Stephen Stills - The Loner Lyrics

He's a perfect stranger like a cross of himself and a fox
He's a feeling arranger and a changer of the ways he talks
He's the unforeseen danger, the keeper of the key to the locks
Know when you see him, nothing can free him
Step aside, open wide, loner

If you see him in the subway, he'll be down at the end of the car
Watching you move until he knows he knows who you are
When you get off the train alone, he'll know that you are gone
Know when you see him, nothing can free him
Step aside, open wide, it's the loner

There was a woman he knew about a year or so ago
She had something that he needed and he pleaded with her not to go
On the day that she left, he died, but it did not show
Know when you see him, nothing can free him
Step aside, open wide, it's the loner

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Stephen Stills The Loner Comments
  1. Andrew Masset

    The guitar rift is a SPIRIT rift from their Fresh Garbage album..


    At least we're still listening to this in 2019!

  2. stucknda60s

    the beginning riff sounds a lot like something else but I can't place it don't know if I'm thinking of another Stills tune or what...

    Andrew Masset

    SPIRIT!! Fresh Garbage album!!!


    @Andrew Masset I see a similarity there but something else is in my mind, and I don't think it is the song Beck wrote 'Feel Good Time' that lifts the Spirit lick... but I dunno maybe that's it. Thanks! I sure haven't figured out what else I might be thinking of lol

    Jim Loose

    @stucknda60s "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" ... pretty much lifted this tune.

  3. Otto Greenleaf

    Never would have heard this great version of Neil's song without David Browne's CSN& Y biography and YouTube having it as well. Great cover. Cheers!

  4. joea wilson

    it's just like a Jethro Tull Lead Guitar Riff by Stills

    Bob Bennert

    obscure reference but you are right

  5. Jamie Couanis

    Buffalo original 👌🏼sounds strange without Neil Young or is it ?

    Dixon Wragg

    Neil wrote it during the final days of Buffalo Springfield, but it wasn't recorded by them. Instead it showed up on Neil's first solo album.

  6. Miriam Panaro

    Molto bella questa Neil é Neil..meglio di lui maiiiiiiiiiiiii love Neillllllllll!!!!❤❤❤

  7. Don J

    Another Stills gem. Always liked this version better than Neil’s. But give Neil the credit - he wrote it.

  8. Tim Williams

    I really like this Still's Cover of Neil's Classic....A little more Jammed Up version!!!

  9. mark tyner

    It's okay by Neil if Steven does this.

  10. Kelly Ryan

    Neil wrote this about Stephen... or was it himself. George Terry takes the initial solo, then Stills finishes

  11. Mitchell Wheeler

    The cocaine version

    Christophet Mclaughlin

    Mitchell Wheeler lol

  12. Mark Kreuzwieser

    Some killer bass, too.

  13. Lawrence Swan

    Flo and Eddie backing vocals.

    Ronald Dunn

    From The Mothers of Invention with Zappa!!!


    Don't forget the Turtles.

  14. tulllguy

    better than Neil's.

    Jonathan Dean

    Nah, too fast of a tempo. Neil's acoustic version will always be best.

    Michael Poole

    Close call; they're so different. I like both versions.

    Sophia Keller

    This is fantastic but Neil owns this song.  Young and Stills have always had terrific chemistry, but so volatile they can't keep it going for long.  Nice to see that appreciation being expressed here.

    Rob Walker

    I wouldn't say better, just different. I love both versions.

  15. Tim Fitzgerald

    thanks Rosie! bought this album when it was released and had been looking for thissong on youtube for a looong time!

  16. Anne Milne

    Just discovered this version - Brilliant

  17. wingman572

    wow!  sorry neil

    Steve Gitchell

    Fuck Neil!

  18. J. D. Marshall

    Rosie, you and I have excellent taste in music.

  19. RustedTelevisione

    This is great!!!