here from CupOfTeam?

  21. Tasha Batten

    history was made 10 years ago today

  22. amir lavi

    steps Tap you're one of the best bands in the world, and we'll be happy to have you in Israel🇮🇱 like you💙💙💙🌹🌹🌹🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  23. ggman3000

    so corney but good tune. Better than todays music

  24. syddensis

    I still want my hair like Claire's. Humph, not in my job.

  25. ukcroupier

    I used to think this video was so bad it's good, now I see that it's pure genius. Faye & Lee fighting those dwarfs is hilarious.

    Tom Ripley

    Are they dwarfs or midgets?

  26. Your Lyrics

    Finally I found this song xmas song so cute MV he he I miss u step ty step my childhood memories ty 90s

  27. Racurz

    To quote Brian Griffin “I’m not following the story arc here”


    Their friend gets kidnapped by a bunch of midgets and sent to the ice queen and then they save him and celebrate Xmas together

  28. Marcelo Marçal

    This is their best song ever, in my humble melancholically positive

  29. Andrew Williams

    Why isn't the group all just been the girls..what do H and Lee add?

  30. Ian Birchall

    Even now there's nothing like Steps.

    Dunny Boy

    I know the nastalia do u watch or do I laugh 🤔 which brings me to say you are terrible at tenable of to the vortex

  31. DerbJd

    This tune passed me by when it came out, mostly because I was all ‘don’t gimme none of that pop crap’, and into other stuff. But it has to be said, this time is a hell of a composition. It’s great.

  32. Sarah Lund

    I love H's facial expressions.

  33. Amy Gibson

    I don't care I'm in my 20s they've been my life through the good and bad.

  34. pulchralutetia

    Astonishingly effective use of process screens

  35. Thomas Santelli

    I like this song by steps so much

  36. grant Barclay

    Love you Clair Always xxx

  37. hluhlui hmar

    209 anyone ?

  38. Tim Boxall

    2:19 You know they didn't put enough effort into this video when it looks like the background's moving and they're stationary XD


    unfortunately the budget couldn't cover a Argos value fan

  39. Andrew Gann

    March 2019

  40. мσяιкσ тαиαкα

    omg i miss steps i love their songs since i was 3 or 5 and 2019 anybody??

  41. Granto 67

    Happy Times x

  42. Granto 67

    Pretty pretty Claire voice of a Angel love u 4 ever mm x

  43. robloxfanvlogs

    merry xmas even though it feb

  44. anna marie curay


  45. Rosebelle Logroño

    I really miss this 5 . I hope someday you'll have another songs or movie

  46. Lyynn S_G

    2019 here? anyone?

  47. Quashroom

    The video doesn’t do this gorgeous song justice

  48. Christine colot

    Im a millenial, but since i was 7 i wasfan of them ..i really miss them😍😌😌

  49. MouldyBolog Bolog

    dark haired lady I think its Lisa is gorgeous

    Jackpot ButtonLewis

    MouldyBolog Bolog Same here! Love her so much! 😍🥰

    Jackpot ButtonLewis

    MouldyBolog Bolog Same here! Love her so much! 😍🥰

  50. Jon Gowan

    What is going on with the girls.☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️💨💨💨

  51. Ryanchii Pereda

    2018 anyone?

  52. Rebecca Louise

    so nobodies going address the fact that one of the dwarfs is intimidating H with a feather duster while the others poke at him with axes? Ok.

  53. Homer Parcon

    Here iam.just longing for you once again..😢😢

  54. Granto 67

    Fantastic happy day's x

  55. Odam Kay

    2018 n still am enjoying their music 😍😍

  56. Cessy Fordy

    all time favorite Steps song.

  57. Donald Dita

    i love your channel but there are missing videos like One for Sorrow, Better Best Forgotten, The Way You Make Me Feel, etc

  58. sarah mulhearn

    I remember this

  59. Bob Saget

    I remember thinking Claire was the most beautiful woman in the world back in my teens.....Looking at her now, I still feel that I might be right :D

  60. grell noble

    Its clear they are. Having fun and that's what counts but my god the greenscreen is not hidden well lol also Lee is still whilst on the skis.

  61. Lisa-Marie Bromley

    I love this song.

  62. Jessica Chase

    I luv this song soooo mutch :)

  63. Zak Abdilahi

    Nearly christmas

  64. Valentino Dhaka

    then they had an orgy. the end.

  65. Bill Arnold

    1998 - Got to No.1 in the Charts.

  66. nickyheavy

    Weird music video for such a romantic song.

  67. Major Rawne

    I was listening to this when I had a car crash. It doesn't bring back past trauma, it reminds me of the mad scramble to switch the music player off before anyone arrived to help me.

  68. Danny62

    'Tragedy' is regarded as Steps's greatest hit, but I feel the presence of this on the other side boosted the sales

  69. Ddd Bbb

    R.i.P music

    Good song but bad music video
    At least the song is good not nowadays shitty music videos with shitty songs

  70. Gordon Shea

    Maybe this is how Chloe from Big Brother 2018 really got rescued from her kidnappers after all steps are very big fans and regular contestants of BB and H is always on Big Brother's Bit On The Side

  71. Lee Hoskins

    Wicked video

  72. Christian St Martin

    Predator faye 😂

  73. Will Bryan

    it's a shame about the video because this song actually is really good and stands the test of time

  74. Yolanda Samuels

    Love this song, but the video has got to be up there for cheesiest of all time!

  75. Aditya Baretta Putra

    So, T'challa's mom?

  76. scottish/enlightened guy/escape/hell

    my god fathers daughter loved this band she was nice chick, boy in the old young team got beasted by her man poor lassie one day she will see he is a many paedo

  77. Scarlett_. Cremin


  78. JK Villote

    Is H gay?

  79. Joe Young

    all girls are stunning

  80. Vin Salva

    Damn nostalgic.

  81. EBL

    It's a bit of "The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe" no?


    @Eroni Bale Lagilagi: More the Hans Christian Anderson Classic : The Snow Queen.

  82. David M

    Claire Richards, such an absolutely beautiful singer on this track, passion, beauty and emotion from the start.

  83. Peter Johnson

    Gd song rubbish fake sledge, background and fighting scene

  84. Keshia ELFkies Frenger

    I have this album... i was only about 9-10 years,oh my childhood

  85. colin mcaleny

    Claire melts my heart

  86. Paias To'omae

    Weird version of Narnia

  87. Kai Bibon

    Miss you steps :)

  88. KpopGeekGirl

    H being captured and tortured by Ginnerbrick and friends will never not be funny.

  89. Thomas Santelli

    I love and like all of the Songs by Steps and I been watching all of the music videos all of the Steps

  90. Eloise A Disney Nerd

    they took Narnia story concept and put it in the video. but Narnia was huge when this song came out so no wonder

  91. Itz_ KaiGamer

    that's like christmas

  92. Sheryl-Anne Pithers

    Who played the ice queen?

  93. Sofia Santiago

    I ❤️ this music video.

  94. Jo Naden

    I genuinely thought this video was real.

  95. Stephanie Cabrera

    Carrie Underwood Heartbeat Steps

  96. Karena Atkin

    i love steps xx

  97. Paul Link

    Seen them in Concert OMG definitely recommend if you aint seen them awesome :)

  98. fia meows

    Lisa always looked so gorgeous with short hair.