Stephen Stills - Piece Of Me Lyrics

Somewhere out yonder
Cain't nothing but wonder how it got free
It's a spell I'm under
But you all want a piece of me

Come out of the shadow
Which you do tell
Go a-dream out ya river
Into a wishing well (yeah)

What y'all think I need
All want a piece of me
Like I am

Don't you know it's a hunger
I can't stay away
There's a sigh and a thunder
Needs playing
Know where I'll be
Every last piece of me

Can I be excused
It's my guitar phone
Thinking what I will use
To get the cool tone
Might get you pay
If you just fade away
Go get on

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Stephen Stills Piece Of Me Comments
  1. - XxJimmyPagexX -

    Badass song

  2. hugo richards

    painfully so

  3. mark stitzer

    Stills is a amazing music mam

  4. gymrat22able

    Very probably the most underrated talent from tthe'60s. Unreal voice...and that pickin style,on a Martin. With Martin light gage strings of course. : )

    hugo richards

    lots of 12string per mentor Fred Neil

  5. gymrat22able

    :) thanks!

    Craig Leavitt

    My pleasure. Love Stephen and love the song!

  6. gymrat22able

    is Stephen blowing harp on this?

    Craig Leavitt

    Good question....I checked the credits and it's a guy named Jimmy Zavelo

  7. Mike Collins

    Great tune