Stephen Stills - Rock & Roll Woman Lyrics

There's a woman that you ought to know
And she's coming, singing soft and low
Singing rock and roll, she's a joy to know

'Neath the shadow of a soothing hand
I am free there, just to make my plans
Dream of faraway lands, and I think, close at hand

And she will follow me wide, do you know
Familiar places she's been by, that I know
Could it be, she don't have to try

And tomorrow, she's a friend of mine
And the sorrow, I see her face is lined
She's no longer blind, she's just hard to find

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Stephen Stills Rock & Roll Woman Comments
  1. Carving the Gorge

    I saw this tour. From the 1972 equivalent of "the rail."

  2. Andrew Masset

    One of the songs that floored me when I heard it..

    Andrew Masset

    And..Ain't it amazing how original and innovative songs were back then?? Just sayin'...

  3. Ed Scerbo

    Man, I about forgot this song existed!

  4. Tim Williams

    Amazing!!! GLAD this is still on File!!!

  5. andyinoregon

    Interesting that as Manassas they chose to sing this without the memorable backing vocals from The Buffalo Springfield original.

  6. tin pan alley 1619 Broadway

    Isn't it about time. my favorite manasses song

  7. tin pan alley 1619 Broadway

    One of buffalo Springfield s best songs I liked mannases. He should have kept that band together.

  8. Thomas Bowen

    The best part about being into CSN was finding out about Manassas. And yes, RIP to all the guys who played so well and have passed on...a lot of us still dig your music.

  9. Faith Newell

    Love Chris Hillman singing with Stephen Stills.

  10. Melissa Layton

    Chris Hillman's voice reminds me of Richie Furry and Gram Parsons.

    Gregory Goldsmith

    There'd be good reasons for that.

    A D

    Chris Hillman and Gram parsons’ duets on the gilded palace of sin are great. Their voices compliment each other’s very nicely.

  11. Pattie Kelly

    Good song great year for rock and roll.

  12. TheDjape1953

    Fantastic concert; Happy that I could be there at that year 1972 (my god I was young then :) )

  13. shoheiJPN

    this is the tune still lingers after so many years. i still can't play it while i drive my car because i'll go nuts all over and won't know if i was speeding or doing something else supposedly ng for law. and there's a link to another favroite song of mine by the byrds, renaissance fair.

    James Twomey

    I know the feeling. There is no other song in the world that does that to me.

    Marcos Andersen

    Same thing here!

  14. MultiJaylea

    Dallas Taylor,R.I.P.

    R Lee

    RIP Joe Lala, great percussionist from Tampa

  15. Thundergod129

    This was originally a Buffalo Springfield tune from the '60s....

    Sophia Keller

    authored by Stephen Stills.... that's why Manassas can take it over

    Moghit Bouanani

    Thundergod129 love the one your e with

  16. Rick W

    Wow never heard this before. Awesome!

  17. George Yoes

    Chris Hillman.The most underated talent of his era.

  18. Anne Dudzinski

    wow flashback to 17 years old and love of crosby, stills, nash young well alright now

  19. jerry Thompson

    Saw them at Edmonton sundown London, quite wonderful, this is a gem, thank you so much. Stills at creative peak with such a tight band.

  20. ceri lloyd

    its chris hillman on lead vocals and stills on low harmony.

  21. Tony Gleeson

    Wow, I never heard this before. This is great! What a fine band that was.A short wonderful time in music history.

    Stephen Peeples

    Last Time Around, 3rd and last album, May 1968. About the same time as Byrds' Younger Than Yesterday. 1968 was a horrible year -- Vietnam, MLK, RFK, Chixago riots, Nixon election -- but a great year for the ever-tasty Byrds-Buffalo-Poco-Burritos-Dillards-Manassas-SHF-DRB Continuum.

  22. Robert Smith

    Sweet ^.^ nvr see this arigato gozaimasu

  23. Jean-Louis S

    A treasure! Thanx a lot for the post

  24. Stephen Doster

    The lead part of the vocal is lower than the harmony. They sing the whole song in harmony. I loved the way they opened all their shows with this Springfield classic. I, too, have been looking for this! This is probably one of their first live performances. Likely the first song Manassas ever played live. Thanks for posting!

  25. smcoscis

    hello from manassas

  26. Pol des cades

    no, he's just doing vocal harmony. Balance between Still's voice et its was no good. He's too loud.

  27. Pol des cades

    no, he's just doing voca

  28. rocco777777

    thanks for this great post...the sound is really clear, what is the source?

    btw. wish somebody would post "Open Secret" from SS2, i'm dying to hear it and can't find it anywhere on YT...

    Josephina Kreuk-Visser

    Here's the entire performance:

  29. Gus classic rock channel

    Hey Hans we meet again, and yes they both are singing as far as I can tell, see you soon Hans!!

  30. Gus classic rock channel

    Yep It sure sounds like Hillman all the way

  31. Leni Cavaletto

    Is that Hillman singing lead.....cuz it sure isn't Stills......;)

  32. dvromaniello

    The Manassas opener. The lights would go completely out on an empty stage & on the first note the lights would go on w/the whole band would be rocking out. I've waited 40 years for this track. Thank you ever so much.

    Stephen Doster

    That was the experience I has as as a 16 year old kid. House goes black and the opening downbeat and great guitar part....killer way to start a show!

  33. Royal3ok

    Good song & Good band!