Stephen Stills - Round The Bend Lyrics

I was a child lost in the northern plains
I was reckless, tryin' to throw my life away
I was too young for where I'd been
Tryin' to regain my innocence
Already lost my best friend
Off somewhere in Vietnam
I wasn't going to go look for him
My destiny, just around the bend

Come along this apparition
An enigma for my intuition
Told me hold on to what you said
You got song, and you're too classy
Hard as Canadian black ice
All over you, makin' you think twice
Y'already can
Our destiny just around the bend
Just around the bend

So come on, let's go to New York city
Play the night owl,it's a pity
Couldn't find him, so I headed west
Think everyone knows the rest
I found him on the Sunset Strip
Bad place to get a grip
Got a band of famous men
Next thing you know
They took me round the bend
Round the bend

We got down on to some magic places
But the peoples around all had four faces
Couldn't stand such an honest heart
They couldn't wait to tear us apart
Early I didn't know
But the magic isn't odd you know
Don't need to be alone again
That's rockin', a roundin' at the bend
Roundin' at the bend

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Stephen Stills Round The Bend Comments
  1. Brian Carruthers

    Very nice one Craig. By the way, are you going to upload all of this album for all of your eager Stephen Stills's fan?
    Please say yes. I await in eager anticipation.
    Brian Carruthers
    A very appreciative 64 year old Englishman

  2. Leni Cavaletto

    Nice one, Craig ...

    Craig Leavitt

    Thanks Leni!