Stephen Stills - Woman Lleva Lyrics

Woman, woman
Can I tell you about my girl?
She's lost and gone away
Don't know where she's goin'
Wish she'd come home to stay

Woman, woman, woman, woman
Ese mujer me ha mentido
Como mujer eres niña
Vive en un mundo sin paredes
Inocentemiento no lo crees querida

And when you think of me
Try to remember
All of the good times
And love that was tender

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Stephen Stills Woman Lleva Comments
  1. Maureen Horrigan

    this is the worst ! too much cocaine and scotch😳😳

    Scott Tucker

    Maureen Horrigan it's not that bad

  2. Frankincensed

    Some of Stils' poorest excuse for music ever. Stills sells out and goes pop / disco. Nauseating. Wow!

    Scott Tucker

    Frankincensed your comment is hilarious. However, strangely, I love this track. But it IS horrible.

  3. Jorge Bellini

    My fav tune!